Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Vitamins, Allergies and Doctors

Hey Readers,

So I've started a vitamin regime. I am horrible with remembering pills. Once a year or so, I will start one, but then forget as other stuff takes precedence in my mind. Such as, I wake up in the morning and check my e-mail before I get out of bed. Some days, I might find a book cover request, or some magical promotion opportunity I have to take, and they need now. By the time I finish, I don’t think about the pills until the next day. Trust me, if I have a migraine, I remember my Advil Migraine. But vitamins? Not so much. Don’t ask me, my mind is a complex anomaly I don’t even begin to understand half the time. 

But, this regime round, I have my husband to make sure I take these wonderful, humongous horse pills. He dishes out the kids medicine in a little cup, and guess what, I get that too. Walla, done deal.

Why don’t vitamin producers make these things into smaller tablets, and instruct you to take two? Is this some conspiracy to take out those of us with a minuscule gag-reflex that is only triggered when a horse pill is involved? I tried to break one in half this morning, and it disintegrated on the counter. I don’t have a proper pill splitter. Well, yet anyway. Just my trusty butter, or butcher knife if I’m desperate. I’m not like my beloved sibling, who chews his pills, because he doesn’t like to swallow them. So I choke these things down every morning one at a time.

I also have to take Zytec every day, not for allergies, but my new Doctor says they will help with my migraines, given that I went from a Canadian weather situation, straight into Louisiana’s humidity.

He also told me I have a cyst growing into my wrist, which is the size of a decent sized marble. Most of my joints hurt/ache since I moved to a new climate anyway, but a cyst? Yay. Not. This makes graphic/digital art interesting to say the least. Sometimes, I can design for a couple of hours before it hurts enough that I have to walk away for a bit. Other times, I can find the right angle and rest my arm on a flat surface while using the mouse and/or drawing pad, and I’m good to go. My appendage is a fickle master (ahem, mistress), indeed>

The doctor told me to get rid of the cyst, I have to go to the Ortho to get a shot of cortisone to see if that breaks it up. If not, then wrist surgery it is. First off, I’m terrified of needles. On yes, and a knife-wielding-Ortho coming anywhere near me. (Can you tell I’ve never broken a bone, or been in for surgery...) Not that thinking about a needle going into a rock-hard foreign object that just happens to be clinging to my writing hand is much better. Suffice to say, I’ve stuck my head in the sand for now. It hasn’t gotten worse in a while, but it hasn’t gotten better yet either.

I will get around to it. I’m assured it isn’t as if my hand is going to fall off, and the doctor didn’t seem too concerned about it. So I continue on my merry way, writing and drawing as much as I can.

Anyway, back to my final draft of my newest writing endeavor, while sitng on the couch in my PJs, with half of my cats..  (But, hey, at leas I'm wearing matching socks today)

Until next time!