Thursday, April 5, 2018

A New Day

To the Gentle Reader,

Sometimes, life is meant to give you lemons that can grant you the ability to remember the way it used to be.

My lemonade came to me today, as a request for a partial manuscript. And that rush comes back. That rush that drives me to create a new site and blog, to voice my thoughts. The rush that makes me want to write again.

Although I kept my, we had deleted my website. So I chose a simple start. I am slowly getting back into the groove.

So my work in progress new arena of the written word.

Who knows where this will lead me. But I am thrilled to be back on the rollarcoaster, wherever it leads.


Melissa King(Kayden McLeod)

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Mutterings of a Broken Artist

To the Dreamers Out There,

Sometimes the past comes back to confront us. It can leave you reeling, trying to catch your breath, as a fish gulps for air sitting on the dock. And sometimes, the world ceases to spin quite so fast, and you can sit back, take a moment, and recess the turbulent mind be at ease. Knowing you have had something you missed.

The act of creation. It has been many years since I last sat down and wrote on my blog, and wrote something, anything. I haven’t opened my laptop to work out some fiery ball of a book. A few days ago, I knew I had to get some form of creativity back in my life. I don’t know what this means yet. It could mean painting, or writing, or who knows what.

Right now, I revel in the life I have recently lived. That I have two families. My Canadian one and my Southern one. I have a new job that does allow a certain quality of creativity. I don’t work full time any longer. I’m craving to amerce myself in something in my spare time, and see what flourishes.

Perhaps this spark will lead or mold into something more. I have stories to tell, regardless the form it takes shape in.

Melissa A King (Kayden Mcleod)