The Foxworth Coven

The Blue Rose—The Foxworth Coven

The Foxworth Coven have been in British Columbia for over four-hundred years—the very first vampires to stake claim to the western Canadian territory, before the density of human population flooded their wide birth of territory. Back then, the entire province was theirs—but now, since the arrival of new Covens, their lands have been reduced to the Fraser Valley, making their home in Surrey.

A hundred or so years ago, Henry and Anastasia Foxworth led a formidable group who followed them, complete with three sons to call their own. Two were born of their blood; Corbin and Gregory, and one rag-tag adopted son; Antonio.

They loved their sons as equals, but it wasn’t quite the same amongst them. Antonio was jealous, and caused a war that ended in the Leader’s deaths, forcing the Heir, Gregory to take the one job he never wanted; manning the Foxworth legacy; the Coven, along with the family endeavor, Foxworth Shipping; an import/export business.

Gregory had a vision for the balance of man and vampirekind. He wanted peace brought to his people, and he knew how to bring some semblance of it. For the first time in history, a vampire would prove to his government, the Council that by acting human—working with and not against them would bring on a new era. And he was right.

Gregory, along with his human-convert, Canya, led and lived by example. Not hiding in the wilds in solitary, but existing in the centre of society, with humanity. He showed his Coven members how to eat real food, work jobs and associate with humans, to make friends with them.

And by doing so, he created this North American country’s way of life—bringing with it, new conciliate laws into practice. With the help of a family friend and Head of Canada to the International Council, Manuel Martinez, these lands became different than anywhere else in the world, setting up practice for the future covens that migrated here.

Today, they sit as one of Canada’s most powerful and largest Covens, feared and respected in and out of North America. Their Hunters rival the best the Council can offer. They hold favor with many of the earth’s Deities—a feat very few can accomplish.

Gregory and Canya Foxworth have one daughter born of their blood, Josealynn, who is the current Heir. And four adopted children; Ceanna and Arcadia (twins), and Ambrosios and Doros (brothers).