The Jericho Coven

The Green Rose—The Jericho Coven

Not long after the Cornwalls settled in Vancouver, a rush of smaller Covens came to Canada, specifically British Columbia to escape the horrors the world’s vampires had come to call life. This was spurred on by the Council and their greed that extended everywhere in some space or form; making them hope to find out more about this new way of life.

The Jerichos were one of them, the rest heading to the less populated areas of northern British Columbia. Darwyn and Ada Jericho took their roots in North Vancouver, where places like Grouse Mountain and other forest areas allowed them some privacy, while sticking close to the hustle and bustle of the two neighboring groupings of vampires.

But they didn’t have any interest in politics. Unless dragged into them, they preferred to only take care of their own. As the loners they are, no one really knows what to make of them—and the Jerichos prefer it that way.

Darwyn and Ada have three beloved sons of their blood; Ian, Cole and Adrian.