Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A Meld of Two Stories

I finally have publication dates!
Erotic Paranormal Full Length, DEADLY FETISHES, will be out March 2010
Erotic Paranormal Short Length, JEZEBEL’S ARTICLE, will be out December 2009
Both will be published by Eternal Press….www.eternalpress.ca

But, I’m too impatient to wait for that, and I’ve contemplated a new project to post on my website, especially since Jez’s Article had to be taken down to go to the presses. Very sorry to anyone who may have missed it, and I promise it’s undergone a major facelift, and has a very unexpected ending!

So I’ve written a prelude in a way, combining in one piece, teasers and insights from both new releases. While the opening scene of this new story is the sex party where Jezebel’s finds some of the most tempting men the scene has to offer a woman, some of the characters in this one are from Deadly Fetishes!

In Deadly Fetishes, the main character is Kelly and her own introduction into the Fetish scene filled with sex addicted vampires, which her best friend Sara drags her into. That story centres in some places around Sara’s past and how that affects Kelly, but this one centres on Sara’s present, entitled Suspicious Circumstances.

I’ve taken a perspective I haven’t played with much yet within the fetish scene, for this isn’t one where they find their happy ending so easily. Jealousy reins supreme here, for when you delve into multiple partners and sex games, and you have a boyfriend, not everything is always as straightforward as it seems. There has to be trust on both sides, but just what happens when that isn’t quite the case?

As always, there will be hot explicit sex scenes, chilling drama and lethal vampires looking to appease their desires in the most unconventional and unexpected ways possible.

Coming soon for free on my website, the first instalment of Sara’s present, Suspicious Circumstances.

More to come…
Kayden McLeod

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