Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Sneak Peak Into Unknown Worlds

Dear Reader,

I’m about three quarters done the next segment of Sara’s Story, Book Two: Unknown Worlds…
Sara’s destiny is beginning to become clearer to her. The drama thickens, and new problems arise for her and Loren. I’ll announce the release date soon.


Adoniia raised his head slightly to peek up at me from under his incredibly long lashes. His crystallized eyes sparkled like blue diamonds, so pale and unusual that I changed my earlier assessment. He wasn’t normal, and the very power that clung to him made me shiver. The fact that he was quite naked didn’t help.
“Keoni has been with me almost as long, but he came to me and asked to be converted. He hasn’t left me since.” Yolie smiled affectionately.
“That’s nice.” I said more out of obligation than anything else.
“Do you like them though? Do they please you?” Yolie asked interestedly. Her black eyes raked my face, waiting for something I couldn’t decipher. My appreciation perhaps?
“Please me for what?” I asked, but my attention was drawn to the closest to me. He was utterly magnetic.
“I offer their skills to you after the rest of the day. I have a rather important matter to deal with, so they are all yours.” Yolie replied with relish.
“Is that all you can say?” She grinned at my lack of vocal cords. What did she expect? “You’re normally so outspoken about your opinions.”
“I’m not sure what I should say…thank you?”
I shot Loren a sideways glance. This was out of my vast realm of experience. Yolie’s smile widened licentiously. “They will do anything you ask of them. Trust me, you’ll love them.”
Loren’s smile turned brittle for a moment, but I very well couldn’t ask him why with three other significantly older vampires right here. They would know.
Yolie craves to keep you.
Oh, how hard it was not to react to that thought. I liked this woman, but she was too different. Not what she was, but who. The idea of her owning me, like she did them was mind-boggling.
“Have fun, my dears. I will be back in a few hours. Feel free to use the house as your own. Anything you may break, can be replaced.” Yolie ruffled Keoni’s hair as she passed. “Trust me, they get…wild when they have a mind to.”
She gave us a final smile, and walked back into the house.
I heard the front door close, and we were left alone with two men I didn’t know from Adam. And just what did I do with them? Well, I knew what I was supposed to do.
They still hadn’t really moved, and I think that fact more than anything bothered me. I was a pretty laid-back woman, but something about this made me extremely nervous.
Loren chuckled beside me, “You’re afraid.”
“No, I’m not.”
“Maybe afraid was the wrong word.” Loren said thoughtfully. “Leery of this perhaps.”
“You’re not?” I demanded.
“No.” Loren “You believe I will be angry.”
“Well, yea.”
Though I hadn’t really been thinking that, it had been a concern in the back of my mind. I didn’t understand his quirks yet, but I was beginning to.
“I crave to see your pleasure.” Loren smiled winningly. He brushed my hair back, and ignored the others. “And I know these two will…as you would so eloquently put it; blow your mind.”

Look forward to more…

Kayden McLeod

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