Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sex In Writing, Ramblings of an Erotica Writer

Dear Readers,

Sex is a big thing in any world, but especially in mine. It is a necessity any of us need to write either romance or erotica, even elements used in a variety of other genres. It can be found anywhere, everywhere, welcomed by some, and pressured by others. And as the years move on, the taboo-quality of reading, talking, seeing sex has fallen through time.

The restrictions of what can be said, and how it’s said progresses, just like everything else in life. We shape our scenes, fantasies, almost any way we see fit. There are a vast range of levels to be found when dealing with sex in writing.

Over the past few months many have asked how or why I do what I do. I find this a difficult question to answer, and adequately explain to satisfy anyone’s interest. I find it a challenge, something that is dramatic and complex…and something in the beginning I had a lot of troubling writing about.

Sure, I could ‘write’ about it, but was it any good? Looking back on some of the novels I haven’t touched in a while, I would have to say no. Something about it was off; it was the fact that I wasn’t comfortable; and this affected the ‘character’s voice’. When I started my venture into erotica, I took one particular book, and kept redrafting and rereading until the scenes had the right feel and flow. The sentences and paragraphs began to smooth over. Over this journey it has became easier, allowing my imagination to flow in previously unattainable avenues.

For the first few drafts of an erotica novel, it’s sort of like a bizarre adventure trying to envision something fresh and unique, weeding out what I’ve already used to see what lies beneath. These leftover ideas grow, and take the story to places I never anticipate, creating relationships with new characters I didn’t know existed until the moment I write the scene.

I’m still uncomfortable writing about a lot of things, like anal-sex. Couldn’t say why, but for some reason it irks me. So balancing my writing when it comes to group-sex might not be as kinky as some, but maybe one day I’ll get there, lol. To date, I’ve only had two particular instances that really got to me, and both were interesting to say the least.

Yet once I’ve drafted the book a few times the story-line is set, and the editing, sometimes rewriting sets in. At this stage, I tend not to see the sex so much as the words themselves. It is only in the last few drafts that I begin to see the sex again at all, when my attention isn’t so focused on the flow between paragraphs and replacing certain words that would be more effective slightly tweaked.



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