Saturday, February 6, 2010

Deadly Fetishes, EXCERPT THREE

Excerpt Five

Rated PG

"Gene is worried about how the others will react about Sara," Marcus said quietly, leaning a hip against the counter.

"What, and they won’t react to me?"

"That isn’t what I mean. Of course they will react to both of you, but you’re not shacked up with a human," he responded with a grimace.

"Is that a bad thing?"

"To some yes, to most no. I think there will be some problems, but we will deal with them."

Marcus wasn’t looking me in the eye, but at my nose. I knew by now that meant he wasn’t telling me something. Not lying, just omitting.

"Spill it Marky."

He winced at the name, but he answered.

"From what my Leader has told me, there are some in my Coven who believe that Gene and I have stolen you, and have begun to question our methods on how we came to be in possession of you at all. How we neglected to inform our Leaders right away, even though it was in the middle of the night, and there was no danger." Marcus sighed, pulling two beers out of the fridge, and handing me one.

The top fell off into my palm and disappeared. I would have laughed, but the conversation was far from funny.

"Your methods?"

"You know what I told you about our laws?" I nodded. "Well laws, like in the human government, sometimes change and are amended as they go. Some of the older classes of vampires live by laws that don’t even exist anymore, and they are calling for them regardless. My Leader tells me they are most adamant," Marcus said slowly.

"Are you going to answer the question, or just beat around the bush?" I asked, keeping my tone light, but I was tired of not getting answers.

Flames flashed in his eyes, but I didn’t back down. He seemed to respect that and he took another deep breath.

"When an unattached vampire comes into our territory, there was a time when they would have to be presented to the entire Coven they were pledging to before they were permitted to ‘shack up’ with any one person, almost before they even knew anyone’s name," Marcus admitted, seeming to be guilty on behalf of people who ruled him. Or us rather, when I thought about it. "I hadn’t even introduced you to them before I took you off the market as they see it, and Gene with Sara as well.* His voice went thick. *They are assuming that both of you have formed emotional attachments to us, before you have met the other available men."

"But I do have an emotional attachment now," I said before really thinking about it.

I balked at the words, which had tumbled from my own mouth. I winced as I had once again put my foot in my mouth, as was my inclination to do, far more than my ego could make up for.


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