Friday, May 28, 2010

The latest; Freebies and more...

Hey Readers,

It has finally happened…Sara’s Story continues into Book Three; Breaching Loyalty, starting this weekend. And her new hangout is The Cornwall Coven blog;

How it will work is a chapter will be posted every week, and upon completion of the chapters, it will go to a free e-book format available to be downloaded from my website. Become a follower to keep up with Sara, and the rest of the Cornwall Coven from Deadly Fetishes as they explore new parts of their world.

As well, authors Cindy Jacks, Kristin Manter and myself are continuing on with Tales of Erosity: paranormal free short story blog;

And my new website is up and running, with more to come! Janet Jones of Novel Web Design;

Have a great weekend!



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