Monday, July 19, 2010

Priyath Wijewardena, The Third World In The Mind

Dear Readers,

I wrote the book The Third World In The Mind when I was twenty five years but I came up with the concept when I was eight years old. This means the story takes place through the eyes of an eight year old. The story is a fantasy and such it creates entire tribes, landscapes, civilizations and universes which are unique and transcendental.

The story revolves around the liberation struggle of a Prince named Zonidag whose nation Carthage has been conquered by another nation called Minoa. Zonidag and his retinue of soldiers are the only hope of the conquered nation as he headed off to a civilization which is ethnically akin called Centuria. His race is known as the Zions. All the tribes and nations composing the Zionic race make a decision to start of on a nonviolent campaign yet this ends in tragic violence and instead a violent campaign is started.

The themes of the story are many. First it shows the irrelevance of worldly things. All aspects such as materialism, socializing and even success in a career are temporary and worthless. The only true happiness is the attainment of Nirvana and Enlightenment. The political theme is that there is no one perfect system. Each type of politics has its own logic and draw back; therefore tolerance and compromise should be the order of the day

Thank you,

Priyath Wijewardena

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