Monday, September 20, 2010

Coming Soon...A Cornwall Christmas


A Cornwall Christmas, Anthology; Just Another Paranormal Christmas


Kayden McLeod

Author Website:

Publication Date:

November 27th 2010


Paranormal Romance (Vampires, PG)


Mojocastle Press

Publisher Website:


A Christmas the Vancouver vampires will never forget


Even vampires celebrate the holidays. Marcus and Kelly wake up Christmas morning with their own extraordinary presents for the other, one of them being blowing up of the kitchen. In an effort to appear more human, the Cornwalls plan an extravagant dinner, with all the trimmings and more. Differences are put aside; the Council and Covens come together to show that this time of year is only for good tidings.

Excerpt Three (Rated PG):

My eyes fluttered open on Christmas morning, alone.

I would’ve gone back to sleep, but I heard a loud bang, followed by several less severe crashes. Just what was going on?

Allowing my senses to search our rancher-style house in Vancouver, British Columbia, I found Marcus in the kitchen.

“Is everything alright?” I called out, trying to get my groggy brain to catch up with me.

“Go back to sleep, Kel. It’s nothing...major. At least I don’t think it is.”

“Are you sure?” Did I dare trust that statement?

“Sleep, woman! This is your morning to relax. You promised you wouldn’t do anything. It’s all on me.”

“Yes, boss.” I smiled. It was the same thing that happened every time I had him near me, or heard his voice.

I closed my eyes again, fully intending to just lay here and doze for a little while. He’d asked for this chance to completely surprise me, and I would give it to him.

But that lasted all of three minutes. The next series of loud noises had the fire alarm going off. When I smelled smoke, I wondered at my own reasoning. All sorts of crazy notions filled my head. Would I get up to an intact house?

“Are you okay in there?” This time, I yelled. I wasn’t frightened by any means. If there was a cause for panic, he’d already be in here freaking out. He was bad for things like that.

Yup, life with a vampire was a different sort of experience. And you had to learn to just go with it, especially with this particular one.

The alarm was silenced with a string of foul curses. “Just fine! All under control.”

I snorted. Like I was going to believe that.

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