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SneakPeekWednesday; Demonic Pandemonium, Excerpt Three

The Cornwall Coven, Book Three; Demonic Pandemonium

Kayden McLeod

Publication Date:

January 29th 2010


Erotic Paranormal Romance (Vampires)




Silver Publishing



Four Flames—Fiery


Sex, blood and rock and roll


Pandora is a half-demon, alone in the world and good as abandoned, with a mother who barely tolerates her and a father who is unable to be with her nearly often enough for her tastes. She keeps to herself, and tries not to associate with others often, lest they discover her secret—until she meets Kevlar Cornwall. The two collide in ignorance of one another, but the sexual-attraction is indisputable and cannot be ignored, growing more profound with every passing moment. It blinds them to the lurking danger hiding just around the corner, out to end both their lives and everyone either of them have ever known or loved.

Excerpt Three (RATED: R for sexual situations and obscene language)

His hand stroked my cheek, and then fell to my chest and allowed his fingertips to graze my breast before coming to my waist. My heart shuddered in my chest, lips parting and wanting him to kiss me so badly I could taste it.

“Would you let me fuck you, Pan?”

My womb clenched at the harshness in his voice. There wasn’t another answer for it to be than a: “Yes.”

His lips lowered toward mine, and I became the meaning of the word; lost. His tongue swept back inside of my mouth, body pining me against the bars behind me. His feet planted on either side of us and took all of the weight with ease.

“So I was driving, right?” he mumbled close to my lips. I nodded, too impatient to speak.

Need sparked and exploded so fast, it completely clouded my awareness of what I did. I reached between us to stroke him through his jeans, and shuddered.

Kev’s hand closed over mine, pulling his zipper down a bit, but leaving it up to me from there. The act made me see a little bit more about the hidden Kev; a decent man that didn’t push too far, only as far as he was welcomed to. Obviously, I should be a bit more outgoing with what I would allow him to do. My head swam with his warm scent around us—more natural and wild than the woods.

I gripped the small piece of metal with my finger and thumb, taking my sweet time while Kev shifted in relentless agitation.

“Are you about done?”


So, I was mischievous. It might kill him, but it amused me, even in my aroused state. His fingers softly encircled my wrist, never making me complete the task, but like he tried to feel me as I opened it that last three-quarters of an inch.

He fell out of his pants, swollen in my hand, thickening further as my fingers constricted around him. My hips rolled forward on the seat, letting my now bare clit rub against the leather beneath me.

“And what are you going to do with it?” he mumbled.

I stroked him, imagining him inside of me like this, impatient now. As if I hadn’t been before. I laughed in my safe solitude of my head, where he couldn’t hear. “I think you have a pretty good idea.”

“Perhaps I do, but there are oh-so-many possibilities.”

My legs widened, allowing the skirt to ride up my hips, calves draped over him to display myself, tease him. He leaned back slightly, taking in all of me with lascivious satisfaction.

Kev moved for me, his facial expression hypnotized. I’d never had this sort of affect on a man before and I lapped it up, allowing it to wrap around me and enflame me more.

I had an unstoppable urge, and I meant that in a literal sense. I couldn’t help myself, despite the discomfort that may prove to develop from the intended arrangement. I needed him moredesperate than he already was. I knew I could make it happen, and wouldn’t stop until I had completed my goal.

I scooted back as far as I could, forced to stop when my ass hit the handlebars. I batted my lashes, and he grinned. “Could you move, just a bit?”

Kev did as he was told with relish, especially when my head bent over him to engulf the head of his cock. He lifted his body into a half-standing position, pushing into my mouth a little farther. He moaned throatily as I took more of him, tasting him in the best way possible.

He gathered my long hair in his hands, like he planned to hold on for dear life. Good, he’d need it. My feet lowered themselves to the ground, taking him inch by succulent inch.

My fingers curled on his hips, digging into his taut flesh; not an ounce of fat to be found anywhere on him. No other specimen could come close to this man, and I could take every advantage of him.

When my lips met his base, we were both in heaven as his jerking breaths drove me onward, his hands bunching in my hair with pleasure. I knew he liked it just this side of rough, and I wanted to push those limits to see where they would take us.

But damn, I was horny. Bad enough that my hips rode his bike, like I wanted to do to his body. One of his skilled hands danced down my back to delve between my legs. My body automatically arched to give him access in the compromising position.

“Fuck, you are so wet.”

“Mmm,” I agreed.

A sole finger slipped inside of me, not nearly enough to come close to placating the raging need growing ever-stronger within. With each pass of my lips, his torso picked up a more frantic rhythm, taking most of the work out of it for me as he plunged over and over again, toying with me from behind.

“Pan, please—stop, before I can’t. I need to bury myself inside of you. Please?”


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