Monday, January 24, 2011

Enough Is Enough

Dear Reader

Facebook is a place many of us go for different reasons. Some people go to see posts from their friends and families. Some use Facebook for business, and for pleasure. Many authors build their promotional efforts through Facebook, posting bits about themselves, their books and how they feel. Some of us are role players, who reenact their favorite characters from wonderfully detailed series that so many of us know and love.

The efforts made by these people keep us in the know of their lives and/or the fictional world many admire and follow until its very last “page,” if you will. But what happens when all of that crumbles around one of those people who work hard to build what they have, harming no one to do it?

A lot.

Today, I watched friends, real friends, band together to bring heartfelt and tireless efforts back into being, for one author. She is an excellent author, one who is kind and caring. She puts blood, sweat and tears into her work in all of her many accomplishments. Someone decided to take her account away, everything she had worked toward. And for what purpose? That, I couldn’t tell you. I have no idea why people do what they do, and those who really know me, can tell you I don’t understand most people, and don’t really care to if this is the reoccurring example.

But even the worst attacker can never realize the power of friendship. Within hours, this author has started to rebuild, because no one, not even a malicious entity can bring down someone for long. Nor will her real friends ever allow that to happen.

And what annoys me the most, is this isn’t the first, nor last time I have seen this happen to people who do not deserve this kind of treatment from anyone. Friends and people I follow on Facebook are constantly losing their accounts, because someone out there deemed it necessary to report them or go another avenue, for a variety of reasons.

I am tired of watching people I care about lose their efforts because of catty or jealous people, or whatever else is in their heads at the time. You know what, it’s time for everyone to suck it up and GROW UP. We aren’t in high school anymore. If someone offended you because of something you read when they were talking to someone else, or you saw a picture you didn’t like, unfriend and block them. It’s not hard. You can find the option at every profile on your friends list, bottom left, next to the report button that should not be used unless it is actually necessary, certainly not on a whim. If you’re a hacker, trying to steal something that isn’t yours, well my advice for you is, go back to grade school. They teach you stealing is wrong. You’ll find that lesson between sharing with other people, and how to be a grown up.

Kayden, who isn’t impressed with her friends being constantly deleted and not being able to find my lighter, McLeod

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