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Coming Soon...Lost To The Night

Coming Soon…

The Bruja Ligera
By: Kayden McLeod

Found In: Lost To The Night Anthology, Presented by Denyse Bridger  

Genre: Paranormal Romance (Witches)

Rated: PG 13

Publisher: XOXO Publishing

Sorabella is a white witch—in hiding. She is used to the idea if her true identity comes out, she’ll be shunned for being crazy, or worse. A risk she isn’t willing to take. Until now. Her relationship with her boyfriend has gotten more serious than she’s used to. They’ve moved in together, and Tyler still doesn’t know about what Sorabella can do. She fears it’s too late to tell him, and given he’s closed minded to the entire subject of magic, doesn’t make the situation any easier. But with an encounter with her old tormentor from high school—who happens to be Tyler’s sister—everything is revealed to the wrong people. Now, she has no choice but to come clean with Tyler, and face the music. Good or bad.


Tears glittered in Sorabella’s eyes when she realized she had to tell Tyler everything. She had to get this over with, and see the disbelief in his eyes when she told him the truth until he demanded a demonstration that would seal his opinion once and for all.
It had always been like that.
Then he would have what he asked for, and then he would run as fast for the hills as he could.
The door opening made her jump, a ripple of pure hatred that was not her own teased her mind, a blackness so bitter her lip curled.
One look in the mirror told her exactly who had walked into the bathroom.
“Well, look whose hiding in the bathroom crying. Just the same baby you were back in junior high, aren’t you?” Kylie said in a singsong voice that went through Sorabella’s nerves like acid.
Over the last few years, Kylie had gained some weight, just about everywhere. Her stomach ballooned over her jeans that were too tight and cut too low, made for a body she had when she was seventeen, and not twenty-three.
“Look who came to gloat over something she knows absolutely nothing about.” The words escaped Sorabella’s mouth before she could pull them back, her tone biting and sarcastic.
“I know more than enough, Sory.” Kylie snapped. “I know you’re into black magic and stuff, summoning demons and all that. I have watched the movies, I know what witches do.”
Sorabella barely contained her bitter laughter. She was, for lack of a better term, since there really wasn’t one, a light witch. One that celebrated nature and used only energy from the earth, and simple vocal and herbal spells to power their magic.
Never had either she or her mama ever delved into the deeper, darker magicks. The power in the ancient tombs which held spells that was immoral, and made every part of Sorabella shudder in disgust.
Even in the extensive library in her mama’s home, no one would find such a book. Only the spells that didn’t require anything more than energy, stone and herb were displayed on those shelves.
“Like I said, you don’t know anything.” Sorabella snapped, feeling her anger flare, normally tampered down so well, but it was now flowing through her veins and heating everything it touched.
She hated Kylie in that moment, for rushing her into something that she wanted no part in yet. She wasn’t ready, but now the cat was out of the bag, she might as well see it to the end. To wait, would allow it to dull in Tyler’s mind, and she wanted an honest reaction.
“Well what do you do then?” Kylie demanded impatiently.
“Right now I really wish that mind control was in my repertoire.” Sorabella’s finger ran down the length of the counter, allowing the energy to flow into her body from the surface, and power her magic.
The electric current made her hair fly around her head, but she didn’t care. If Kylie wanted to know what she did, that was fine. It was time she came out of the closet to someone. Before, when she was younger, her tricks had been meaningless, but she hadn’t understood her magic then as she did now.
At least, now that Sora was grown up enough to take a mature interest in it.
The lights went out in the bathroom, the lock sliding into place. Kylie shrieked. Her voice was strangled in the absolute darkness of the windowless room.
“What are you doing?” Kylie asked in a small tone.
Sorabella whispered a small fire spell, the wickless flame appearing in her palm at her bidding.
“What is it that you fear most Kylie Green? It was snakes, wasn’t it?” Sorabella’s voice held a trance-like quality, as she focused on maintaining the spells she had set in motion, applying more energy, and stretching her concentration even more.
She was a strong witch, strong and almost as skilled as her mama. Sorabella had been learning her craft almost since the day she was born.
Kylie had practiced hatred just as long, but never fear.
A hiss sounded from the floor, the fire from Sorabella’s hand showing Kylie what she feared most. A black and white striped snake slithered from between the bases of the stalls, making Kylie fall back and shriek again.
“How are you doing this?” Kylie’s high-pitched voice vibrated through Sorabella’s skull like a bad guitar whine.
“I’m the darkest witch you know, remember? Since I cast black magic and all.”
It was too bad for Kylie, that she was the only one between them that knew the snake in front of her, and the three behind her that she hadn’t seen yet, were about as much danger to her as if they had been stuffed.
It was obvious from the terror on Kylie’s face that it was perfectly satisfactory, almost gratifying so.
Then Kylie turned. A coral snake slithered its way around the heel of Kylie’s shoe. She raised her foot to stomp on it, kicking it away from her, but it did no use.
To make the serpent react, he would need to feel pain. To feel pain, he would have to be real, alive.
The lock on the bathroom door slid open, but not by Sorabella’s doing. Who could have done that, with no key to get in?
The lights blazed overhead once more, revealing that the snakes were gone. The spells dispersed like they had never been, mist hovered in small area of the room as they dissolved quickly.
Kylie was pale, shaking in the corner and staring at her mother who walked into the room with a confident grace. Lynda had seen her own interpretations and impressions of what had happened seconds before Sorabella released the energy back into the atmosphere.
Sorabella wasn’t naïve, and she knew Lynda had seen something before the bathroom had resumed to its normal state.
“My dears, is everything all right in here?” Lynda asked quietly, no rightful suspicion on her guileless face.
Kylie said nothing to her mother, but ran out of the bathroom and slammed the door shut behind her.
“Sora, I think I would appreciate an explanation.” Lynda said sternly, hands on her hips as she waited.
“And absolutely no lies,” Lynda responded immediately, her eyes going small. “You have never lied to Tyler or I before, and I don’t want you to start now. Err no that is wrong, you have never lied to us accept for this one thing.”
“What one thing?” Sorabella reeled, knowing she should tell Tyler before she told his mother. This didn’t seem right.
“That you’re a witch.” Lynda said calmly.

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