Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Is It Really Tuesday?

It feels like a Thursday :)

Hey Reader,

How's life been treating you? Had a great weekend. My husband flew up, and just left this morning. Mostly we helped my dad move his office, and watched movies--including a Twilight Marathon. It's funny, because this isn't the first one we'd had (though we just bought Breaking Dawn Part I last Saturday) I always skip the second movie--so I've only seen it once before yesterday, and the one I bought was still in it's packaging. Watching it again was a trip. Of course my husband hasn't read the books, and listens to me pick apart the movies, as I declare they messed up X or Y, or improved on Z, etc. 

Otherwise, I've been working a lot for graphic design. I am finally getting back into editing Forsaken: Goddess of Pompeii, though it's slow going. I am really eager to finish this one, so I can submit to a few new publishers on my list of prospects. After that, I'm hoping to get back to The Seraph's Covenant, for "Kinsey Knight," YA fantasy. I realllllllllllllllly need to get back into writing, which I haven't done much of on a regular basis, since late last year. 

Other than working, I've been reading a whole lot of YA fantasy and paranormal. I'm glad I did. I'm seeing way too much cliches and attributes to the heroines' I am finding highly irritating--regardless of what age they may be. Yet, even with so much that grates me, I can't seem to stop reading it. Something about the plots draw me. And my poor bookcase can't handle many more!

Anyway back to the editing--and for some reason I'm feeling a blog overhaul for some reason, though it feels like I just redid the site a few months ago....



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