Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Tarnished Halo Update!

The release date for the first installment of the Demon Queen, Tarnished Halo (Fantasy) has been set for August 15th, from XOXO Publishing!

Liwet is a less-than-lily-white angel, who has a chip on her shoulder just begging for someone to knock it off. She refuses to come to heel, yet the time for Liwet to play by her own rules has come to an end. Oriax comes back to his old flame, with a proposition he doesn’t want to pursue, and has no choice but to make. Dark, chilling forces beyond Liwet and Oriax’s control drag them back together and down into a rabbit hole so deep, escape is futile. The prince of the underworld wants them in his court; a request never to be taken lightly. Can the couple overcome their pasts, and find each other once more, before it’s too late to save either of them?

Brand new excerpt, from Tarnished Halo! 

Warning: Obscene Language

Oriax’s control snapped, his feral war-like-cry shook the room. Two of the closet demons reeled away from Oriax.
“You really think you are a match for me?” Gaap pressed.
“I always have been and there is no time in the future that will be different,” Oriax replied.
Gaap leapt up on the table, landing in a stiff crouch, long dagger-like claws poised on the surface. Oriax laughed at him, resulting in Gaap’s wordless shriek of rage.
“Must you do this?” Asmoday sighed, leaning back in his chair and making a steeple with his fingers. Once again, Asmoday was ignored.
“I am tired of your attitude, Oriax,” Gaap snapped. “Even now you are nothing and never have been.”
Gaap stepped off the table, coming to the floor with thunderous stomp, making the ground beneath us tremble. He crouched once more.
“Do you dare?” Oriax asked in the quietest voice yet, but none missed the words.
Gaap rose from his stoop. “You are all dead.” He pivoted to face us as his jury, and possible executioners. “Dewch oddi wrth eich ynysu gorfodi, ac yn cymryd y bywydau y werin trallod. Ladd nhw, a dewiswch eich dannedd gyda eu hesgyrn. Lleihau hwy at y sothach y maent.”
“That so doesn’t sound good! What the fuck did he just say?” Aythna cried as the agitation of the demons burst, yet they did not move. They waited for something...well, several something.
“It’s Welsh and it’s a summoning spell,” I responded, tugging her back further from the demons when Oriax whirled. I hadn’t been thinking at all, even though I knew exactly what was about to happen...and moving us toward the threat.
“No!” Oriax screamed, his hand shooting out toward us. He barreled forward. Gaap stood there watching with his peers. As frozen as I was.
“He didn’t call the demons,” Oriax confirmed my thoughts, fast closing the distance between us, wings wrapping around Aythna and I, as he murmured under his breath.
“Then what did he summon...” Aythna asked, and then trailed off. “Look!” She parted the edge of the leathery wing, to reveal shapes moving in the walls again.
The Keres emerged from their cage, all focused on Oriax.
His much larger body easily shielded the both of us, even with my wings. Still, I closed my eyes to will them away. The moment I did, Oriax’s arm circled my waist and dragged me to his chest to feel the fiery heat of his flesh.
“We’re screwed, aren’t we?”
His tortured black gaze met mine, yet cold with determination. “This isn’t over yet.”


One more week! I'm so excited. To kick off the newest release, we also overhauled my website, redid the resign, and added new features, with more to come :)

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