Friday, October 2, 2009

Halloween Contest, to win your copy of Book One of Sara's Story

Hello Trick Or Treaters!!!

In celebration of both All Hallows Eve,
and my ‘remastering’ of Suspicious Circumstances, I’m holding a month long contest! Draws will be held until October 31 2009, and the winners will be notified!
How do you enter? Great question!
E-mail me at:
Must be Eighteen or older to enter

Please, put CONTEST in the subject line, and answer either of these questions:

1) What is your favourite part of Halloween?

2) What is your favourite monster; vampire, ghost, shifter, other? Any why?

Be sure to check out the ‘History of Halloween’ series of blog

Look forward to reading your answers!

Kayden McLeod


Trent Kinsey said...

I know it's supposed to be emailed to you, and I did, but felt like posting to the blog too :D

1) As weird as it might sound, I love the Reese’s peanut butter pumpkins! Of course I love the Reese’s season products, but that’s a different story.

2) Ever since I watched American Werewolf in London for the first time, I will always be a fan of werewolves. It must do with my short temper I had to battle in my youth that attracts me to the ferocity and animalistic nature of the lycanthrope. There will always be something attractive about losing yourself to the part of all humans that is still animal, instinctual, feral.

Kayden McLeod said...

Haha! I hear ya on the reese's Haven't had the pumpkins yet, but the easter eggs...mmm.

It would be awesome to shift. To lose everything in the primal, animalistic side of life, and just be

Kayden McLeod said...

WINNER #1 of The Halloween Month Long Contest, copy of Suspicious Circumstances,

Winner: Bella Wolfe

Question: What is your favourite part of Halloween?

Answer:I love the story of how Halloween first started. I love sharing that with others. I also love the costumes, mystery/murder parties, decorations, and food. I love making spooky treats. Brain AKA Cabbage. Eyeballs in the ice, etc. I have so much fun. It is by far my favorite holiday of the year.

susan said...

I like Halloween for the trick or treaters and how they dress up and enjoy the time. I decorate as much for Halloween as I do for Christmas. I like the cider for the season..not hot tho, like mine cold. susan L.

Kayden McLeod said...

I do too Susan! Shoot me an e-mail with yours!

Kayden McLeod said...


Question: What is your favourite monster; vampire, ghost, shifter, other? Any why?

Answer: Vampires, no question. Why is hard. I've always had a thing for vamps, I mean we're talking since was before I was in school. They fascinated me then and they still do. As I got older I saw the sensuous side of them an dthese days it's even more ingrained that it was. They are just hot!

Kayden McLeod said...


Question: What is your favourite part of Halloween?

Answer: I always get a kick out of the kids' costumes. When I lived at home, my mother and I would be laughing all night. She always had 2 bowls of candy; the "good" stuff and the "blah" stuff. If the kids were older and appeared to not even dress up, she would give them the blah candy. If they were younger and cute, she would give them several peices of the good candy. Funny!

Question: What is your favourite monster; vampire, ghost, shifter, other? Any why?

Answer: My favorite used to be vampires. I just loved them. They lived for ever and were sexy as heck. And then I read Ginn Hale's Wicked Gentlemen and now I'm a "demon fan girl.." I just love, love, love Belimai Sykes! He's sexy and flawed. For some reason, I like flawed heros....

T. said...

Favorite part of Halloween is that it's that it marks the beginning of the holiday season and I love seeing all of the neighborhood kids dressed up, trick or treating, and having fun.

Dracula is my favorite. He is powerful, sexy, and has a presence about him I just love.


Kayden McLeod said...

Judy, thanks for entering!
Question: Favorite part of Halloween

Answer: My favorite part of Halloween is the little ones dressing up in their costumes, knocking on your door, saying Trick and Treat, and when you open the door and give them their treats, they are fascinated. They really do not know the concept yet of Halloween, but they love the treats you are giving!!!

Kayden McLeod said...

Debby,thanks for entering!

Question: What is you favorite part of Halloween?

Answer:my favorite part of Halloween is the dressing up and Trick or Treating with the kids. Also the Haunted Houses are a blast.