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The Writing World of Dawné Dominique

Paranormal and Erotica

Par⋅a⋅nor⋅mal: Pronunciation [par-uh-nawr-muh l]
Use paranormal in a Sentence adjective: of or pertaining to the claimed occurrence of an event or perception without scientific explanation, as psycho-kinesis, extrasensory perception, or other purportedly supernatural phenomena.

E·rot·i·ca: Pronounciation [ĭ-rŏt'ĭ-kə]: literature or art intended to arouse sexual desire.

Welcome to Kayden McLeod’s blog. My name is Dawné Dominique, and I’m a multi-published author, a managing editor, and cover artist. Let’s just say I manage to juggle all these careers rather precariously.

In creating my newest vampire release, Eden’s Hell (the first novel to The First series), one important facet remained constant: my characters needed to be different, vampiric in nature, yes, but with their own unique traits and idiosyncrasies. And although Diary of Daniella Rolfe had initially started this series almost four years ago, and I had already completed Kindred Blood and Crimson Cries (books II and III), I was about halfway finished writing Eden’s Hell when the epiphany struck. Eden’s Hell answers the questions of how, why and who created the vampire race. This novel had to begin my The First series. I make no apologies to the religious undertones used in the novel, as my intention was to make a reader pause and think, “OMG! This could be true.”

Diary of Daniella Rolfe began as a short story contest entry in my writing forum. It was merely chapter sized and written in diary format in first person from a seven centuries old female vampire. I did win the writing contest, but it was the reviews from other writers who had read the short story that made me take it a step further. The many comments I received back all suggested one thing: Make this into a novel.” Thus, The First was born. (N.B. only the first and last chapters of that particular novel are written in first person).

I knew there would be sexual undertones to these novels. For me, vampires are very sensual, dark and extremely sexy. From the hype that this genre has raised through recent movies and television shows, my view is not singular. By introducing “erotica” into the creation of my novels, I had initially panicked, thinking that perhaps it would take away from the main premise of the story. However, this didn’t happen. I had never written in the erotica genre before. I was a straight-up fantasy author (Lord of Rings type of stuff) but as I continued writing, it was inevitable that the “sex” needed to be inserted in order to add further dimensions to my characters.

So, how does one create a novel with a gripping plot, mixed with hinting subplots, where the sex doesn’t become the main focus? You need to write strong characters, create underlying questions for your readers to ask themselves, and include scenery and events that places readers right into the action and, of course, exemplary writing skills. But more importantly, I needed to create complex characters that you know should not be together, but even in real life, love and lust is sometimes more powerful than logic.

Many erotica novels have crossed my desk in the last two and a half years as a managing editor. There is always the distinction made of what is considered “porn” as opposed to “erotica”. For me, the two are quite simple to differentiate. Erotica is based on the premise of romance between complex characters that when you read them, they are not destined to be together, which inevitably creates a compelling plot. As well, there must be sexual tension, and not the act. “Porn” centralizes on characters where the sex is the main premise of the novel. It is a fine line to some, and a huge crater to others. For me, I write who I am, and as I don’t sugarcoat my life, my writing is also a reflection of my personality. The romance/love aspects in my novels are strong, the sex straightforward (no purple prose for this gal), but it’s the intricate plot(s) and sexual tension leading up to the main act(s) that I hope make my stories truly come alive.

Eden’s Hell delves into the beginning of time with Adam and Lillith, his first wife. My main characters, Satrina Vacher, despises the way Addison Eden, her ex-husband, has lived alone, brooding and unhappy over what had happened to them on the shores of the Blood Seas. Addison loathes everything about his ex-wife. It puts a whole new spin on ugly divorces that DO last for an eternity. Addison has failed at love not once, but twice, and he is more than content to live out his days sequestered from the world, and doomed and shackled by his penance of blood and guilt; that is until a mortal woman turns both his and Satrina’s, not to mention the entire Vampire Creed, worlds upside down.

Without giving anything away, I’m told the ending of this novel has rendered a few readers to tears, but I promise that it doesn’t end on an unhappy note.

Dark Diary (II: The First) is scheduled for release next July. This particular novel, and the three that follow, centralizes on Daniella Rolfe and Aiden Blackmore, a Kirkland City detective. Through this entire series, I take the readers to America, England, Russia, Egypt and Spain.

Kindred Blood (III: The First) introduces Spencer Dalton, an American private investigator living in England, and Sanehet, an Egyptian demigod, who is also Daniella’s father. There’s a torrid past involved with Sanehet and Daniella. You also meet some rather demented vampires, who kidnap Aiden in order to ensnare Daniella;

Crimson Cries (IX: The First) introduces Palladin Sandalio, a 1600 year old vilkacis (Latvian for “werewolf”), and The Nuasiar Nine, a fanatical group created during the Crusades, who hunt and destroy all creatures of the night, including the vilkacis race;

Nightstalker (X: The First) introduces Zane Black, a Vietnam vet, and a rather young vamp with extraordinarily strong powers, but he’s reduced to a mere mortal in comparison to Darian Duncan, a pediatric cardiac surgeon, who doesn’t know she's dead. Zane is a very successful erotic author, writing under a woman’s penname. I had a lot of fun with his character.

Along The First journey, you will meet Damien Ranier, an insane vampire, Connor Talbot and certain members his family, who have helped Daniella move from century to century. There is also Kon, Teanna and Kiernan, evil vampires at their finest, and a host of humans. The final novel, Nightstalker, brings all my First vampire characters into a catalytic finale.

If you’re looking for a unique take on the vampire lore that includes historical annotations, erotic interludes, sexual tension, love lost and gained, blood and adventure, I urge you to pick up a copy of Eden’s Hell and begin the journey into The First’s world. Available through Amazon and Purple Sword Publications:

Thank you, Kayden. It’s been an absolute pleasure and honor to be invited here today.

Dawne, thank you so much! It was such a pleasure to have you with us today. I loved reading about your world, and look forward to more. *Hugz*




Sandy said...


I admire writers who can build the worlds you do. Your characters sound wonderful and the religious premises interesting.

I will have to pick up these books when they come out.

Dawné Dominique said...

Thank you so much, Sandy. (((hugs)))