Thursday, December 17, 2009

The End Of Anthony And Gina

Hey Readers,

Because of new laws trying to come through for the Internet filters in Australia, The Erogenous Zone will be likely blacklisted soon, along with all of it's content.

Check-Raise will be the last instalment for Anthony and Gina, even though Joel and I planned for it to go farther.

I'm incredibly saddened by this, for Joel has put in so much effort and money this site, building it from the ground up, and to see it get snuffed out like a candle breaks my heart.

This is just a short list of what will be affected by this:

- Sites that debate euthanasia

- Sites that provide safe places for young gay and lesbians to meet and discuss their sexuality

- Any Gay and Lesbian Sites

- Sites that include dialogues or excerpts from literary classics such as lolita

- Sites that include discussions on the sociological effects of sex and sexuality

- Discussions of Geopolitcal causes of terrorism

- Sites that include footage of war, or war attroctities such as the holocaust

- Youtube and other tube sites

- Dating sites

This is a very small list that the filter will be encompassing, so if you have a site or like a site that encompasses any of these topics or anything relating to these topics, that site will be blacklisted by the Australian government.

The Erogenous Zone:

Thank you all, it was fun, and I sincerely hope that in the end, everything works out.

Kayden McLeod

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