Saturday, December 5, 2009

The Erogenous Zone, The Tales of Anthony And Gina

Hey Readers,

As some of you may already know, I’ve accepted a job writing bi-monthly free-short-stories for the Erogenous Zone, a website designed to meet your every lustful desire. We have reviews, advice, stories and so much more! And you know it has to be hot, after you read some of the stuff the staff puts out, tehe. Amelia and Joel will knock your socks off!

Rolling the Dice is my first entry, about an uptight woman named Gina, who decides for once in her life to do something naughty, something no one would ever expect her to do. She tries her luck at cyber-sex, and meets an erotically satisfying man, leading to an encounter that she would never forget.

From there, Upping the Ante was born, where Anthony takes his new project of sexual corruption to a very public restaurant, and demands Gina break out of her shell, and be the little siren only he knows she can be.

And coming up in a couple of weeks is CheckRaise. In this one, Gina will find that maybe her relationship with Anthony isn’t quite what she thought it was. The plot and story thicken…especially when Anthony demands to bring their bedroom life into the office.

And look forward to more!



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