Sunday, March 28, 2010

Review; The Stepfather

The Stepfather


Length: 102 minutes

Penn Badgley, Dylan Walsh, Amber Heard, Sela Ward, Jon Tenney

Rating: (Out Of Ten) 7


A sociopath sets his sights on the unassuming Harding family. He is a man with a history of trying to find that perfect “family”, and slaughtering them when they don’t meet the high standards he, himself sets, and is the only one who knows them.

Michael Harding comes home from a correctional military facility to find his mother, Susan was engaged to a man he’d never met. On sight, he isn’t sure of him; some deep instinct telling him there was something wrong with the man.

He confides his fears to his girlfriend Kelly, who only sees Michael’s ticket out of military school for their senior year, begging him to put an end to his wondering, and stop looking a gift horse in the mouth. She refuses to see the small tells, showing that David really isn’t who he says he is.

I haven’t seen the original version of this movie, so I can’t make comparisons to say if it was better or worse, but the most recent was an okay psychological thriller. While it made me wonder about what would happen next, it was rather predictable. Overall, I thought it was watchable the first time, but I doubt I’d watch it again.




Trent Kinsey said...

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Kayden McLeod said...

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