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WIP; Death Of Innocence, Excerpt Two/ Rated: R

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A Rated R excerpt from Death Of Innocence, Paranormal Romance.




Fierce, clawing need worked its way to dominance, and I began to fear I couldn’t control myself, feeling like an animal, savage and full of need. My muscles coiled under her timidly exploring hands.

I had to closely school my impatient impulses, curb the sexual desire that was too natural for me. We felt such things more acutely, much more often than humans seemed to. That and the entire experience was something more than what I’d read in my associates minds.

After seeing such things, I’d spoken with a few others about it, and we’d come to the conclusion that we took more care with this act because we enjoyed everything about it, and having the stamina to see it through.

The floodgate had opened, and it was all I could do not to throw her to the ground and…do everything I had dreamed of for so long.

I craved to finally put my considerable skill to some use. I’d stroked myself late at night when she was asleep and unaware, fantasizing about her.

Corbin had always wondered why I didn’t just take her, but that wasn’t what I’d wanted. The decision to not pursue her in any such fashion, until I could come to her honestly had been amazingly easy.

I widened my thighs and without breaking the kiss, I slipped my hands under her arms and pulled her onto the bed. I sprawled out onto the comforter, dragging her over my chest, and gently flipped her body over.

My skin was highly sensitized, so aware of every movement her muscles along my hard, pulsing body made. She pushed her hands beneath her to gain leverage, adjusting the angle of her body so she was comfortable. I dragged my thickened organ across her, making her shutter deliciously.

I felt my canines throb, preparing to descend whether I wanted them to or not. She is a vampire now…loose control.

Oh, how very tempting.

Her tongue touched the tip of one, and she went rigid, heart thudding harder, blood rushing so much faster through those veins.

I shifted so the centre of her body was flush with mine, feeling her inside my head, reading every dark and satisfying fantasy. Growling and impatient, I flipped her over again onto her back, crawling over her to taste her sweet skin. Soon enough we would be properly mated and she’d be branded as mine.

She laughed against my lips, and I swore she called me a Neanderthal in her mind, but I couldn’t be sure over the roar in my ears. To feel her beneath me so willing and needing finally broke whatever remained of my control.

My fingers gripped the edges of her blouse to tear it from her body, from throat to waist. I could’ve done it more civilized way, but I was tired of hiding. Tonight, I just wanted her.

“Are you…?” She wasn’t scared, just surprised.

“I’m fine,” I promised, nipping her collarbone.

I tugged the long skirt from her body, hungrily moving my gaze over every inch of bared flesh. Her tongue touched her swollen bottom lip, and it was only a matter of time before my statement would change.

I kissed her ribcage, nipping the skin along her stomach, loving how the muscles clenched beneath my eager mouth. I ran my tongue along the flat surface above her hipbone, so close to what I wanted now. My eyes were on her face as I pressed biting kisses across her thigh, coming to rest between her legs.

That unfathomable curiosity lit her gaze, honestly and much too innocently not understanding what was happening, though trusting me enough to only ask a mild question.

“What are you doing?” She dug for the information, but I could hide from her for the time being. When we mated I would lose a degree of privacy to her, until then, I would exploit it.

I didn’t allow her to see what was in mind, nor did I answer. This would be a titillating surprise for me.

I knew more than well enough Thomas had used her only for his own pleasure, and she honestly thought that was all there was. He had been a selfish lover, neglecting her every need.

Over the past few months, I’d had to refrain from laughter when she thought of sex, compared to how I believed it to be. Of course, she’d never known the extent of what I knew about her.
I laid a long, flat trail over her apex with my tongue, before finally touching her clit. Her hips automatically jerked, her mouth forming a small o.

Another satisfying pass of my tongue had her back arching, eyes molten sapphires. I waited as her hips moved restlessly. She bit her lower lip again in a too innocent gesture I couldn’t quite resist.

I closed my mouth over her, and liquid heat rushed to greet me, coaxing the cream until she soaked with it. I murmured a spell, to take care of any noise that would wake up the children. And I had every intention of making her scream, test every limit and push every restraint until they snapped.

My cock pulsed unbearably at the thought, the promise of her lovely flesh beneath mine driving me to insanity.

I lowered my body from the bed, dragging her hips towards the edge. She’d barely settled herself, before I continued my assault on her senses and succulent flesh. Her wide eyes stared at me, locking on mine, unable to look away as I watched her over her mound.

“Gregory,” she whispered, fingers pushing my blonde hair back from my face.

Her spine bowed, screams dragged from her throat, fingers tightening in my hair. I smiled against the silky flesh when the orgasm began to unfurl, riding her addicting body, distributing shocking sensations that she didn’t understand yet. But I’d ensure she would.

My shaft was so hard, aching while the blood rushed to my groin, constantly twitching as I rushed Canya into another orgasm, her throat raw from long, satisfying shrieks.

I growled, letting the vibrations work through her, finally satisfied that she was ready, slick, so wet. I couldn’t even think about it, and maintain sanity at the same time.

I whispered a few words, concentrating on letting my clothes disappear. She cocked her head, pleased to see me so easily naked for the first time, and curious on how I had come to be that way.

“Later there will be time for explanations. Right now I wish to teach you other, more pleasurable concepts.” My voice was so hoarse, it broke. Love crowded my mind, the need to show her any way possible how much I needed her, in ways that words could never covet.

“I don’t think I can move. You killed me.” Her eyes drifted shut, and a small grin touched her tempting mouth.

“Oh, come now. I am nowhere near finished with you. That was just the beginning.” I buried my lips against her throat, loving how her arms automatically came around me.

There was no way to be any harder, thicker, but her delicate fingers dragged that impossible reaction from me anyways.

Before I could stop her, she snapped her hips up, taking all of me in with enough friction I had to fight to retain my focus.

“You are so fucking tight.” I growled against the side of her face, pausing for a moment to relish the feeling.

“Mmm,” she murmured wordlessly, wickedly milking me.

I shared every fantasy ever dreamt of her; every little thing that turned me on; making slow, lazy passes over bunches of nerves deep inside of her.

I revered in her body, finding just the right rhythm. My balls grew heavy and tight as her core took me over with a scalding wave of pleasure. Hot jets accompanied the warm cream, calling out every last bit of sensation before her muscles gave out, going limp beneath me.

I rolled until her head was on my chest, wrapping my arms around her, waiting for my breath to even before I started this all over again. It would be a long, wondrous night that had no end in sight.

I was sated though, for the moment. Her scent, the feel of her skin blocked out the world’s troubles, even if only for a little while.


booklover0226 said...

WOW, what a great excerpt!

I'm looking forward to read more!

Tracey D

Kayden McLeod said...

Thank you tracey!!! I LOVE this book. More to come soon!