Thursday, July 14, 2011

Blame It On The Maid Of Honour

Dear Reader,

This morning Brigit and I were discussing blog posts and dress hems; which should she do first? I told her both, kill two birds with one stone. And alas, she did.

Wait—I’m getting married. I suppose, I should’ve mentioned that, lol. On August 27th, in Vancouver, British Columbia. The soon-to-be-groom is Trent Kinsey, horror author, and terrorizer of my FB. HeHe.

And since we’re on the topic of dresses, I found this the most interesting dilemma of all the choices in my wedding. When the planning had begun, we had decided on a beach wedding. So I started to look for beach wedding dresses. Something beautiful, but affordable. Between Trent, Brigit and I, we’d narrowed the selections down to two or three, all no more than two-hundred-fifty dollars. But then, we changed the venue to a yacht. And that too, was a no go. The price + what you got = are these people crazy? If I am going to pay several thousand dollars for this venue, shouldn’t it look like it?

So now, my sister hooked me up. Big time. We are *borrowing* the mess hall for one of the army’s establishments in Vancouver. It is huge, gorgeous and right across the street from the beach, and a pond filled with ducks, a quaint bridge and weeping willows. Hello? Can we say awesome photography session? *Bows to Jen* you are my goddess!

Anyway—back to the dress. My mom suggested I take a look at some websites to get more ideas for a wedding dress, before the *big* shopping day. I did—and what did I find a thousand dollar designer dress, that just hit the season this year. I knew it was expensive, but I kept going back to it, thinking—nooo, I can’t, can I? Turns out I couldn’t. A designer dress means, not off-the-rack. It would take 20 weeks for the dress to be made, and to put a rush on it, would cost even more. So, I said screw it. I went back to the beach wedding dress.

But then, my niece (other bridesmaid), sister, mom, her boyfriend and I all went to the same medieval themed dress shop my sister took me to for my graduation dress. All of the dresses here are had made, custom or one-of-a-kind.

I found my dress. Medieval inspired corset wedding dress, in blue, black and white, with a floor length periwinkle blue velvet cape, traditional petticoat, wispy sleeve things—the whole nine yards, which ended up costing more than the designer dress—but who cares! It’s gorgeous and unique. How much more can I ask than that?

My maid of honour and bridesmaid also got their dresses from here, in varying shades of blue, black, white and cream.

And then—the jewelry; my second favorite. A very good friend and jewelry online-store owner and I discussed our options. She made the entire wedding party jewelry to match their dresses. They can be seen here, at the bottom of the page:

Wiccan Wear Jewelry:

Rhonda has made most of my jewelry in the past year, and everything is of top quality, original, custom-made pieces.

Since our colors are blue and silver, everything is fitting into this theme—right down to my hair, which will be dyed black and blue, possibly even silver. My engagement and wedding ring are white gold, with diamonds and sapphires.

And the flowers—oh-my-gosh. I said right from the beginning, when my sister asked what was the most important thing I wanted—FLOWERS. Between the florist and my mom, they will be everywhere. Hydrangeas, dyed blue roses, calla lilies, orchids and ivy will be everywhere. Even on the wedding cake.

More to come as the event draws closer…

Kayden McLeod


Trent Kinsey said...

You know you love me terrorizing your FB wall :P

Kayden McLeod said...

ROFL. Never stated otherwise =P

Denysé said...

This sounds like the most wonderful wedding ever!! Blessings, love, and a million hugs to you both!