Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Dear Readers Of Horror, 

Welcome to The John Doe Project. This website was created by me, with the intentions of sharing some of my first stories in the horror genre, including the ongoing story, The Darkness Above. I'm collaborating with some of my friends and associates. The John Doe Project hopes to bring our readers the best in bone-chilling fiction, reviews and more for their reading pleasure.

To contact me for any inquires for future stories and posts, e-mail me at:

Our Mission

We are The John Doe Project…
What goes bump in the night.
What makes you check under the bed,
When your spine tingles,
And you feel something there with you,
Watching you…
Waiting for you to turn your back.
Enter our domain at your own risk.
Read our tales of the darkness.
Our suggestion?
Don’t turn off the light…

Until Then…

Kayden McLeod
The John Doe Project

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