Wednesday, August 24, 2011

What's Up With TJDP

Dear Readers,

I have been diligently working on my John Doe Project blog; reviewing horror movies, and editing my first horror story Darkness From Above, posting it chapter by chapter. I just posted the 7th chapter this morning, which is the halfway mark. The darkness from above is creeping closer... You can read the entire story here:

I have started yet another story for TJDP called, for now, The Twins--it won't stay that name, I'm sure. Just something to call it until I figure out where this new train of thought is going. It's a messed up story really, more violent than I am accustomed to writing, without humour or sex to break it up. That, and the permise won't make up it's mind. First it was a paranormal story--or that was the dream I had. But then, the premise went from witches, to demons, to ghosts, to witches to the....mob? 

I know, I know, I thought the same thing. But alas, it's a mob sort of story that changes with every word I write.

This is all I really know so far...Diablo was raised in a gang/mob type of environment, along with his fertnal twin, Mary. Their parents had been murdered when they were children, putting the family legacy, including the twins into the hands of a family friend, Carlos. 

When Mary is brutalized and murdered years later, Carlos demands that his nineteen-year-old ward, Diablo live up to the family legacy, and hunt down the six men of a rival gang, and slaughter them, bringing Carlos their heads. Diablo has to prove his worth and vengeance in equal measure before he is considered a man to whose under Carlos. 

The only problem is, the ghosts of his blood family haunt him, following him around and question his every movement. What Diablo isn't sure of, are these manifestations really his family--or are they a delusion of an mind insane with grief? 


Kayden McLeod

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