Monday, April 16, 2012

More In The Realm Of Maeryn

Dear Reader,

Seems I’ve hit a brick wall with my latest Demon Queen installment. The book took a vapid turn, and I had to delete a few scenes, and rethink where I’m going.  Sometimes, you just have to walk away from a while, to get the best ending possible.

While I await the muse’s verdict on the ending of Heart of Shadowdyn, I started yet another new series (surprise, surprise). However, this one is for my Kinsey Knight’s persona. Once again, it ties in with the other two series I’ve plotted out, covering the realm of Maeryn, just at a different angle than the others. The four book series is called Elemental. The first book is Earth, then after that it’s Water, Fire and Air, though I’m unclear on the order they’d be in after the first.

I’ve been thinking about this series for a while, but the premises changed drastically a few days ago from what I originally intended. Instead of the POV of quadruplets who call the elements with terrifying accuracy, they’ve become “secondary main characters,” if that makes any sense. Now, the stories are told from Trinity’s POV, who will tie in all the different warring forces from one source, instead of four.

Trinity Liathain is fae, half pixie and half Yaksha (half-breeds of all sorts seem to be a fad with me at the moment). She lives on Earth, but has no idea why. Her parents keep many secrets from her, but she doesn’t question them. She trusts them, or she thinks she does. Most fairies live in Maeryn, where the dark (Dorchaign) and the light (Lochrann) sides have existed since being banished to the otherworld centuries before. Neither side wants anything to do with her, because her parents are mixed heritage. Because of this ,she lives day to day, forgetting there’s a whole other world practically on her doorstep, one she’s never been to. On the occasion, some fae, especially those with mixed blood, or suffering from banishment live on Earth, near the weak spots between the dimensions. On the occasion, far from Maeryn come through the portal, but not often enough that newcomers aren’t immediately noticed by the fae community.  land at And quadruplets: Deorsa, Aden, Kelby and Anemone’s entrance into Trinity’s high school is no different. Their creepy, powerful and their interest in Trinity freaks her out. And it’s only the beginning. When enemies start falling from the sky, she has no idea where to turn, or who to trust, not even her own mother.


Otherwise, I’ve been messing around with some fantasy art over the weekend, for a pre-made cover. As usual it’s available for purchase through Otherworlds Publicity:

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Kayden McLeod

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