Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Leigh Cadiente, A Rising Star Of The Cover Art World!

 Hi Readers!

I want all of you to meet one of my dear friends, and cover artists, Leigh Cadiente. She is a genius, who constantly brings world to vivid life. I adore her bold choices of color, and the use of animals, all with a polished glow.

She has produced pre-made covers that opens universes in my mind, before I even knew what the story was about. Her passion and dedicated in a testament to her skill.

Leigh is currently having a MAJOR sale of her pre-made stock. And trust me, you need to see these.

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Sunday, September 18, 2022

Newest Releases From My Publishing Company!


Hey Readers,

So, I've opened my own publishing company, Isekai Publishing.

We won't be officially launching until 2023, but let me show you around a bit! 

Our first newsletter will available shortly, so make sure you're a member of the site for exclusive offers.

AND...If you're already a member, our app is now available on Google Play & Apple. 

Isekai Publishing FREE Library can be found here:

Hans J Wells, our MM fantasy author is having his first event Sept 27! RSVP now:

Hans' first book, Rose & Glass, Part I will be on the website for FREE October 31st! There will be a HUGE party for our first official release, which will be available in EPub, Mobi & fully illustrated PDF, by Melissa A King/Kayden McLeod.

Our 2023 Authors. Come give them some love, and keep up with their new pages!

Heather Shaw, Paranormal Romance Author

Kayden McLeod, Fantasy and Paranormal Author:

Kinsey Knight, Fantasy Young Adult Author:

Trent Kinsey: Horror Author:

Hans J Wells MM Fantasy Author:

Friday, September 16, 2022

Rose & Glass, by Hans J Wells

Dear Reader,

Today, we have Hans J Wells, with his first book, Rose & Glass. He is my first author at Isekai Publishing, and we are releasing his book in three chapter sections, fully illustrated, for your reading pleasure.

Look out for Rose & Glass, Halloween 2022.

Genre: MM Dark Fantasy
Author: Hans J Wells
Illustrator: Melissa A King/Kayden McLeod
Publisher: Isekai Publishing
Coming Soon Link CLICK HERE 
Author Page CLICK HERE

Cinder once was stripped of his name and identity, before he was old enough to understand them. Kicked, beaten and nearly starved, Cinder is just another subservient orphan to be tossed aside. His step-mother has stolen everything from him, while he only knows poverty. But, he has a secret. The malevolent presence deep inside his head, wants out. And when that happens, terrible violence explodes, to destroy everything in its path. When the presence leaves him abandoned, he is chased by royal guard, plunged into the realm of the fae worlds. Farther than any human dared go. Murky waters transcend, leaving the orphan in a precarious power struggle that predates his birth. The Prince of Roses is coming, and Cinder will have no recourse. Now, it’s all a matter of time.