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Foery MacDonell Presents: The Rhythm To Your Rhyme

Dear Reader,

I am so excited to present Foery MacDonell, bestselling author of Historical novels like; Laird Of The Mist and The Fool’s Journey. She is also the CEO of the publishing-house, Moongypsy Press, with a fantastic vision of the future of all under wing.

And today, she presents to you, her first poetry book, The Rhythm To Your Rhyme, a collection of her lyrics and poems. We had a chance to get a little into the makings, and here is what she had to say.

As a writer of Historical Romance, what was it is like for you to write poetry vs novels?

Foery: I started writing poetry in the early 80’s as a way to journal myself without my ex-husband understanding what I was talking about. It was sort of a code to myself and a chronicle of feelings and observations. I never started out to be a poet, per se. It just happened. Where a novel takes me a lot of research (Historicals), poetry is spur of the moment and in the moment. I don’t have to think. It is a liberating thing.

That is fascinating! And I can totally understand that sense of instant creation, over something that takes so much time and planning. What did you feel while writing, how does the process work with you?

Foery: It depends on what I am writing. I really feel I am sort of channeling the character I am writing and I see the scene – hear their voices, smell the environment. It is very intense and more like a meditation.

When you decided to compile your poems and lyrics, what inspired you to publish it?

Foery: People kept telling me to publish it. Until I collected them all to give to my daughter for her music (she is a singer/musician) I didn’t realize how many I had written over the years. I sent them to a friend who suggested I put them into book form. So what the heck, I did!

What are your favorite poems in The Rhythm To Your Rhyme?

Foery: Decree is my favorite. It expressed all the fears and insecurities I was feeling during my last pregnancy at the age of 30. I was facing my fourth c-section and a bit frightened. I had thought my childbearing was finished until I met my second husband and decided to have one more. Thank God, because Tierney is the Light of my life.

My second favorite is The Rhyme. It speaks to me of true and everlasting love. Although I have yet to experience that, I do believe in it and I keep hoping!!

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Thank you for coming by Foery! It was a blast.


Kayden McLeod

Monday, February 15, 2010

What's Happening....

Hey Readers!

Busy, busy…busy!

So, it’s finally happened! All three of my releases, Jezebel’s Article, Deadly Fetishes and Deep Water Legends are out! And now, I’m trying to work on the next wave of literary fun.

Moongypsy Press’s Launch went fabulously (on January 25th). Now in hindsight, I look at all we’ve done in such a short time, and all I have to say is; wow!

I am so proud of the entire staff and authors, with all the stuff we’ve all worked so hard for, all right there! So many books to read, and so little time!

So what’s happening now with, do you ask? That is an excellent question…tehe…

First off, my website will be changing again! The reins have been taken by my marvellous new web-mistress Janet Jones, who will be creating fabtabulousness, promise!

And then….the books! That is what you really want to know, right? Okay so first off, we have the second book in the Cornwall Series, entitled Carnal Magnetism. This one will be with Ryder Cornwall, finding his love in an unlikely place. Then to tack on to that series I plan to work on Demonic Pandemonium, the third book. Both will be Erotic Paranormal Romance.

Another one is called Taigh O’Sullivan, A Gothic Romance; a PG Romance set in 1840 Ireland. This one has to do with ghosts, and girl named Siobhan who is an empath, and can see the dead.

I have lots of other projects I hope to work more on this year. Like; my Paranormal Romance Series, The Foxworth series, and continue with The Jericho series (Jezebel’s Article, Erotica), and at some point I hope to get more in Sara’s Story, my free-erotica-series book three; Breaching Loyalty.

So lots to do, and lots coming to you! I am so excited with my progress so far!!!! Woohoo!

Happy Reading…

Kayden McLeod

Saturday, February 6, 2010


Dear Readers,

It is finally here, and I am so excited! And even better, my Launch Day for this one is on a Sunday (woohoo, no day-time job)! So, as promised, there is a contest for you today, for a chance to win an autographed-print copy of my first Erotic Paranormal, Jezebel's Article.

The Contest begins at February 7th 2010, and the drawing will be February 8th.

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Vampire Terminology

Meet The Vancouver Vampire Coven

Insider's Guide To The Book

Excerpt One

Excerpt Two

Excerpt Three

Good Luck....And Happy Reading....

Kayden McLeod

Erotic Paranormal

Length (word count): apx 94,000

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Tag Line:

In one night, a woman finds her soul mate she couldn’t live with out, even if it kills her.


If you could have immortality, would you take it? Running in fear of her life, and that of her best friend’s, Kelly would definitely say no to such an age-old question. Kelly is a quiet conservative woman who is prone to panic attacks. Marcus is a walking manual on sexual pleasure that just happens to work in a fetish club, and takes full advantage of every perk of his job. He is captivating and dangerous, and knows exactly what he wants. With a single-minded purpose, he scoops Kelly up from her abnormal, disillusioned life and shows her the pleasure immortality has to offer, if one knew where to look for it. His obsession and desire for her body knows no limits, and only burns hotter every time he touches her. He is never sated, and she drives him insane with blinding need, to hear her scream his name with absolute abandon. Marcus fully intends to show her their new world of vampires, which isn’t anything like what Kelly had ever dreamed of. And she wasn’t sure if she wanted any part of it, whether that world included Marcus or not.

Deadly Fetishes, EXCERPT ONE

To Find Out More:

Excerpt One

Rated: PG with sexual references

"A pleasure to meet you," he said, just before his lips touched my knuckles, his eyes rolling up to meet mine.

"Same," I whispered, looking at Sara for guidance.

This was a specimen I had never encountered before. Was there precedence for how you dealt with such boldness? Sara would know, but she just shook her head and threw me into the deep end yet again.

Fine, I will get over my shyness alone then, I thought. I just hoped that I didn’t make a fool out of myself first.

"Are you having fun?" He watched my poor rendition of the dance around me with light amusement, but he kept his own rhythm just fine.

"Oh, loads," I snorted. I was having a harder time maintaining eye contact than I thought I should.

"Loads, hmm?" he repeated, as if testing the word.

Suddenly his face was almost next to mine, though he was too big a man to make it all the way down without bending almost double.

“Lets see if we can change that, shall we?” he whispered. I could feel his breath on my ear, and I shivered.

The gleam in his eye turned from humour into something far more sexual. I couldn’t help just how my heart was beating erratically, or how my breath came out in shorter bursts of anxiety.

"Kelly," —my name rolled off his tongue, so sensual I closed my eyes at the sound— "you are a very intriguing woman."

"Thank you," I replied. What else could I say to that?

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Deadly Fetishes, EXCERPT TWO

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Excerpt Two

Rated R/XXX

The rhythm sent shockwaves through me, delicate races of fire that ignited and demanded more.

My blood turned to lava as I rode him slowly.

“Just like that Kelly, so good,” he murmured as I languidly ground my clit against him, sending chills through both of us.

His hands rested on my hips, fingers biting into the flesh as he guided me into a more frantic rhythm. Even with me on top, he had taken control and made my body feel like it would fall to pieces.

“I’ve had a lot of sex,” he said through gritted teeth, “and I love to listen to a woman scream. But I want to hear you beg, and I will apply every considerable skill I possess to ensure that happens.” He rolled his hips under mine at just the right angle to force a desperate whimper from my throat.


The delicate strokes turned to deeper thrusts, each one pushing me harder, the pleasure mounting to unimaginable levels. Never had I felt like this. Nothing could touch where he took me, nothing but unadulterated passion and the hottest man alive.

My hips bucked over his helplessly as pleasure from his deep strokes bordered on pain. His cock slammed into me as he took my hips in his hands, the roughness making the orgasm that much sweeter.

His teeth were gentle on my throat, so at odds with how hard he pounded into me. He didn’t want to cause me real pain, and I found it sweet.

He wanted my blood. I could see it in his eyes. I had already given him my permission, so I just tipped my head to one side, giving him what we both desired.He groaned as his teeth slid through the thin skin, bearing what he craved most.


Deadly Fetishes, EXCERPT THREE

Excerpt Five

Rated PG

"Gene is worried about how the others will react about Sara," Marcus said quietly, leaning a hip against the counter.

"What, and they won’t react to me?"

"That isn’t what I mean. Of course they will react to both of you, but you’re not shacked up with a human," he responded with a grimace.

"Is that a bad thing?"

"To some yes, to most no. I think there will be some problems, but we will deal with them."

Marcus wasn’t looking me in the eye, but at my nose. I knew by now that meant he wasn’t telling me something. Not lying, just omitting.

"Spill it Marky."

He winced at the name, but he answered.

"From what my Leader has told me, there are some in my Coven who believe that Gene and I have stolen you, and have begun to question our methods on how we came to be in possession of you at all. How we neglected to inform our Leaders right away, even though it was in the middle of the night, and there was no danger." Marcus sighed, pulling two beers out of the fridge, and handing me one.

The top fell off into my palm and disappeared. I would have laughed, but the conversation was far from funny.

"Your methods?"

"You know what I told you about our laws?" I nodded. "Well laws, like in the human government, sometimes change and are amended as they go. Some of the older classes of vampires live by laws that don’t even exist anymore, and they are calling for them regardless. My Leader tells me they are most adamant," Marcus said slowly.

"Are you going to answer the question, or just beat around the bush?" I asked, keeping my tone light, but I was tired of not getting answers.

Flames flashed in his eyes, but I didn’t back down. He seemed to respect that and he took another deep breath.

"When an unattached vampire comes into our territory, there was a time when they would have to be presented to the entire Coven they were pledging to before they were permitted to ‘shack up’ with any one person, almost before they even knew anyone’s name," Marcus admitted, seeming to be guilty on behalf of people who ruled him. Or us rather, when I thought about it. "I hadn’t even introduced you to them before I took you off the market as they see it, and Gene with Sara as well.* His voice went thick. *They are assuming that both of you have formed emotional attachments to us, before you have met the other available men."

"But I do have an emotional attachment now," I said before really thinking about it.

I balked at the words, which had tumbled from my own mouth. I winced as I had once again put my foot in my mouth, as was my inclination to do, far more than my ego could make up for.