Tuesday, January 12, 2010

About Deadly Fetishes, An Insiders Guide

Dear Reader,

As some may remember from Sara’s Story, Books One and Two, the lead character, Sara, has a shrouded past, one that shaped the stubborn woman of today. I know some of you have asked about what made her, her...wanting to know more, but I’ve remained rather quiet about it.

Until now.

When I wrote Book One, Suspicious Circumstances, it was meant only as a teaser for Jezebel’s Article and Deadly Fetishes, but like almost everything I touch, it turned into a series, morphing into Book Two, Unknown Worlds. It was a strange balance, to give just enough to get to know who Sara really is, and give her more of a voice than she has in Deadly Fetishes, but not giving away too much about the series itself, and what happens within its pages, because of the timeline of these books.

DF’s timeline is placed a couple of years ago (when I started the book), CM is about a year after it, DP takes place two weeks after that. Sara’s Story is present day, who she becomes after all the troubles throughout the series.

Deadly Fetishes will answer many questions, and possibly raise a few more, as it gets deeper into Coven life, and how that lifestyle affects the characters. It’s a good introduction to the series of the three Erotic Paranormal books, following up with the un-contracted books, Carnal Magnetism and Demonic Pandemonium.

The introduction into the series lets you get to know the hunting group in the ranks of the Vancouver Coven and their Leaders; what they’re like, how they react to the stresses of living under their strict, harsh government, the vampire Council.

If you want to know more about the characters from Deadly Fetishes, please read the next post entitled Meet The Cornwalls, following this post (A very long one, lol).

It was requested that I post my Vampire Terminology, so I’ll be posting about that as well.

Deadly Fetishes, Erotic Paranormal will be released by Eternal Press, on February 7th 2010.

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