Monday, January 11, 2010

E-Book Release Of DEEP WATER LEGENDS, by Kayden McLeod

Genre: Paranormal Science Fiction

Length (Word Count): 18K


E-PUBLISHER: Moongyspy Press

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Even a fairytale nightmare can come true, but will anyone believe it?


The ruling body of vampires have let loose their top Hunters to get back an artefact. Their mission: retrieve the Dragon Stone, exterminate the Rogue and rescue the innocent human witch. Once a mission has been sanctioned, there isn’t a way to go back. Fernando was a Council employee and researcher, who stumbled upon a document suggesting a whole other race existed out there somewhere. He was tired of getting laughed at for what he sincerely believed in. No matter what risk lay ahead of him, he would prove his findings real. For his time on earth was ticking. Daphne is a human witch, kidnapped by an eccentric vampire. Scared, trapped in the wilds of Mount Robson, knowing there is danger afoot, Daphne was at centre of it.

Excerpt Three
Rated: PG

He knew a little about Fernando, about how eccentric he was, how much he believed in his convictions. Such strongly felt feelings could be dangerous, and people made rash decisions based on those passions, as Fernando had done.

Calling on his wife’s power over the earth, Arcadia bade the plants and the dirt to tell him their story—what Fernando had done while in their midst. He would believe nothing Fernando said until the lands, which weren’t capable of lying to him, told their part in the tale.

Korbin had to deal with the influx of information all of the time, but not her mate—only when he called for it. The response was immediate, flooding his brain. The feeling of the foreign expansion was a little anxiety inspiring, but after a moment everything clicked into place.

"Arcadia, are you willing to listen, or are you just going to kill me?" Fernando called into the nearly empty darkness.

"Fern..." Arcadia began.

"You know I hate to be called that," Fernando insisted sourly.

Their fellow councilmen had always called him that, both behind his back and to his face. No one respected him, and hadn’t in a very long time. Not since he’d found out about the merones, or had the suspicion about their existence was far more than just a myth.

"I don’t believe you’re in a position to dictate a preference on names." Arcadia’s grin was feral when he emerged from the trees.

His Curse demanded he render the justice of the Council, but something unknown stayed his hand.

Fernando just stared, and the Hunter huffed an annoyed breath at the fanatical gleam in the Rogue’s eyes. If Arcadia allowed it, this would be a long, boring conversation.

It always was with the damned.

The land whispered, telling him of Fernando’s movements and actions. If the information given to him was accurate, and with the earth it always was, then in this case, two plus two didn’t add up to four. Apparently, the answer was…three.

"Speak Rogue, and mind your tongue while you do it. Don’t forget it is against the rules for me to even consider allowing this."

And it was. To permit one to plead their case once charged was an offence of the professional relationship between a Council Hunter and the ones who pulled their chains.

This could result in Arcadia being severely punished, or killed. Or worse. Humanification was the one nightmare on his mind.


Trent Kinsey said...

Another Moongypsy release I will have on my wish list so one day I can get an autographed copy!

Kayden McLeod said...

Trent....TEHE....yup. Woohoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!