Friday, November 20, 2009

Kayden McLeod Presents: Jezebel's Article

Jezebel's Article

Erotic Paranormal

By: Kayden McLeod

Cover Art: Dawné Dominique

Genre: MMF Erotica, Vampire ménage a trois, Heat Level 5

Length (word count): 15K


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Tag Line:

When one decision can unlock your deepest, darkest fantasies


Jezebel has a new job, writing a sex column article for a small specialty interest paper in Vancouver British Columbia, and has decided to join her best friend Jade in attending a very specialized party…a sex party in fact, where she meets two of the most tempting men she could’ve ever imagined. And too make it that much more tempting for her, they were vampires, Jezebel’s one weakness. Adrian and Doros watch with igniting desire, craving to take a knowing human, who they didn’t have to cut themselves off from. One they could play with to their heart’s content, and the moment they met Jezebel, it was already over. There was no contest, and now only one question remains. Will she want them, as much as they want her?


“You won’t even feel it…if you don’t want to. I can make it pleasurable or painful, or even make you forget it had ever happened. However, I know you want to remember it, experience it, and like it.”


I groaned when Doros peeled the wet panties away from my body, waiting anxiously to feel his mouth against me without the obstacle of any cloth in his way.

His mouth returned to my body, efforts renewed tenfold now with purpose or an unspoken challenge I hadn’t been let in on. Never could I’ve imagined this right, even if I had expected it when I had come here.

Adrian smiled, but the flames never left his eyes, “I can’t believe you’re letting me do this,” he mumbled against the side of my face.

“You said you weren’t going to hurt me.”

“And you believe a mythical monster?” Doros asked from between my legs and I swore in my head. Damn telepathy.

“Apparently so.”

Adrian groaned and nuzzled my neck. He laid his lips against my pulse, and I felt his chest swell when he inhaled deeply.

“So nice,” he muttered, “willing, perfect and sweet.”

The moment Doros sucked my clit back into his wicked heat,Adrian raked his slowly returning fangs over the thin flesh at my throat to send deep helpless shudders through me. He raised his head up slightly to adjust the angle, and struck too quickly for me to properly follow.

Controversy in E-books, The Ramblings Of An Erotica Writer

Dear Reader,

I don’t use my blog to whine often, and I know that’s what I’m doing…but I need to say my piece before I snap, lol. I am incredibly tired of seeing my TALENTED, FABULOUS peers treated differently than the ‘Published Author’…we’ll use that term, all right? I DO NOT mean to offend anyone, but this has become my BIGGEST pet-peeve since coming into this business.

The Question for the Day: What makes an e-book author differ from a ‘Published Author’?

The Answer for the Day: A whole lot more money and recognition, and NOTHING ELSE

I’m still a baby in this industry, but now that Jezebel’s Article is ready for publishing in a few weeks, I know the ENTIRE PROCESS. I cannot speak for any other than myself, so I won’t for the sake of this whine-fest I have going.

This is how Jezebel’s Article got to where it is today:
1) Bare-min of 10-14 CAREFUL Drafts
2) Submission and acceptance
3) First Round RIGOROUS edits by editor
4) First Round Edits done by me
5) Second Round edits by editor
6) Second Round edits done by me
7) Copy-edits
8) Editor
9) Me
10) Errata edits

Now what I want to know…what did ‘Published Author’ do we didn’t????? We bust our butts writing, then promoting, then some more promoting. We invest our time and money!!!!!! We stress out, we attend chats, social-nets, blogs and a multitude of other things….

So tell me…why aren’t we considered ‘real authors’ ????

We should be judged on merit alone, our books speaking for themselves. They are our real resumes :)

Leave a comment with YOUR opinion. ‘Cuz honestly I really don’t understand what makes us any different than anyone else. At the end of the day, it’s just pens, paper, books and PDF’s.



Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sex In Writing, Ramblings of an Erotica Writer

Dear Readers,

Sex is a big thing in any world, but especially in mine. It is a necessity any of us need to write either romance or erotica, even elements used in a variety of other genres. It can be found anywhere, everywhere, welcomed by some, and pressured by others. And as the years move on, the taboo-quality of reading, talking, seeing sex has fallen through time.

The restrictions of what can be said, and how it’s said progresses, just like everything else in life. We shape our scenes, fantasies, almost any way we see fit. There are a vast range of levels to be found when dealing with sex in writing.

Over the past few months many have asked how or why I do what I do. I find this a difficult question to answer, and adequately explain to satisfy anyone’s interest. I find it a challenge, something that is dramatic and complex…and something in the beginning I had a lot of troubling writing about.

Sure, I could ‘write’ about it, but was it any good? Looking back on some of the novels I haven’t touched in a while, I would have to say no. Something about it was off; it was the fact that I wasn’t comfortable; and this affected the ‘character’s voice’. When I started my venture into erotica, I took one particular book, and kept redrafting and rereading until the scenes had the right feel and flow. The sentences and paragraphs began to smooth over. Over this journey it has became easier, allowing my imagination to flow in previously unattainable avenues.

For the first few drafts of an erotica novel, it’s sort of like a bizarre adventure trying to envision something fresh and unique, weeding out what I’ve already used to see what lies beneath. These leftover ideas grow, and take the story to places I never anticipate, creating relationships with new characters I didn’t know existed until the moment I write the scene.

I’m still uncomfortable writing about a lot of things, like anal-sex. Couldn’t say why, but for some reason it irks me. So balancing my writing when it comes to group-sex might not be as kinky as some, but maybe one day I’ll get there, lol. To date, I’ve only had two particular instances that really got to me, and both were interesting to say the least.

Yet once I’ve drafted the book a few times the story-line is set, and the editing, sometimes rewriting sets in. At this stage, I tend not to see the sex so much as the words themselves. It is only in the last few drafts that I begin to see the sex again at all, when my attention isn’t so focused on the flow between paragraphs and replacing certain words that would be more effective slightly tweaked.



Friday, November 6, 2009

Writing At The Erogenous Zone

Hey Readers,

I’ve starting writing short erotica for The Erogenous Zone. This site is a feed-your-addiction Erotica site with reviews, stories and a lot more.

Check out: ‘Rolling The Dice’, a flash-fiction about a couple who decide to live out a fantasy they imagined over the internet.



Sunday, November 1, 2009

Pending Release of Deep Water Legends, by Moongypsy Press

Dear Readers,

I’m pleased to announce that I recently contracted my third book, with Moongypsy Press. I love writing erotica and romance, and have full intentions of continuing onward with these sinfully delectable tales. But I’ve always said I wrote Science Fiction, and I’m proud to introduce a new side to my realm.

This is a chance to show the darker part of the world. But no worries, I still have many more erotic/romantic stories still in the works.

Deep Water Legends is a Paranormal Science Fiction, and still sits in the same world as all of my erotica, but shows a different facet. We get deeper into the Council’s intrigue, and just how corrupt they really are. The establishment is a complex network of vampires who have the power to produce destruction at a moment’s notice when angered. Some abuse it terribly, but some don’t…

This will be coming January 15th, from Moongypsy Press.


Kayden McLeod

Summary for Deep Water Legends:

The ruling body of vampires have let loose their top Hunters to get back an artefact. Their mission: retrieve the Dragon Stone, exterminate the Rogue and rescue the innocent human witch. Once a mission has been sanctioned, there isn’t a way to go back. Fernando is a Council employee and researcher, who stumbled upon a document suggesting a whole other race existed out there somewhere. He was tired of getting laughed at for what he sincerely believed in. No matter what risk lay ahead of him, he would prove his findings real. For his time on earth was ticking. Daphne is a human witch, kidnapped by an eccentric vampire. She is scared, trapped in the wilds of Mount Robson, knowing there is danger afoot, and she was at centre of it.


“You’re really scared, aren’t you?” He spoke for the first time…ever.

Daphne blinked. Was that supposed to be a trick question?

“I can't survive on animal blood, not that I would ever want to. I’m sorry for feeding on you, and being unprepared for this journey. They took me by surprise. Sorry if I hurt you in my carelessness…”

He stopped, quickly shutting his mouth. Broken sentences spoke of his worries, the downcast eyes flickering with red flame.

As a human witch, Daphne knew a lot about real magic, but vampires and teleportation was so far from her realm of expertise. The weirdest part, the moment they had entered this forest, her abilities had left her high and dry.

Fernando stopped too suddenly for Daphne to avoid tumbling into him. He winced when she rebounded off a tree. Great, another bruise he’d inflicted. When would this madness stop? He had to finish, it was paramount he reach his goal, or all would be lost.

The Hunters were so close, and they’d spared no expense for his account. He just wished he had more time to think it through, never counting on them finding him this fast.

He jerked her around to push her against a tree, careful not to hurt her, no matter what she thought. And he could read every petrified thought tumbling around in her too human brain. This singular fact among many upset his certainty.

Was there a mistake? No, it couldn’t be that. She had the birthmark, the one in the old Native drawings and legends Fernando had found among the fairytales his fellow councilmen kept in the underground chambers where he worked continuously.

January 15th 2010, By:

The Perfect Man/Woman Contest

Dear Readers,

What’s your perfect man? Is he tall, dark and brooding, or a dangerous combination of lethal and gorgeous? In your mind, what does he look like? Attributes?

What’s your perfect woman?

Now that the juices are flowing (the creative ones at least, tehe), in 500 words or less, tell me about him or her.

The Perfect Man/Woman Contest:

Begins: November 1st 2009

I will accept entries all month long, and the draws will be on November 15th and 30th, with several winners.

Prize: An E-Book copy of Sara’s Story, Book Two: Unknown Worlds. An Erotic Paranormal, Vampire ménage.

How To Enter:

1) Leave A Comment, WITH your e-mail address, please.
2) E-mail me your entry to:

Good Luck, and happy writing….

Kayden McLeod