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SneakPeekWednesday; Demonic Pandemonium, Coming Soon

The Cornwall Coven, Book Three; Demonic Pandemonium

Kayden McLeod

Publication Date:

January 26th 2010


Erotic Paranormal Romance (Vampires)




Silver Publishing



Four Flames—Fiery


Sex, blood and rock and roll


Pandora is a half-demon, alone in the world and good as abandoned, with a mother who barely tolerates her and a father who is unable to be with her nearly often enough for her tastes. She keeps to herself, and tries not to associate with others often, lest they discover her secret—until she meets Kevlar Cornwall. The two collide in ignorance of one another, but the sexual-attraction is indisputable and cannot be ignored, growing more profound with every passing moment. It blinds them to the lurking danger hiding just around the corner, out to end both their lives and everyone either of them have ever known or loved.

Excerpt Two (RATED: PG)

“Oh! I love this.” Kelly turned abruptly to walk up to a game. With this one, well over a hundred balloons stuck to a sheet of particleboard, and you threw darts as them to win. When she paid the man for five, the men groaned. It was obviously not a favourite past time for them.

“This is so easy, it’s almost unfair.” Matthew laughed.

“Yes, it is.” Marcus sighed.

“Have you ever played this game?” Kev’s hand pressed on my back, standing closer.

“Of course, have you?” I countered, and tried not to stutter when he leaned into me.

“You have to slow your heart-rate down. It’s jumping all over the place.”

“You can hear that?”

“I have exceptional hearing,” Kev said. “So, are you any good at this game? I have played it a lot, which by the way, I always win.”

“Always?” I rolled my eyes at the obvious maleness of this moment.

Marcus snickered behind us. When his hand flicked, he threw a perfect arch that popped the balloon in a sudden burst. He made it look too easy.

“Oh, yes,” Kev purred with self-satisfaction. For some obscure reason I liked the sound of it. The overconfidence that drove me nuts in others, intrigued me in him. “Always.”

I even felt amused, and possibly even a tiny bit challenged. Not to outdo him really—oh no, I already knew I could do that. I wasn’t a girl who needed to prove herself. Just screw with him.

“Then throw, Kev. Let’s watch you win.” I stepped well inside of his personal space.

Yet the closer I got, the more pronounced his affect on me became. I’d stopped, inadvertently allowing my breast to brush his arm. But I didn’t take much notice of it. My attention was all for him.

“Do you really believe that, Kevlar?” I asked in a breathy voice, just as his arm snapped back. His eyes widened dramatically, and I knew before he’d even finished the movement that it would’ve been a perfect throw. Had I not interfered.

The dart left his finger…

And he missed. It was nice to know the relentless attraction went both ways, and not just on my side.

Marcus stared at the misplaced dart and then back at me, absolutely stupefied. I believed if he continued for long, his face would stay like that permanently.

“I missed,” Kev said, appalled with himself.

And it was freakin’ awesome!

Kelly laughed again, a light tinkling of sound pleasant to the ears; purity not heard often outside of small, not-yet-jaded children.

“It would certainly appear so.” Marcus’ expression became unreadable. The way he watched me was indescribable, like he had just realized something huge about me. And I had no idea what it was.

“Oh, big deal,” Kelly muttered to him. “So, she’s hard to read. Some people are just like that.”

I had the feeling she tried to smooth something over. What was their problem? Did the big he-man get upset when he lost?

Too bad.

I laughed out loud, not able to help myself this time. There must be some pretty solid ground to Kev’s ego, if his friend’s appearances testified to anything.

“Umm, sorry,” I replied, sharing a mischievous glance with Kelly. But the men just looked at us like we had lost our minds. Bah! This was just too much fun.

“Okay, maybe we shouldn’t play this game anymore.” She turned, and I followed her until we burst back out into the sunlight. “Do you drink beer?”

“Yes,” I answered, startled by the abrupt change in topic.

“Beer garden, then?”

“Lead the way.”

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Making Chocolate Creme Cake....

Hi Readers,

I love baking when I have time. I make it up as I go along, changing things I come up with as I learn about different combinations. Like that a little Jello Pudding will not only flavor whipping cream, but when used with a stabilizer, you will get the light whipped quality to the icing, and will keep "solid" and not melt all over the place.

Sometimes instead of sweet icing, I use the whipping cream creation, but other times I use chocolate ganache, or something like it. Again modified and played with over time…and I never write down these recipes, so this is a relatively new experience, tehe.


I find cake in a box is as easy as scratch, as I’ve done both…and the skill isn’t the prep for me, is trying to get the cake the rise properly, lol. The instructions say for the pans I’m using, 350 for 32-35 mins. My oven is hot, so I put it in at 310 for 20 mins, and it comes out perfectly. Sweeeeeeeet.


1 1/2 cups Whipping cream

3 Tablespoons Jello pudding (chocolate or vanilla)

1 packet of whipping cream stabilizer

Teaspoon Vanilla

¼ cup powder/Icing sugar

Teaspoon Cinnamon

Whip cream until peaks form. Add remaining ingredients, whip again until firm. Put in the fridge until ready and allow to set.

Chocolate Ganache

Melt ¼ cup of butter

Then add:

¼ cup heavy whipping cream

1/3 cup cocoa

8 ounces of baking chocolate

½ cup powder sugar

*optional: Adding a tablespoon of honey after taken off the burner, will add shine to the ganache.

Heat to just a boil, stirring frequently. Take off of heat, put into fridge for about 45 mins stirring every 10 mins to ensure the chocolates tempers and stays smooth. If only after ten minutes it becomes too thick, add a tablespoon of cream and stir. After about twenty then it should start to solidify. ** Don’t let it completely cool or get too thick before applying it to the cake, allowing the final hardening to happen after application.

Putting it together:

Put into the fridge for a few hours to set.

So that' s how I spent my saturday afternoon. What did you do?



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About Deadly Fetishes, An Insiders Guide

Dear Reader,

As some may remember from Sara’s Story, Books One and Two, the lead character, Sara, has a shrouded past, one that shaped the stubborn woman of today. I know some of you have asked about what made her, her...wanting to know more, but I’ve remained rather quiet about it.

Until now.

When I wrote Book One, Suspicious Circumstances, it was meant only as a teaser for Jezebel’s Article and Deadly Fetishes, but like almost everything I touch, it turned into a series, morphing into Book Two, Unknown Worlds. It was a strange balance, to give just enough to get to know who Sara really is, and give her more of a voice than she has in Deadly Fetishes, but not giving away too much about the series itself, and what happens within its pages, because of the timeline of these books.

DF’s timeline is placed a couple of years ago (when I started the book), CM is about a year after it, DP takes place two weeks after that. Sara’s Story is present day, who she becomes after all the troubles throughout the series.

Deadly Fetishes will answer many questions, and possibly raise a few more, as it gets deeper into Coven life, and how that lifestyle affects the characters. It’s a good introduction to the series of the three Erotic Paranormal books, following up with the un-contracted books, Carnal Magnetism and Demonic Pandemonium.

The introduction into the series lets you get to know the hunting group in the ranks of the Vancouver Coven and their Leaders; what they’re like, how they react to the stresses of living under their strict, harsh government, the vampire Council.

If you want to know more about the characters from Deadly Fetishes, please read the next post entitled Meet The Cornwalls, following this post (A very long one, lol).

It was requested that I post my Vampire Terminology, so I’ll be posting about that as well.

Deadly Fetishes, Erotic Paranormal will be released by Eternal Press, on February 7th 2010.

For Excerpt and Blurb:



Meet The Cornwall Coven

For More Information On Deadly Fetishes, release February 7th 2010:

The Cornwall Coven

The Ruling Family:

Corrine Cornwall

Looks: Long golden blonde hair, and vibrant violet eyes. She appears like a cold, heartless woman, but in essence all she wants, is for her Coven to thrive. She is ambitious and would do anything for those she calls family. While her followers are shrouded in black leather and chains, she maintained business woman/casual dress attire, even while manning her own venture.

Age: 623

Status: Pureblood, mated to Maximus Cornwall. Leader of the Vancouver Coven.

About Corrine:

Corrine grew up surrounded by vampires who didn’t care for the humans, and viewed them as the cattle, a view she fundamentally didn’t agree with. Fleeing Europe with her two Adopted sons, she came to Canada. As a businesswoman she tried many things over the years, but finally set up shop as a Fetish Club (The RedLine) owner in Vancouver, British Columbia. She welcomed the strict rules that were applied in this country. Together with her mate Max, they reared three additional sons, and sit as the greatly feared Leaders of their group odd, bloodthirsty, and insanely sexual vampires.

Maximus ‘Max’ Cornwall (given name, Demarche)

Looks: He is intimidating on sight with his long black hair, and sinister brown eyes that rarely warm a degree. For clothing, Max prefers black, but isn’t by any means Goth, though he cuts it close. To the outsiders from his race, he appears no more laid-back playboy, but within his community; he is greatly feared. For both he and his mate are known for ruthlessness and cruelty when they are threatened.

Age: 652

Status: Pureblood, mated to Corrine Cornwall. Leader of the Vancouver Coven.

About Maximus:

Max eternally saw his world with a haze of disgust. He travelled with his sole living relative, Cassandra DeMarche, his neice. When he stumbled across the then three- vampire Cornwall Coven just setting roots in British Columbia, he immediately staked his claim with the unattainable Corrine. He quickly mated with her, taking on the Coven name as his own to rear three sons; Samuel, Dante and Kane, also taking on her two Adopted sons; Ryder and Holly.

Ryder Cornwall

Looks: Dark brown-blackish hair that hangs over his eyes, deep green eyes that shimmer even in low light. He is incredibly ripped, and spends most of his free-time weight training, and taking any form of martial art available. Trademark leather, and all black for this one. Goth chic/but still mild.

Age: 620

Status: Pureblood, Adopted son of Corrine and Max. Coven Hunter. Coven Protector (security)

About Ryder:

He is the epitome of the playboy. He loses track of how many women he’s slept with, never remembering one from the next. All of his loyalty to his friends and Leaders, who he considers more his siblings that the blood-sons of Corrine and Max. Since his first century, he has travelled with Holly. Together they have moved from Coven to Coven, until they found Corrine, and what they thought of as home. He has a long history of disobedience with both his Leaders and the Council, but even now through all the consequences of his actions, in the end he will do what he wants. Under employ of the Fetish Club works well for him, because he’s down for absolutely anything, at anytime. The word inhibition and Ryder should never be sentence.

Holly Cornwall (Given name Koenig)

Looks: He is of Mediterranean descent, with a rich olive complexion, dark hair and eyes. Though he often dyes his shoulder length hair a multitude of colors. He is also short in height, and burly.

Age: 893

Status: Pureblood, Adopted son of Corrine and Max. Coven Hunter, Head of the Hunt.

About Holly:

He prefers solitude and quiet, but when he comes out, it’s only with his closely-knit groups of friends, who consist mostly of his hunting team. He isn’t big on out-of-group sociality. He is proficient at odd-ball magic, spells no sane-vampire would have a reason to know, but are still legal to use. His reputation of being an able Hunter has him running around often for the Council, but has the Rogues avoid him like the plague.

Kane Cornwall

Looks: Shoulder-length black hair, with red underneath, with his Mother’s violet eyes. His has strong facial features that look eternally angry. Sticks closely with extreme Goth, going out of his way to be shocking.

Age: 202

Status: Pureblood, blood-son of Corrine and Max. Leader’s protectors. Coven patrol.

About Kane:

He is a bitter man, who resents both of his adoptive brothers, and their friends with a passion. He wishes them gone, but has no power to do so. In this single thing, neither of his parents will grant his request. It makes for interesting drama throughout Deadly Fetishes. For a character, his personality is weak and selfish. Greed is something he will always struggle with, and his quick-temper is something that gets him into more trouble than gets him out of.

Samuel Cornwall

Looks: Shoulder-length black hair, with blue underneath, with his Mother’s violet eyes. He is tall and lanky, but has a feline quickness about him that even vampires find unsettling. Wear solely black, boots and a trench coat.

Age: 179

Status: Pureblood, blood-son of Corrine and Max. Leader’s protectors. Given patrol as a standard duty.

About Samuel:

He tries to keep his brothers and their top tempers in reign, a difficult job for anyone to accomplish. He is level-headed, and loves a puzzle to keep his mind occupied. He is diligent of his duties, and is forced to pick up the slack for his brothers who’d rather partake in the bounty The RedLine has to offer.

Dante Cornwall

Looks: Shoulder-length black hair, with green underneath, with his Mother’s violet eyes. Dante is the happy medium between his brothers in every way. While he is Goth, it isn’t quite as obvious as Kane.

Age: 150

Status: Pureblood, blood-son of Corrine and Max. Leader’s protectors. Given patrol as a standard duty.

About Dante:

He walks through life without a care, leaving matters for others to deal with. He takes advantage of his familial status, and spends his parent’s fortune with little thought. Being as self-centered as he is has to be against the law somewhere.

Cassandra Demarche

Looks: Black hair and black eyes, tall and a lithe. She takes her Goth persona with serious care. She likes to think of herself as a dominatrix, and it shows.

Age: 407

Status: Pureblood, blood-niece to Max Cornwall. Registered member.

About Cassandra:

She rivals in the life working at a Fetish Club. The entire scene fascinates her. Cassandra tries to be fair and just when fights break out between the blood and the adopted, but she will be loyal to her blood-family until the day she dies. For blood is thicker than water…



Looks: He has white spiky hair, and unnatural turquoise eyes. Exceptionally well built, heavy muscled, and quite tall. He has tribal tattoos scrawled across both arms, and a ruby eyebrow-ring. A thick Southern accent, with Canadian French tilt.

Age: 187

Status: Pureblood. Coven Hunter.

About Marcus:

He was born in Montreal almost two centuries ago, then transferred to Louisiana for about ninety years before moving back to Vancouver and accepting the invitation to join Corrine’s Coven. Throughout his youth he fought the Council viciously, taking one severe punishment after another, turning him bitter, almost unfeeling man. While his unworldly, masculine beauty brings him more attention than any bon-a-fide sex-addict could want, the countless women are no more than toys to him.


Looks: At the beginning of Kelly’s journey into this realm, she is a conservative woman, who has never worn black in her life. With flowing light-brown hair, and blue eyes, she is the shortest vampire around. As her expedition continues throughout the books, she discovers Goth fashion, and slowly begins to assimilate into the fetish scene.

Age: 27

Status: Human Convert. Registered Member.

About Kelly:

Born in One-Hundred Mile, British Columbia Kelly was a small-town, shy girl at heart. Coming equipped with easily induced panic attacks, she stumbles through life in the shadow of her best friend, Sara, also her only family left in the world. Sara is also her Maker.


Looks: Only slightly taller than her best friend, Sara is the epitome of Goth fashion. Her favorite color/shades are red and black, and these bleeds through all of her choices. Having straight black hair, she routinely adds chunks of fire-engine or cherry red. Her almost-metallic caramel eyes are striking, outlined in her trade-mark heavy-handed make-up. For this girl, it’s combat boots, fishnets and a blood-red leather miniskirt.

Age: 27

Status: Human Convert, Gene’s girlfriend in the D/F, Converted by Rogue, Coren. Protective, violent when angered. Outspoken

About Sara:

During Sara’s teenage years, her parents abruptly die, leaving her alone to fend for herself. Only having Kelly’s family for someone to rely on, Sara begins life alone deep in the woods. At least for a while…it doesn’t take long for a local Rogue to spot the easy prey, and snatches the defenseless human. Taking his victim to an abandoned hunting shack, he keeps her in a locked enclosure for almost two years, before she found a way to escape. This trauma haunts her decisions, and colors her views even still, and always will.


Looks: He has longish-black hair, with dark blue-black eyes. Quite tall and sort of lanky.

Age: 32

Status: Human Convert. Coven Hunter.

About Gene:

This is a character that can never decide what he wants, even after he makes a decision. From first sight, he wants Sara. His true possessive nature takes a while to shine through, and what develops from that is even worse. Much like with Kelly, Gene lives under Marcus’s shadow. While human, he is an accountant by day and a play-time Hunter at night. While he’s been raised with vampires his entire life, he is still human and the Cornwalls have to both keep a close leash and eye on him.

Kev (Kevlar) Brandenburg

Looks: He favors Gothic Chic, but tends to stay on a smaller scale than his closest brethren. He sticks to black jeans and t-shirts. Kevlar has dirty blond, shaggy hair, with baby-blue eyes.

Age: 480

Status: Pureblood. Coven Hunter.

About Kevlar:

Born in Germany, Kevlar had learned some harsh lessons at an impressionable age. Views on the world became hideously warped, until all he saw or experienced was violence. His parents bred him, and his brothers solely for the purpose of warriors, keeping them in small barred-cages strung from the ceiling in their throne room until needed. The only time he was permitted to eat was when being let out to kill, which was often, but not enough for a vampire to live with sanity intact. All of this warped every aspect to his personality, until the Cornwall Coven interceded with his fate and brought him to North America, forcing him to either learn to live in proper society, or to be handed over to the Council and death.

Vampire Terminology

For More Information About Deadly Fetishes:

Dear Readers,

In my world, there are many terms and phrases the vampires use. While these are not all of them, they are the most commonly used.

Vocabulary used in the series:

The Curse: The unfeeling, chaotic part of all vampires that is almost like a second consciousness. It has the ability to take over its host at a moment’s notice, to defend itself when provoked to action, but most times lies dormant, and effects very little of their personality. When a vampire commits evil acts, it is the person and not the entity that does it. But it is a powerful source even still, and never to be taken for granted. Most vampires, whether born or made, train their first centuries to strap on as many leashes possible, preventing mishaps that would have the Council declare Roguedom for exposure.

Original Cursed One (first, an Original): Vampire of absolute power, and an entirely different race. They are the firsts, born of hellish fire. Only they fully understand their true origins, sharing this knowledge with very few, and controlling the ones who do. They hide from the modern-day-vampire, the youth that take who and what they are for granted, corrupting everything the firsts had long ago built with a dream for peace with mankind. After two thousand years, their Council had fallen to the worst brand of greedy vampires, who were determined to control their kind, like warped kings among men.

Pureblood: Born vampire of undiluted blood, free of all traces of a human-line. They can trace their bloodline back to the firsts, and Possess a Primary power that always skips a convert.

Purebred: Born vampire with miniscule human blood traces, but still can trace back to a first in their bloodline. Most of the time possesses a Primary power.

Human convert: Considered, and quite frankly is a far inferior race, possessing no Primary powers as they born do, though they possess the born’s secondary power-source; the ability to manipulate energy.

Witch: A human who possesses a miniscule amount of vampire blood. They are not considered vampire in any way, though some retain enough knowledge to know they exist, and to stay away from them. Abilities appear in a vast range of gifts, ranging from ones they don’t even notice, to a significant power (s).

Maker: The vampire who converts a human into their own existence.

Council (the establishment, ruling body): The vampire government who are ‘all powerful’, having the power of life and death over any and every vampire. It is widespread knowledge the authority has gone straight to many councilman’s heads. Greed and corruption split the ruling body into the good, and the bad. The war is continuous and never-ending, affecting all who fall under their rule, but no one but a councilman can do anything about it. Ironic, isn’t it?

Rogue (Roguedom): An illegal vampire, not registered. Any vampire who does not belong to a registered Coven, or breaks any law the Council decrees, the ruling body can sanction their Hunters for the immediate kill.

Hunter: Every Coven has a team of Hunters that are charged to keep their territory safe, as the Council demands. Though, there are times when the grossly untrained vampires cannot catch one (it is up to the Coven, and Leaders to handle it’s own), and the Council Hunters are called in.

Council Hunter: Council employee, strictly trained to solely hunt Rogues. They are greatly feared, almost as much as the Originals themselves, because their training touches every aspect a Rogue can through at them. They are all well-versed in hand-to-hand combat, every major area of magic and beyond. Even the younger generations are more adequately prepared than a far older Rogue, prepping for a fight.

Head of the Hunt: A member of the Coven’s Hunters, put in charge of the missions and makes on-the-fly-decisions when the Handler is out of contact, controlling the other Hunters when on the chase.

Handler: Each mission requires a level-headed Handler, one who is separate from the fight, and the blood which might cloud his or her’s judgement; Leader or Councilman. This is a precaution, in case the Hunters loose control when their Curse/bloodlust takes over, and the Rogue is to be brought in, and not killed.

Leader: Legal enforcer of Council justice, who oversees a smaller group of vampires, which are their sole responsibility. They can be disciplined for their follower’s actions, making many of them harsh and unpredictable.

Coven: A group of vampires (registered Coven members) headed by the Leaders, and tended by the Council closely.

Energy: A raw form used to manipulate into magic.

Magic: Converted energy, used for raw-based spells, or more focused. IE: Healing magic, etc.

Primary Power: A singular power that manifests in only the pureblood and bred vampires. These gifts of power can be a wide range of things, but it always wins out over any other. Converts never possess this type of ability when transformed from one race to the other.

Young-blood: This is a derogatory term, used by the elders mostly when referring to the youth, or any-age convert, who are looked down upon because of their blood-status. The younger generations are known to use it as an insult often, putting more impact behind it than their ancestors, who only intend it as a label.

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E-Book Release Of DEEP WATER LEGENDS, by Kayden McLeod

Genre: Paranormal Science Fiction

Length (Word Count): 18K


E-PUBLISHER: Moongyspy Press

To Buy Kindle E-Book: CLICK HERE


Even a fairytale nightmare can come true, but will anyone believe it?


The ruling body of vampires have let loose their top Hunters to get back an artefact. Their mission: retrieve the Dragon Stone, exterminate the Rogue and rescue the innocent human witch. Once a mission has been sanctioned, there isn’t a way to go back. Fernando was a Council employee and researcher, who stumbled upon a document suggesting a whole other race existed out there somewhere. He was tired of getting laughed at for what he sincerely believed in. No matter what risk lay ahead of him, he would prove his findings real. For his time on earth was ticking. Daphne is a human witch, kidnapped by an eccentric vampire. Scared, trapped in the wilds of Mount Robson, knowing there is danger afoot, Daphne was at centre of it.

Excerpt Three
Rated: PG

He knew a little about Fernando, about how eccentric he was, how much he believed in his convictions. Such strongly felt feelings could be dangerous, and people made rash decisions based on those passions, as Fernando had done.

Calling on his wife’s power over the earth, Arcadia bade the plants and the dirt to tell him their story—what Fernando had done while in their midst. He would believe nothing Fernando said until the lands, which weren’t capable of lying to him, told their part in the tale.

Korbin had to deal with the influx of information all of the time, but not her mate—only when he called for it. The response was immediate, flooding his brain. The feeling of the foreign expansion was a little anxiety inspiring, but after a moment everything clicked into place.

"Arcadia, are you willing to listen, or are you just going to kill me?" Fernando called into the nearly empty darkness.

"Fern..." Arcadia began.

"You know I hate to be called that," Fernando insisted sourly.

Their fellow councilmen had always called him that, both behind his back and to his face. No one respected him, and hadn’t in a very long time. Not since he’d found out about the merones, or had the suspicion about their existence was far more than just a myth.

"I don’t believe you’re in a position to dictate a preference on names." Arcadia’s grin was feral when he emerged from the trees.

His Curse demanded he render the justice of the Council, but something unknown stayed his hand.

Fernando just stared, and the Hunter huffed an annoyed breath at the fanatical gleam in the Rogue’s eyes. If Arcadia allowed it, this would be a long, boring conversation.

It always was with the damned.

The land whispered, telling him of Fernando’s movements and actions. If the information given to him was accurate, and with the earth it always was, then in this case, two plus two didn’t add up to four. Apparently, the answer was…three.

"Speak Rogue, and mind your tongue while you do it. Don’t forget it is against the rules for me to even consider allowing this."

And it was. To permit one to plead their case once charged was an offence of the professional relationship between a Council Hunter and the ones who pulled their chains.

This could result in Arcadia being severely punished, or killed. Or worse. Humanification was the one nightmare on his mind.

Moongypsy Press, showcased on my World Of Paranormal Blog!

Dear Reader,

There is so much happening right now with me, but one of the most exciting is the launch of one of my good friend’s brand-new publishing-house, entitled Moongypsy Press. Foery MacDonell has visions and ideas for this new company that quite simply pleases me to no end, and trust me, it will for you to!

We have a wicked line-up of pending books, three of which were launched yesterday in KINDLE-FORMAT:

Who’s To Blame, By Trent Kinsey

Laird Of The Mist, By Foery MacDonell

Deep Water Legends, By Kayden McLeod

(BUY LINKS are up on my World Of Paranormal Blog)

As well, we have seek-peeks for the up and coming latest from authors like Tabitha Shay, Brian L. Porter, Julie A D’Arcy, and soooo many more! We have Stuff From The Staff coming up for you as well. Diane Rubino will be stopping by tell you what she wants to see in a submission, Tina Burell our Market-Manager coming to tell us what`s coming, and more!

So swing by my World Of Paranormal:

Moongypsy Press will be with us ALL month long! Official Launch is January 25th 2010, but our reader’s group is open now!!!!!

Hope to see you there!


Kayden McLeod

Inside The Devil's Oak, Horror Blog

Dear Reader,

I’m pleased to announce the opening of a new blog brought to you by a friend, and horror-writer, Trent Kinsey, entitled: Inside The Devil’s Oak. Do you like horror? Well then, you’ll love this blog with everything that goes bump in the night…

As well, I will be one of the contributing-author, with my first post: Death’s Design On Humanity. It was inspired by the Final Destination movies. So swing by, there are also a few others posts up, with lots more to come!

Spooky Reading…

Kayden McLeod