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Paranormal and Erotica

Par⋅a⋅nor⋅mal: Pronunciation [par-uh-nawr-muh l]
Use paranormal in a Sentence adjective: of or pertaining to the claimed occurrence of an event or perception without scientific explanation, as psycho-kinesis, extrasensory perception, or other purportedly supernatural phenomena.

E·rot·i·ca: Pronounciation [ĭ-rŏt'ĭ-kə]: literature or art intended to arouse sexual desire.

Welcome to Kayden McLeod’s blog. My name is Dawné Dominique, and I’m a multi-published author, a managing editor, and cover artist. Let’s just say I manage to juggle all these careers rather precariously.

In creating my newest vampire release, Eden’s Hell (the first novel to The First series), one important facet remained constant: my characters needed to be different, vampiric in nature, yes, but with their own unique traits and idiosyncrasies. And although Diary of Daniella Rolfe had initially started this series almost four years ago, and I had already completed Kindred Blood and Crimson Cries (books II and III), I was about halfway finished writing Eden’s Hell when the epiphany struck. Eden’s Hell answers the questions of how, why and who created the vampire race. This novel had to begin my The First series. I make no apologies to the religious undertones used in the novel, as my intention was to make a reader pause and think, “OMG! This could be true.”

Diary of Daniella Rolfe began as a short story contest entry in my writing forum. It was merely chapter sized and written in diary format in first person from a seven centuries old female vampire. I did win the writing contest, but it was the reviews from other writers who had read the short story that made me take it a step further. The many comments I received back all suggested one thing: Make this into a novel.” Thus, The First was born. (N.B. only the first and last chapters of that particular novel are written in first person).

I knew there would be sexual undertones to these novels. For me, vampires are very sensual, dark and extremely sexy. From the hype that this genre has raised through recent movies and television shows, my view is not singular. By introducing “erotica” into the creation of my novels, I had initially panicked, thinking that perhaps it would take away from the main premise of the story. However, this didn’t happen. I had never written in the erotica genre before. I was a straight-up fantasy author (Lord of Rings type of stuff) but as I continued writing, it was inevitable that the “sex” needed to be inserted in order to add further dimensions to my characters.

So, how does one create a novel with a gripping plot, mixed with hinting subplots, where the sex doesn’t become the main focus? You need to write strong characters, create underlying questions for your readers to ask themselves, and include scenery and events that places readers right into the action and, of course, exemplary writing skills. But more importantly, I needed to create complex characters that you know should not be together, but even in real life, love and lust is sometimes more powerful than logic.

Many erotica novels have crossed my desk in the last two and a half years as a managing editor. There is always the distinction made of what is considered “porn” as opposed to “erotica”. For me, the two are quite simple to differentiate. Erotica is based on the premise of romance between complex characters that when you read them, they are not destined to be together, which inevitably creates a compelling plot. As well, there must be sexual tension, and not the act. “Porn” centralizes on characters where the sex is the main premise of the novel. It is a fine line to some, and a huge crater to others. For me, I write who I am, and as I don’t sugarcoat my life, my writing is also a reflection of my personality. The romance/love aspects in my novels are strong, the sex straightforward (no purple prose for this gal), but it’s the intricate plot(s) and sexual tension leading up to the main act(s) that I hope make my stories truly come alive.

Eden’s Hell delves into the beginning of time with Adam and Lillith, his first wife. My main characters, Satrina Vacher, despises the way Addison Eden, her ex-husband, has lived alone, brooding and unhappy over what had happened to them on the shores of the Blood Seas. Addison loathes everything about his ex-wife. It puts a whole new spin on ugly divorces that DO last for an eternity. Addison has failed at love not once, but twice, and he is more than content to live out his days sequestered from the world, and doomed and shackled by his penance of blood and guilt; that is until a mortal woman turns both his and Satrina’s, not to mention the entire Vampire Creed, worlds upside down.

Without giving anything away, I’m told the ending of this novel has rendered a few readers to tears, but I promise that it doesn’t end on an unhappy note.

Dark Diary (II: The First) is scheduled for release next July. This particular novel, and the three that follow, centralizes on Daniella Rolfe and Aiden Blackmore, a Kirkland City detective. Through this entire series, I take the readers to America, England, Russia, Egypt and Spain.

Kindred Blood (III: The First) introduces Spencer Dalton, an American private investigator living in England, and Sanehet, an Egyptian demigod, who is also Daniella’s father. There’s a torrid past involved with Sanehet and Daniella. You also meet some rather demented vampires, who kidnap Aiden in order to ensnare Daniella;

Crimson Cries (IX: The First) introduces Palladin Sandalio, a 1600 year old vilkacis (Latvian for “werewolf”), and The Nuasiar Nine, a fanatical group created during the Crusades, who hunt and destroy all creatures of the night, including the vilkacis race;

Nightstalker (X: The First) introduces Zane Black, a Vietnam vet, and a rather young vamp with extraordinarily strong powers, but he’s reduced to a mere mortal in comparison to Darian Duncan, a pediatric cardiac surgeon, who doesn’t know she's dead. Zane is a very successful erotic author, writing under a woman’s penname. I had a lot of fun with his character.

Along The First journey, you will meet Damien Ranier, an insane vampire, Connor Talbot and certain members his family, who have helped Daniella move from century to century. There is also Kon, Teanna and Kiernan, evil vampires at their finest, and a host of humans. The final novel, Nightstalker, brings all my First vampire characters into a catalytic finale.

If you’re looking for a unique take on the vampire lore that includes historical annotations, erotic interludes, sexual tension, love lost and gained, blood and adventure, I urge you to pick up a copy of Eden’s Hell and begin the journey into The First’s world. Available through Amazon and Purple Sword Publications:

Thank you, Kayden. It’s been an absolute pleasure and honor to be invited here today.

Dawne, thank you so much! It was such a pleasure to have you with us today. I loved reading about your world, and look forward to more. *Hugz*



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The Release of Unknown Worlds

Dear Reader,

I’m pleased to announce the release of Sara’s Story, Book Two: Unknown Worlds. It was an awesome book to write, and I loved doing the research into the Marquesan culture, blending what I’d learned into the story I’d created.
Sara travels to an unknown world, to a place most of us can only fantasize about. And she can’t resist the pleasure and wonder it holds. Can you?


Sara finds herself in a new world, an all-vampire community that at first seems like a picturesque scene of self-indulgent paradise, but soon she learns there’s an underbelly to this place of sun and sex. Having been a captive of a vampire’s insanity, she finds herself drawn towards two very compelling slaves who reside on the island, raising many buried memories for her, and igniting a mental agony she can’t ignore for long. There is ancient magic is afoot, presenting to her a whole new set of problems she’d never signed up for. Sara doesn’t know it quite yet, but fate has interceded and changed has her destiny from being just another Hunter, into so much more.

Where to find it:

Sara's Story, Book Two: Unknown Worlds

Happy Reading...

Kayden McLeod

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First Expirence at Voting....

Hey Readers!!!!

Cold Epipihanies is up for at vote at Mistress Bella's Halloween Writing Contest. There are soo many wicked enteries, give them a read. If you like mine, then please vote:

This is a Flash Fiction about Marcus and Kelly, from Deadly Fetishes



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Ginger Simpson, and the E-Publishing World

Hey Readers,

Please welcome Ginger Simpson to my blog today, to discuss our world. No, not the Paranormal one. Come on, I know that’s what you were thinking, lol. There are many parts to the world of E-publishing; setbacks, goals and relationships we cultivate over our chosen paths into the literary realm. Ginger will be getting into some of them, and after reading it, I know she is at least speaking my mind as well as her own.


I’d like to thank Kayden for raising an interesting question about the pros/cons of the e-book industry. I’ve been published with internet companies since 2003, and although that seems like a long time in dog years, the industry is still in its infancy. Why? I would like to preface the following conclusions by owning them. These are strictly my own opinions and experiences:

The number of techno-smart people are very young. Ipods, Iphones, new and improved video games and machines all reach out to this generation, and sales soar for the things they enjoy. Let’s face it…when you were a teenager or in your early twenties, did it occur to you how wonderful it would be to own something that allowed you to download a book? I don’t think so.

Secondly, for those who do enjoy reading, books are a comfort item. People have gotten used to holding something in their hands and actually turning pages. Garnering enthusiasm for something that obliterates what someone has grown to love is never easy. Add in the stigma attached to e-book: the bad press caused by companies that weren’t serious about making their mark in the publishing world, and you have a big reason why e-books have been slow on the uptake.

Face it, tons of Americans sit in front of their computer all day long, so the last thing they want to do is plant themselves there at night and read a book. Hand held readers are still very expensive, and old dogs don’t like new tricks. Of course, in the example I used above for Ipods, etc, young pups are always eager to explore. *smile*

I wonder if one day, schools might not realize the value in doing away with all the textbooks and putting everything on a handheld reader. Doing that would save millions used for purchasing books, do away with the need for lockers, and certainly improve the posture of all those back-pack toting teens. But then you’re messing with history, again, and people tend to growl when you do that.

I think small press has done wonders in overcoming the stigma that they will publish anything submitted to them. Competition has grown very keen, and rejections are an everyday occurrence. There are still some publishing companies who will accept everything sent them, because they hope to make up in quantity what they lack in quality. The shame: they’ve tarnished the reputation of those houses that have a good editorial staff in place and want to present the best of the best for their readers. The reality: They don’t have a good reputation, and legitimate authors avoid them like the plague.

For years, New York has been the hub of the publishing world, but now, even they are beginning to see value in POD (print on demand) books. Small publishers choose this route because most are small-scale, even run out of private homes, and there is no room for stocking multiple copies of their authors’ works. Plus, small operating budgets don’t allow for large print runs. In fact, to save overhead costs, many don’t offer print at all, but hope that “downloads” will continue to grow in popularity. With the economy plummeting and paper costs rising, you’ll find more NY authors offered on along with e-published authors. The sad thing for our industry: as NY authors move into the forefront of our “turf,” we are also seeing a swing in promotion. With Barnes & Noble recent takeover of Fictionwise, you’ll note that most of the advertisement on their home page has shifted to the well-known names. Not fair!

Promotion continues to be the number one requirement for sales, and in internet publishing, all the expense and time falls on the shoulders of the author. People can’t buy what they don’t know about, and as e-pubbed writers who don’t enjoy the benefit of advances and promotional help, we often are stymied about what to do next. I blog, maintain a website, have my own pages on several author sites, belong to other mega-groups, loops, have author days, participate in interviews, have my books reviewed… I pretty much do whatever I think might help my sales climb, but unfortunately I’m still struggling to find the money to pay for my own promotional endeavors. In the first year alone, I spent over three thousand dollars to establish my website, attend a conference, purchase promotional items and copies of my own books. The return on my investment was disappointing, and it hasn’t gotten much better despite my continued great reviews and encouragement from my peers and fans.

But, I don’t know the answers. To me the big PRO is that internet publishing keeps you humble and you make awesome friends. The CON, in my opinion, continues to be the return on the time and effort I invest, the lack of recognition by those who don’t value our industry, and, despite all my accomplishments, feeling a need to achieve that one final goal that puts a print copy of my work in a REAL store. I feel guilt for wanting to be a print author in a download world. Despite feeling defeat at times, I remind myself that while I may not be raking in the bucks, if I count the many friends who struggle along with me, urge me onward and support what I do, then I really, really am a millionaire. And, as the old cigarette commercial geared for women used to say, “You’ve come a long way, baby.”

Thank you Ginger, a pleasure as always!


Kayden McLeod

To visit Ginger Simpson:

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New way to get your copy of Sara's Story

Hey Readers!

Not liking reading Sara's Story on my website? Well, I thought of a new way to get it!
Get your own E-Book copy, from

Keeping the prices low: $2.50 US currency per e-book

I'm debating on doing the print thing as well...but let's see how this one does first, tehe.

AS ALWAYS: you can read it FOR FREE:

But, I've been asked a few times now for access to an e-book they can purchase/download, and a friend recommended this great way to do just that. Also, I would love to know what you think of this new venture!

BTW!!!!! I finally have my first review on this book. Here's where you can find it:

Happy Reading...

Kayden McLeod

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The Truth about Vampires, by Joel

Hey Readers!

Welcome Joel! He is a fellow Erotica writer, and I've asked him to give us his view on vampires. He has studied mythology from all over the world, and I assure you, nothing really is quite as it seems...


The Truth about Vampires

When we think about Vampires we automatically think of charismatic, neck biting, seductive vampires who live in grand Gothic Mansions, who are pale and gaunt, although may have diamond like skin. Most of the modern Vampire mythology is however wrong, propagated largely by the famous novel by Bram Stoker.

The original view of vampires was vastly different than that of today's views. Vampires where merely people who rose from their graves at night to feed upon the blood of people and livestock in an effort to cling to life. Tales of the dead craving after blood can be found in almost every culture around the world, and interestingly there are many similarities between the stories, even between cultures that supposedly had no contact.

The tales of vampirism date back to ancient times, and can be found in early Babylonian demonology as Lilu (later adopted into Jewish mythology as Lilitu), and some say, arguably, that an even earlier reference to vampirism, may be found with the Akhkharu of Sumerian mythology. It was at a time believed that “vampires” were spirits or demons that possessed the corpses of the deceased and carried out their quest for blood in the dark of night. However after the advent of Christianity, the mythology began to evolve. Suddenly people who committed suicide, sorcerers, witches, even criminals were susceptible to becoming vampires after death.

Vampire lore varied from culture to culture, however there were some consistencies with the mythologies. For example, contrary to popular belief, vampires are neither gaunt nor pale, their victims became so however, the vampires themselves looked fit and healthy and no different to any other person. (this was once how grave diggers identified vampires, especially amongst children, after three years they would exhume the remains and see if the corpse still looked healthy, if it was, it got a stake to the heart). That is one thing that modern mythology has not changed much, and that is how to kill a vampire. Either a decapitation, stake through the heart, or burning the body completely was said to work.

One thing about vampires that has been left out by modern mythology that can be found in all vampire lore globally, is the fact that vampires actually seemed to have a touch of obsessive compulsive disorder, one way to stop a vampire, or escape rather, was to leave a broom of bag of rice in it's path, it would have to stop and count the bristles or grains. Other common ways to fend of vampires, excluding crucifixes, holy water and garlic (which only came about with christianity) is sunlight, an aloe-vera plant, or sacred plants such as the Hawthorn plant or wild rose. Another commonality between vampire lore is the fact that vampires fed upon blood, either through the neck, or through the stomach, they also sometimes ate the flesh, something that modern mythology seems to have forgotten.

It is easy to see the evolution of vampire mythology from demon-like spirits possessing corpses and feeding upon flesh and blood, to seductive, charming, erotic, immortal beings. But the truth about vampires is much more dark than the current Hollywood fantasy, and the question of whether or not vampires actually exist can not be answered until we actually know what it is that we are looking for, obviously the evidence left behind by a Gothic vampire would be much different to the evidence left behind by a more ancient type of vampire.

To find out more about Joel, check out his website. Free Short Stories, Erotic Reviews, and more

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New Ideas

Hey Readers,

I’ve been finding myself busier and busier as it gets closer to the release of Jezebel’s article. I get more and more ideas, until I’m not able to keep up with them all. But, it’s so much fun. I hope you all enjoyed the Halloween Contests (which are still going on by the way, until October 31). I’m thinking either next month, or possibly December I will be making a new one.
The ‘Perfect Man’ Contest. In 500 words or less, could you tell me your perfect man? But that will be coming soon.
On to what I have for you today! I re-did my book video, so have a look and I hope you enjoy it.


Kayden McLeod

Friday, October 16, 2009

A Short Halloween Story...

Dear Readers,

I wrote a quick Halloween Flash Fiction, hope you enjoy!


Cold Epiphanies

The darkness of this night was eternal, always everlasting on Halloween. The veil between the worlds is lowered, and ghosts have free rein in our world to create chaos and mischief where they pleased.

It was a time when all kinds of things could happen.

But our concern wasn’t what caused havoc from the other world, but our own. What already lived here, year-round.

A small group of humans had been having a party, never knowing they’d invited a Rogue vampire in, one who’d been on the run from us. He was hungry from the chase, only seeing dinner, and laid perimeter spells at every door and window, locking them inside with no chance of escape.

He’d broken almost every conciliate law when he revealed himself to them for what he was. Chaos had burst forth, their flight or fight reflex kicking in, with no chance of survival.

By the time we’d arrived, four out of seven humans were already dead. It wasn’t in our power to bring them back, not like we could with our own. If we’d been minutes later- well you get the drift.

Because of that fact alone, we rushed in headstrong in an attempt to save what little we could.
Holly had broken the spells without preamble, instantly alerting the criminal to our arrival, and giving him time to escape through the backdoor.

And the chase was on.

For whatever insane reasons that were in my head at the time, I’d gone along on my first real hunting trip, even though my mate had begged me not to.

I could handle it. Couldn’t I?

But those were my thoughts then, and certainly not now.

Thankfully the pounding rain had finally bled into a bare trickle of frigid liquid, spilling into the perfidious water that had been calm only moments before.

“Marcus!” I shrieked loudly.

“I’m trying, Kelly.” Marcus stressed, again. His unusual turquoise eyes were lit with fierce perseverance.

He pulled uselessly at the rope, but it was unresponsive to both of us.

I’ll never ask to go on a hunt again. What the hell had I been thinking.

I had thought I could do this, tending to forget that while Sara and I were practically sisters, we were nothing alike. Our pasts were on two separate sides of the scale, and there was a very good reason why she could track Rogues so proficiently, and deal with the repercussions of such a job.
Sara would’ve found a way out of this predicament. Me? I was terrified, near tears, which tore Marcus up in ways I never would’ve willingly done otherwise.

The others had gone after the Rogue, and Marcus had taken me towards the river in an attempt to cut him off. He’d bid me stay while he materialized across to the other side.

Being alone, with the heavy rain and concealing night had creeped me out. Of course with me being me, I’d decided to create a dingy to cross the river, not feeling safe at all. At any moment the Rogue could’ve showed right behind me-I wouldn’t have stood a chance.

I’d manifested a tiny rubber craft, and Marcus hadn’t been paying enough attention to stop me.

At least until I screamed.

At some point during the hunt, the outlaw had bewitched the rain-swollen river, making it boil in a very unstable expanse of H20. The spell was far past my abilities to unravel, and considering it wasn’t triggered until I was about halfway, it was already too late.

Now, my previously nice, safe boat tossed and turned violently, twenty feet from shore, and my only salvation.

He’d tossed me a manifested rope, but at the water’s first touch, it began to fray like it was bathed in acid. The rope threatened to give at any moment, which would send me on a horrifying journey with no way to save myself.

I should’ve listened to Marcus when he’d begged me to stay home tonight, but like he normally did when I was insistent; he’d caved, thinking it would be a manageable Rogue to hunt.

“Well, try harder!” I screamed when a geyser-like wave exploded to my right, upsetting the frail rubber craft, until I was almost sideways.

With every passing moment, the water around me frothed and swelled more. The spell was working towards a peak, and we both knew I had to be out of the water before it was reached.

“I thought you said this was a nice river? You told me this was safe.” I requisitioned in a small voice, my normally steel-strong trust in Marcus waning under the pressure.

In my head, I knew this was my fault. But aloud? It was all on Marcus. I never claimed to have rationale when in such situations.

“You wanted adventure, love. I live only to serve you, and give you what you ask,” he said between clenched teeth.

The rope was wrapped around his thick forearms that bulged when he tried to yank it towards him with no avail. His frustration and panic just scared me more.

Which meant; going down river was entirely too possible, and that wasn’t an option I cared to consider right now.

“Oh, you’re in so much trouble when we get home, if you even get me to land first!” I yelled, holding on for dear life. “Can vampires drown?”

“No, love. I’ve told you that.” He reminded me.

“Then why are you freaking out?” I demanded.

Marcus ignored me, beginning to frantically whisper under his breath in some last ditch effort. He knew so much more about spell work than I did.

We knew from the briefing, the vampire was older and more powerful everyone but Holly and Ryder, who were in charge of this mission, and weren’t anywhere near enough to help us.

But the possibility of victory was ever-present, though very unlikely.

Our only hope was for him to re-set the trigger before the rope’s last leg was up, and the lone prevention of my own demise would be gone. Totally breaking the spell wasn’t an option for either of us.

“I’m getting close cher. Stay calm, please.” Marcus assured in a thickly sweetened voice I would cherish in almost any other situation.

In other words; stay calm, because you’re driving me to insanity.

He switched to yet another language, the words slow and deliberate as he sought to find the key.

Please don’t let me die for this stupidity. If my life has to end, couldn’t it be for a good reason?

While Marcus worked, the tension on the rope solidified, and the dingy began to move towards land. Success!

And then another geyser exploded just in front of me.

My dingy tipped so unexpectedly, I hadn’t retained a good enough grip. My lungs filled with the icy-coldness of the river, the shock paralysing me.

Water whooshed around me, the swift unforgiving movements of the treacherous currents stealing my energy while I was tossed helplessly left and right.

After a long dire moment of not knowing how to get to the surface, a body jumped into the water with me. Strong, comforting arms closed around me.

And my anger immediately flared.

What’d you jump in for? Now we can’t get out of the water. You will…

Die? Love, you know if you go on to the next life, there’s no choice but to go with you. He chastised softly, never regretting any of the harsh decisions he’d made to get us to this time and place. Plus, give me a little credit. I found the trigger to the spell on the rope. Just let me think about the water spell for a moment.

Even with the tense wait, he was with me in this horrible mess. And true to his word, and after several more tries, the rapids calmed minutely. I had no idea what had worked in the end, but honestly I didn’t care.

We broke the surface, and he began to drag me to shore. Even as a vampire, my body was sore from fighting the strong current.

If I had the energy, I would’ve kissed the beautiful, welcome shore. As it was, we collapsed on the grass.

I waited for Marcus to yell at me for not listening, at least some reprimand, but it never came. No matter how badly I screwed up, he never did.

Staring up at the overcast sky, the raindrops ironically began to fall from above once more. Lightening flashed in the distance, illuminating the tips of the trees on all sides.

The river eventually settled, the spell moving into a stationary status, until Holly had time to remove it completely.

“Never again.” Marcus murmured. His white-blond hair was a soaked mess when he turned his enchanting timeless face to meet mine. “You will not hunt anymore, love. There’ll won’t any talking me into it next time.”

“Yea, I agree.”

I might argue my case more often than not, but now there was more than enough proof to know I didn’t belong on these particular adventures. All of my brothers, my Leaders had bade me to stay away from this particular duty for the Council, and none of it had affected me.

But this had, in a way none of them could’ve ever dreamed. Reality really was a bitch.

“It isn’t often you give in this easily.” Marcus mused, shaking his head in exasperation. “Maybe I should allow you to be scared more often.”

Holly filled our minds, and I ground my teeth at his amused laughter when he read the situation. He had one weird sense of humour.

The Rogue is now in the Council’s possession. Everyone can come back in. Holly instructed. I knew you wouldn’t care for this, little sister. You’re as stubborn as Sara, but you don’t have her strength. And Marcus is right, this was a first, and a last for you.

Yea, yea. I huffed indignantly. It won’t happen again. I get it.

The lesson was thoroughly learned.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Halloween Contest # 2

Hello Readers!

Do you want to win an e-book copy of Sara’s Story, Book One: Suspicious Circumstances? Great! Then you’re in the right place. There are two contests running right now. For Contest # 1, it’s in the next post after this. Answer one of the two Halloween Contest Questions, and e-mail your answers.

Halloween Contest #2:

Take the ‘If You Were A Vampire’ Quiz. Are you an A B or C vampire? Copy and paste your result at the end, and email it to me for your chance to win! Or, you can post a comment with your e-mail address and answer to enter!
E-mail me with CONTEST in the subject line, please:

CONTEST closes October 31 2009, with several draws!

Good Luck….

Kayden McLeod

If You Were A Vampire…

1) You see a human in an alley alone. It’s dark, the shadows stretching in every direction to lend the dangerous feel. The human’s heart is pumping erratically, their pulse pounding in your ears. You’re hungry, and there’s no one else in sight. You:

a. Run in the other direction, and find an animal to feed on. You’ve never attempted to take human blood before, no matter how hungry you are.
b. Stalk him slowly, every thought methodical when you strike for the ‘little drink’. There’s no reason to kill him, you're just looking for a quick bite.
c. After a psychotic break you come to, wondering why there’s a dead body lying at your feet. You shrug, and move on to the next form of entertainment from these measly cattle.

2) Another powerful vampire comes into your territory, and is killing the surrounding humans. The police are beginning to suspect something too close to home, and worries begin to leak in. Every hour brings the rival closer to your hunting grounds. You:

a. Look around for someone else to fight her.
b. Pick up the closest weapon, and try to make yourself as ‘big’ as possible.
c. Smile sadistically, and show her exactly why every other smart vampire stays far away from your city. You make an example out of her, showing any other rival they better stay away. Grave consequences just don’t cover it.

3) As a creature of the night, your fav vamp flick is:

a. Twilight
b. Blade
c. 30 Days of Night

4) Your vamp role model is:

a. Angel, from Buffy (while he still had a soul)
b. Anne Rice’s Lestat
c. Dracula (You really didn’t think I’d make a quiz about vamps, without the big guy? lol)


If you answered mostly a’s:
You drink donated nourishment from a blood bank out of a crystal goblet, trying to imagine it’s an old, slightly-warped vintage of wine. Hiding among humanity, you have many human friends, and no one would ever guess what you are. You may or may not resent your existence, but it definitely worries you.

If you answered mostly b’s:
Life is good. You’re neither too bad, nor too good. You have balance, and you know what your limits are. You don’t take advantage of your extraordinary nature, but you won’t hesitate to strike out either for food or to defend what is rightfully yours.

If you answered mostly c’s:
Nothing messes with you. Your top dog in the vamp world, because you’ve proven your worth. You will not hesitate to feed, fight or kill without thought. When the sun drops past the landscape, it’s your time to shine. Garlic, crosses, holy water…what are those, to someone like you?

Friday, October 2, 2009

Halloween Contest, to win your copy of Book One of Sara's Story

Hello Trick Or Treaters!!!

In celebration of both All Hallows Eve,
and my ‘remastering’ of Suspicious Circumstances, I’m holding a month long contest! Draws will be held until October 31 2009, and the winners will be notified!
How do you enter? Great question!
E-mail me at:
Must be Eighteen or older to enter

Please, put CONTEST in the subject line, and answer either of these questions:

1) What is your favourite part of Halloween?

2) What is your favourite monster; vampire, ghost, shifter, other? Any why?

Be sure to check out the ‘History of Halloween’ series of blog

Look forward to reading your answers!

Kayden McLeod