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The Real Price Of Wanting To Be Different…

Dear Readers,

I know I have been rather quiet on the blog-front as of late, hehe. My most recent obsession of the past few months is getting “the next book out”. I have become rather selective about so many things, and because of this, in a way, I have found the price of striving to be different. And in doing so, it has come back to bit me in the butt.

I am rather determined to write my way; yet still as close to commonly-accepted confines of writing a manuscript intended for publication, as I possibly can.

I remember some years ago, reading strictly third-person-POV paranormal romances and the like…until a friend handed me Laurell K Hamilton, right before I decided to take my very first book (which was first-POV from the get-go), and actually write on an on-going basis, instead of just once or twice a year while I wasn’t painting, drawing or whatever other artistic endeavour that caught my fancy.

This woman inspired me with her prose and vivid details in a way few very authors had. But then again, this was back when I had no idea just how hard it was to market and sell a first-POV novel, let alone the multitude of WIP’s I have collected in the past years. In the time between when I picked up serious-writing, and the publication of my first books Jezebel’s Article and thenDeadly Fetishes, I had written two-separate series and various single titles, all in first-POV, with the exception of Deep Water Legends.

Perhaps if I had researched a bit more, I wouldn’t have been so stubborn on this matter, as publishers generally prefer third, and not first. But then again, I will always remember Laurell K Hamilton; an excellent writer, one who is wonderfully successful. Several times now, when I was unsure about my writing, I think of her, and a surge of renewed determination fills me.

But determination in finding a publisher who both does print as well as e-book, and is willing to review first and the rest of my oddities (like choosing the hero for POV, and not heroine, too much passive voice as the series progresses, etc) has been difficult.

I have two books right now in the submission-process at a few places at a time, but my focus has changed as the rejections for these reasons come in. Some have asked me to rewrite, and I did…to a point. I am incredibly stubborn about some of it, but that is my fault and no one else’s, lol.

So, I have decided to take a sort-of-break. While continuing my search, I feel it has been too long since I have something concrete to show for my efforts. Now I know Sara’s Story, Book Three, Breaching Loyalty was supposed to be out earlier this year, but the former has consumed all of my attention.

What I loved most about writing Sara, besides the fact that she is a favourite of mine, was I could write it how I wanted it. There are no rules, and I can go wherever my muse and imagination take me. While the series is ménage/erotica, it is still paranormal. I have mixed so many different genres in this, more than any other (which is why it will always stay a free-series). I actually consider it my “writing-outlet”. I love that I can touch on various parts of my world my to-date-publications haven’t, but the WIP’s sitting on the backburner do. Book Three allowed me to step away, and just write.

I know this sounds simple, but it means the world to me to create, something that nags me if I spend too much time not creating.

I am heading into draft-two, after changing the storyline I stalled in late last year, and just picked it up again last few weeks ago. The ideas for this series just keep springing up all over the place, and I am amazed at the way this story took off on me. I am genuinely excited and eager to share this next instalment with you.

I am having the covers redone, except the cover for this particular book. Dawné Dominique has begun overhauling them, and Trent Kinsey will be handling the layout/production of the new e-book upon competition, which will have Books One through Three; redone, reedited and complied!

I’d love to give you a proper release-date for this, but as I am obsessive, and this will not go through the rigorous and professional-editing process, so I cannot say how many drafts it is about to go through before I can put it into distribution with a clear conscious, that it is the very best I could do!

Cheers, and Happy Friday



Sara’s Story, Book Three; Breaching Loyalty

Excerpt (not-edited)

“Sara, what do you want to do?” Max inserted, earning a glare from his mate. He didn’t even flinch, even though energy buzzed, suggesting he had gained a “metaphorical” earful.

“If it will put Loren’s mind to rest in his absence, then I will go.” I replied, but finished in my head regardless of futility. And I don’t need anyone to protect me.

You mean too much to us not to have it otherwise, Adoniia promised.

“Yea, yea.” I muttered under my breath.

He caught my free hand and drew it down to his level. His crystallized-blue eyes, bored into mine.

“You will stay safe for us.” He said quietly, but there was a very real threat there.

“Of course.” How could I possibly argue with him when there was already so much on his mind?

I wouldn’t let anything happen to him, my love. Loren promised. You will go to our house in the interior.

My head turned to see Keoni looking coldly determined. “I don’t know how to fight either.” He whispered.

“It’s easy.” I stuttered. “Close your fist and throw it. No rules, everything goes.”

“I do know how to fight. Holly and Marcus made sure of it a long time ago. Ryder takes me to classes all of the time.” Carl drawled.

“That’s true.” Marcus concurred from the corner.

Loren’s throat rumbled quietly. Things were still…tense between Carl and him, though nothing had happened in the past month since Carl’s conversion.

I didn’t know how long that would last.

“Is that satisfactory?” Gregory asked.

“It will have to be.” Loren grunted back.

“You have fifteen minutes.” Canya sighed. “They will come for you…”

“I know.” He said from between clenched teeth. “This isn’t the first time.”

History really did repeat itself.

He turned to me with a mixture of unbridled fury and hatred in his eyes. Suddenly, he yanked me to my feet and pulled me out of the study and into the solitude of the hallway.

“So help me…” He stopped, leaning against the wall with the weight of the world on his shoulders. “Don’t get hurt. No matter what, I want you in one piece and perfectly healthy when I return.”

“Baby, you know I won’t do a thing until you get home.” I tried to smile, but what I ended up with didn’t feel happy and content.

Not that faking it would ever do any good.

“I know your intentions are good,” He pulled me closer to him and I let him. His hands rested on my back, but I knew they were clenched tightly, “but you’ll never hesitate to get into trouble.”

“Yea, you know me.” I sighed.

“Almost as well as you know yourself.” His lips pressed on mine, and it only took seconds for the desperate passion to explode.

My body melted into his, pressing him back against the wall. He arms lifted me and clutched me to his chest.

I wasn’t startled when a hand ran up my back, even though I hadn’t been consciously aware of him. Loren placed me on my feet, and I was immediately swept into Adoniia’s arms.

His head buried into my hair, and tears sprung in my eyes. My heart clenched painfully and it felt like my stomach had dropped out of me.

“I’ll miss you.” He mumbled. “I don’t want to go.”

“I don’t want you to either.” I breathed.

Loren watched us with concealing bland interest. He wouldn’t dare show me what he was actually feeling, even now.

“We have to leave now.” Loren’s voice broke. “I suggest you take your convert and Keoni to the house now. The spells are thick, and there shouldn’t be anything able to penetrate it.”

“When did you do that?” Keoni asked, rounding the corner.

“A few hours ago while you were being prepped by Corrine and Max.” Loren replied.

Adoniia shuddered when I stepped away from him.

What would happen to us?


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