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Interview with Berengaria Brown

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Please welcome fellow author Berengaria Brown, who is dropping by for an interview and talk about her two Silver Publishing novellas....

Interview for Berengaria Brown

1) Why did you choose Erotic Romance and Ménage as your genre and subgenre of choice? Are there other genres you have or want to write?

Erotic romance has been my guilty pleasures for some years, so since I like reading it so much, it seemed logical to try writing it.

I find ménage really intriguing; the idea of having two men touching, teasing, tasting a woman at once. If one pair of hands, and one mouth, can bring pleasure how much more exciting would four hands and two mouths be!

I also have two lesbian erotic romances coming out this year and a male/male Halloween werewolf shifter story. And I even have a published one man/one woman story. Since I like to read all different things, it’s not surprising I write a lot of different genres too, but most of my books are MMF ménage.

2) What inspires you to make a M/F vs a M/M? And how do these two different types of writing styles differ for you?

The characters dictate what their HEA will be: another woman, another man, a ménage. Writing two women or two men means getting right inside their heads. Men and women think differently, have different aims and feel differently about things. With ménage it’s important to know how the two men feel about a woman joining them. Or how the couple feels about including another man in the case of Rowena’s Ghostly Ménage.

3) Within Chinese Love Triad, the lead’s name is Eden. Can you tell us a little more about her?

Eden was ridiculed and emotionally abused by her ex because she is overweight. Now she is free of him and has done what she always wanted to do: travel to China on vacation. She has also dyed her hair bright purple. ALL her hair.

Booking the trip has helped her regain some self-confidence. Meeting Zeb and Bryce takes her farther along the road to accepting herself for who she truly is: a little overweight, but an adventurous, caring and intelligent woman, more than capable of loving and satisfying two hunky men.

4) In Rowena’s Ghostly Ménage, Jabez is trying to gain energy from the lead’s erotic encounters within the warehouse, where they search for the dead man’s inventory. What spurs this character to siphon the energy, and how does he use it?

At first Jabez just comes close to watch Rowena and Nate in hopes of gaining enough energy to tell them about his inventory and help his descendents. But then he realizes the possibility of gaining enough energy to finally go into the light. That takes a lot of sexual energy. Nate is more than happy to provide it by loving Rowena!

5) How did you get into writing, and what inspired you to write fiction?

I started writing because I had run out of books to read and was waiting for my favorite authors to write something new. I finished a book and sent it off to a publishing house. Then I found I was enjoying it the writing, and my auto-buy authors still hadn’t published new books. I hadn’t heard back from the publisher I’d sent my first book to. I thought maybe I should wait to hear back so the editor’s comments would help me write better, but then decided to write a second book, which I sent to a second publisher, then a third book.

That meant I had several books accepted and released in quick succession, which started my writing career off with a blast. And I kept writing.

6) What do you hope your readers take away from your stories?

My heroines are ordinary people with faults or things they see as faults. Yet they all find someone who loves them for who they are; faults, problems and all. Everyone deserves a happy ending. I want readers to believe they will have one too. Love makes everything possible.

7) When reading; which authors do you pick up and why?

I have auto-buys, authors I have been reading for a long time and enjoy. But I also scroll through publisher websites looking at covers, reading blurbs and websites. Also, I enjoy the excerpts on chat loops and that makes me take notice of new-to-me authors.

I insist on a happy ending. There is enough sadness in the world, without reading about it in fiction as well. I read all kinds of romance, sweet, mainstream, erotic and downright kinky.

8) What are three random facts about you the readers wouldn’t know about?

I am a very ordinary person with a day job that pays the bills

I like roses

I adore chocolate

Rowena's Ghostly Menage


Paranormal Romance

Menage, Horror


Jabez Winton has been dead since 1920 but he can't go into the light until he settles a few things with his descendants. In order to be heard, he needs energy and when Rowena and her boyfriend, Nate, enter the old warehouse on an errand, Jabez sees his chance.

The couple is searching for Jabez Winton's inventory but Nate can't keep his hands off Rowena. After having sex on the table and against the shelves, the energy produced is enough to allow Jabez to speak to the pair. He's able to tell them where the inventory list can be found, yet that doesn't allow him to move into the light. When Nate comes up with the idea for a ghostly menage, Rowena is the one who will decide Jabez's fate.

Chinese Love Triad







“Chinese Love Triad” a five star review. She said, “. I read it all in one sitting. It is that amazing.” -- Stephanie, of Book Reviews R Us


Eden is a big, beautiful woman whose ex constantly ridiculed her because of her size. Now she's a free woman and headed to China for an extended vacation but while waiting for her flight she meets two handsome men, only to lose sight of them as the plane boards. Fortunately, one of them finds her while in-flight and they make plans to meet up later. Zeb and Bryce are best friends. When they meet Eden, both want her and hope she'll be amenable to dating them both. After a day of sightseeing the trio go back to the men's hotel room and Eden discovers a side of herself she's never before experienced.

Chinese Love Triad, Excerpt:

Warning, this is an adult ménage excerpt

Bryce leaned down and whispered in her ear. “We spent most of the rest of the flight thinking of what we would like to do with you. Are you willing to play?”

“Yes,” Eden replied firmly. “I definitely want to play with you. Both of you.

“Good,” he replied. “You turn us both on. Very much.” He leaned into her allowing her to feel his hard cock against her butt.

Eden’s breath caught and her pulse increased. I turn them on? Me? I’m capable of turning on two totally delicious men?


They followed the crowd from the gate toward baggage claim and customs, but Bryce twisted his head in every direction as if he were looking for something.

“There!” He steered her toward the far side of the concourse.

Tucked between the men’s and women’s restrooms was a door marked with the family restroom symbol.

“Thank God!” Zeb added as he pushed open the door to make sure the room was empty. The men dropped their luggage, locked the door and backed Eden against the wall almost in one movement. Zeb leaned in to kiss her deeply, while Bryce took her carry-on and jacket and dropped them with his things. Then, as Zeb deepened his kiss and pushed his tongue into her mouth, Bryce ran his hands down her body, across her hot, hard nipples and down her belly to her cunt.

Eden moaned into Zeb’s mouth, sucking on his tongue as she pressed her aching breasts against his chest.

Bryce unzipped her jeans and pulled them down, then his fingers slid inside her panties, through the curls around her pussy and deep into her slit.

“Shit, she’s hot and wet,” he told Zeb. “And look, her pussy hair is purple, too. Now that’s really something!”

Zeb lifted his mouth from Eden’s and said, “Brilliant! First, let’s get this top off.” He pulled her T-shirt over her head and unsnapped her bra.

Bryce left his two fingers deep in her cunt while he pulled off her panties one-handed, then reached up to run a hand over her nipples. Eden shivered with intense feelings, as lust shot through her body. She wanted these men. She needed to come. She couldn’t think past the need to be fucked. Right now.

“Fuck me, please. I need you both so much,” she whispered.

Bryce rummaged around in his carry-on and handed a foil packet to Zeb. He dropped his pants and rolled a condom over his reddened cock, which eagerly rose from its nest of dark brown hair. He sat on the facilities, pulled Eden onto his lap and slid deep into her hungry cunt with a sigh. Eden sighed, too. She felt like she had been waiting for this moment for weeks rather than hours.

Bryce gripped her hips firmly and pushed into her. He pulled her onto his cock filling her completely. His hand rested possessively on her hips.

Zeb’s pants were around his ankles, as he squatted and leaned against her back, his cock resting between her butt cheeks. Zeb’s hands moved around her body to draw her against him. He grasped a breast firmly in each hand, letting his fingers play over her beaded nipples.

The sensations of four hands on her hot, needy skin cranked Eden’s heart rate up and the added sensations made her gasp with the need to come.

“Please…” she whimpered.

The men seemed to understand and moved smoothly as a team, tweaking her nipples, and raising and lowering her on their cocks. The pace increased and need coiled harder and tighter in Eden’s core, twisting and turning and driving her upward.


Berengaria Brown

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