Thursday, October 13, 2011

Ramblings Of An Erotica Writer: Day 6

Dear Reader,

So, it's day six of using the quit smoking pill, Champix. I'm still in the mid-dose range. So far, the only side-effect I have is drowsiness--similar to what you'd feel on many allergy medicines, like Benedryl. I must admit, it's a decent change from the insomnia Zyban gave me years ago when I tried that. The only strange thing is, I can sleep all day and still wake up tired. On Sunday, one day into the treatment, I slept until noon, which was unlike me. I woke up, took my morning pill with the recommended full glass of water and had something to eat. But within three hours, I fell asleep while laying down with my laptop to edit. With all of this sleep, I still hit the hay at midnight, with undisturbed sleep. Typically, if I have a nap, I can't sleep at night. 

I'm coming to the conclusion Champix must work! You'll sleep through the whole process, including withdrawal. Let's face it, how much can you smoke, if you're unconscious? 

Anyway, the I suppose the pill isn't supposed to really start to work until you're on the full regular dose of 20mg a day. But in the mornings, right after the pill, the smell of smoke is starting to disgust me. I'll take this as a good sign. But I will admit I have reduced my cigarettes-per-day some, but I don't think I can credit the pill with that yet. 

I'll let you know more, as I go along!



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