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News About Master of Subservience

Happy New Year!

I hope everyone had an excellent holiday. So many good things are happening for the Master of Subservience Series in this new year. 

First up, book one, The Interview has received a 5/5 from Two Lips Reviews! Fabulous praise. You can read it here:

As well, a few days ago, I completed the Master of Subservience series trailer! An entertaining experiment to say the least. Given that I had to encompass the entire series, when I, myself, am not sure what happens past book three, lol.

And most exciting of all, book two, The Induction is coming soon from New Dawning International Bookfair!

Series: Master of Subservience
Title: The Induction
Genre: Erotica
Keywords: Menage, BDSM, MMMF
Publisher: New Dawning International Bookfair
Daniel, overjoyed Bethany has been accepted into Madam Clairette's world of doms and subs, must turn his submissive over to the very man who broke him years before. Keegan is eager to pick up the gauntlet in his capable hands, and take Bethany to the next level of submission.
Bethany still lay in bed, just as Daniel left her; a blonde angel in sleep. Granted, a naked one, but angelic nonetheless.
Her vivid blue eyes blinked open, as if sensing she was being watched. Her full, dark pink lips tugged into a smile when she spotted Daniel. But then she saw Keegan, and her eyes widened, sitting up faster than a coiled spring.
The silk sheets fell from her full breasts, crowned with rosy nipples. Side-swept bangs partially obscured her expression. Bethany stilled like a deer caught in headlights.
"Get up, submissive. And greet your master properly," Keegan said in a low, husky voice, which was better than distilled sex.
After a second of hesitation, Bethany slowly moved to the edge of the bed. Daniel winced. He would've allowed this impertinence, so Bethany didn't know she did wrong. When Keegan smirked, Bethany cocked her head, looking him right in the eye.
Daniel looked at the floor, and bit his lip. At that moment, he understood exactly why Madam Clairette chose Keegan to break Bethany. While she acted as a submissive, she still didn't get the extent of what she should be doing, how she would react. But she would. He saw the flash of that knowledge in Keegan's eyes.
"Kneel before me, sub. And be quick about it this time," Keegan barked. The coiled muscles in his shoulders and back were defined through his tank.
Bethany did as ordered, knowing well enough to stare at the floor as she scrambled to her knees in front of him, her thighs parallel with his calves.
"I can already see you lack in areas, but we'll fix that immediately." Keegan crossed his arms, his thick-as-tree-trunk biceps bulging. His long, tapered fingers tapped the elbow of his other arm. "Let's start off with the basics. I speak, you listen. Only my words mean anything to you now. That means when I give an order, you immediately obey without question or complaint. You do not speak unless spoken to, and only if I give you permission first. The answers will be as short as possible. If I am displeased with how you handle yourself or disobey me, there will be a punishment of my choosing."
"Like a spanking?" Bethany said with humor.
My brow cocked, waiting. Another mistake.
"Okay," Bethany replied.
Mistake number two. Daniel knew that had been a test. And her first punishment would be soon to follow.
"Did I ask you to speak?" Keegan said. A test. Would she answer him? Bethany shut her mouth and kept it that way. He reached out, and ran his fingers down her tousled hair. "Daniel, could you please get my backpack I left in the hallway?"
"Of course." Daniel retrieved the package, handling the bag with care when exchanging hands. He had only a vague idea what would be in the bag. With Keegan, one could only be so sure about what tricks were to come.
Keegan pulled out a collar with shiny spikes protruding from the collar at regular intervals, reminiscent of something a Rottweiler would wear. Also, a five-foot leash.
Without saying a word, he lifted Bethany's hair from her neck, coiling the collar around her neck, and then attached the leash. With flashing blue eyes, he straightened.
Bethany stared up at him with this "Now what?" clearly etched on her face. This was as good as actually speaking the words themselves.
Keegan's smile turned absolutely predatory. He reached to yank down his shorts, allowing his already stiff cock to bounce free. His hand clutched in her hair the same moment he said in a husky voice, "Suck it."
He pulled her closer, and she opened her mouth to accept the thick girth. She moaned low in her throat as she took more of him. Daniel's lips parted at the sight, feeling his own shaft twitch while Bethany worked him.
Keegan's hips surged every once in a while. Daniel knew personally Bethany's skill combined with erotic eagerness would bring the best man to his knees—something no master would ever be caught doing. This gave Daniel a spark of self-satisfaction as Keegan struggled not to react overly much.
But even so, the lack of control showed in Keegan's white knuckles bunched at the back of her blonde locks, the subtle shudders going down his spine. He lost himself, allowing Bethany's hands to steal up his thighs, stopping right underneath his ass to pull him in faster, deeper. A proper submissive wouldn't have done so without the master's permission. And Keegan didn't seem to notice.
Daniel knew the moment Keegan orgasmed. His mouth opened, nothing coming out save a strangled moan. When Bethany slowly retreated off his softening cock, she licked her lips, looking up at her master for approval.
The fire in his eyes gave her just that.
"And now, for breakfast," Keegan said in a breathy voice, unable to catch his breath.

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