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SneakPeekWednesday; A Cornwall Christmas, Excerpt Two


A Cornwall Christmas—Christmas Anthology

Proceeds Go To:

Armed Forces Children’s Education Fund Inc

Kayden McLeod

Publication Date:

November 27th 2010


Paranormal Romance (Vampires, PG)


Mojocastle Press



A Christmas the Vancouver vampires will never forget


Even vampires celebrate the holidays. Marcus and Kelly wake up Christmas morning with their own extraordinary presents for the other, one of them being blowing up of the kitchen. In an effort to appear more human, the Cornwalls plan an extravagant dinner, with all the trimmings and more. Differences are put aside; the Council and Covens come together to show that this time of year is only for good tidings.

Excerpt Two (Rated PG):

“I think Corrine would kick your butt if you have her house smelling like that.” I sighed.

“Damn right.” Max emerged from the crowd of smiling faces with Holly and Ryder right behind him. “And do not make her mad this joyest joyous of days, or she will hit me, which is never a good plan.” He glowered, but amusement still shone in his brown eyes. “She is thrilled with trying out this method of labour-intensive cooking. She really loved stuffing that turkey. Mind you, she got sort of…violent with it.”

“This is Cor we are talking about. Somehow, she makes everything violent,” Marcus responded.

“What did she do to it?” I asked curiously, and Sara looked utterly devious.

“Well she put bread up its, well, you know…Why would someone do that? The poor animal has to die to feed us, and it still has to get molested and have trimmings shove up its rear. It’s just wrong, I tell you.” Max’s disgust and astonishment made me laugh.

“That is how they are supposed to do it.”

Oh yea, that helped the conversation not at all.

“Are you serious? I am not eating stuffing ever again,” Marcus muttered.

“You liked it just fine before you knew what was done to it,” I reminded him. “I should go help the brave soul who has to cook all these picky people dinner. She was kind enough to do it, and I am sure she is working very hard.”

Max laughed. “Ahh, such is my beautiful and multi-talented mate.”

“She is mad at you, isn’t she? It’s the only time you praise her.” Marcus grinned. He would know, having a similar temperament to the man who led him.

“I screwed up the ‘mashed potatoes’ or so she calls them. I have seen them in the occasional restaurant, but never tried to make or eat them. Personally, I believe they are a lot of useless work.”

“How’d you mess up that?” My interest peaked. The entire recipe was in the name!

Sara giggled unexpectedly, and I waited for her to finish and explain. “He decided the masher didn’t work fast enough for him. So Max put them on the floor and stomped on them with his shoe.” Sara rolled her eyes. “Then Corrine kicked him out and started doing everything with Catalym’s help, but that was before she went to go get Matthew. After that, he was the final ‘helper’, not the first.”

“Who else tried?” I tried not to groan when three-quarters of the clan held up their hand to signify Corrine’s thoroughly unlucky night. “And how many were kicked out for doing this sort of things?” Not a hand went down, Sara being the proudest among them, who raised hers higher.

I wasn’t even going to ask about that one, willing to bet money Sara had been “undomesticated” on purpose, just to get out of the duty.

“Oh. That is a lot of wrong things. I am going to go see if she needs some help,” I muttered.

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