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RJ Scott Presents: Moments, Released this Saturday!

Dear Readers,

I remember way back seeing one of my favourite actors, Robert Downey Junior, standing in his orange jumpsuit hearing a sentence. I wondered if it would make any difference if he had been removed from the whole Hollywood scene. Out of this and some years on I created Jacob Riley - a child actor from a wealthy background who had it all. Jacob is spoilt, the actor that directors really don’t want on their films, but who is a big enough box office draw to get by each time. He is now in an episodic sci-fi drama about a time traveling vigilante and he really is on the edge. This is his last chance, and when his dad turns him in for possession he has nowhere left to run. He already has soft prison time under his belt, this time it would be for real.

Ethan Myers is also stuck between a rock and a hard place; he needs money to invest in the crumbling building he owns. Riley Senior offers him money to take in his actor son for six months, nd the money is the one thing that makes Ethan say yes.

When they meet they are backed up to the hilt with prejudice and start a hate/hate relationship with plenty of arguments and sniping and humor (my favourite kind!).

I hope you enjoy reading Moments as much as I enjoyed writing it,

RJ Scott

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By, RJ Scott

Release Date - Saturday 23rd October

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Decisions made. Paths chosen. Journeys begun.
Jacob Riley, an actor who has had too much, too quickly, and too young, faces possession charges and jail time.
Ethan Myers, head of an outreach center in Los Angeles, a man who has lost too much, too soon, faces the loss of both his and his dead lover’s dream if Mac’s closes due to lack of funding.
Both men stand at a crossroads, between one moment and the next in their lives.
It is only with the help of others can Jacob ever hope to find his way. Despite their hate/hate relationship, could a placement at Mac’s under the watchful eye of its enigmatic boss, Ethan Myers, be the ones to give Jacob his defining moment?
Sparks fly when attraction becomes something they can’t fight and their relationship grows against a background of disenfranchised street gang members, arson, the Oscars, and despite their own conceptions and misconceptions about each other and the worlds they come from.

Excerpt From Moments, by RJ Scott

This is from when Jacob first sees 'Mac's' - not sure what to rate this as - there is swearing, no sex. Not fully edited at this point... x


Jacob’s day had gone from bad to worse. Even his father’s chauffer, Benjamin, had joined the conspiracy, determinedly driving Jacob to his fate. I don’t deserve this crap! This is so damned unfair. He was one more bad thought away from shouting at Benjamin to stop the car so he could run into the hills, get a job as a farmhand, and avoid this whole compensating the public purse crap. In his mind he could already see himself; misunderstood young man, with the whole world against him, and framed for a crime he didn’t commit, meets the man of his dreams -- a sexy wrangler, with huge hands, a tight stomach and hip bones begging to be bitten and sucked, and—

"Mr. Riley. We will be there in five minutes sir." Shit, way to interrupt a perfectly good daydream, man. Jacob didn’t bother answering. It wasn’t as if Ben needed him to acknowledge what he had said. It was his job to drive and it was Jacob’s job to be the passenger -- period.


Jacob sighed in exasperation. Was he expecting Jacob to talk to him, to concede to his existence?

"Sir, I've instructions to take your cell phone." What the hell? Jacob bolted up from his comfortable slouch and glared at the back of Ben’s head.

"Excuse me?" he said disbelievingly.

"Your phone, sir. Mr. Riley has told me that I need to take your phone."

"What the fuck? I’m not giving you the phone." He saw the driver inhale a deep breath, building himself up for this little confrontation. Well at —his height and built like a—well built like someone who was built—Jacob could take on Ben any time, and come out the winner.

"It's a required proviso in your community service agreement, sir. I need to take the phone."

"Shit." Jacob dug into his jeans and pulled out the tiny phone, and used one freshly manicured nail to open the back and remove the SIM. He was damned if daddy dearest thought he was going to be able to use his own phone to investigate every part of his son’s life. Then he threw the cell into the front passenger seat where it bounced dramatically and quite satisfyingly, before falling to the floor.

Shit, shit, shit. He’d get another phone — screw them all. What was he? Twelve? Not to be trusted with a phone, for fuck’s sake? No, he was a grown man of twenty-six and quite capable of getting a replacement phone through fair means or foul. Watch this space, he thought to himself, just watch this space.

As the Riley sedan glided silently through the older, deteriorating residential areas of what Jacob thought must be the “inner city”, he slunk down in his seat until he was nearly in a nearly horizontal position. Streets buzzed with people of all ethnicities -- no doubt, he thought, unemployed and committing all kinds of crime. Being so far out of his comfort zone made him feel physically sick.

Finally they drew up outside a large lone house, surrounded by a lot paved with cracked concrete. Bay fronted, constructed of brown brick, sturdy and wide, it looked completely out of place in the otherwise desolate area.

He heard a group of people descending the broad stairs from the front door to the street before he saw them. They were all women -- rough and loud and jostling for position as they laughed their way from the building. They noticed the car — he guessed a tinted glass Mercedes in these parts was probably a drug dealer’s ride — and stopped and stared. Not for the first time since entering the city, he groaned inwardly. What if they knew who he was? What if they wanted photos? Shit, what if they wanted to touch him?


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