Wednesday, October 20, 2010

SneakPeekWednesday; Masquerade, Excerpt Four


Kayden McLeod

Publication Date: October 30th 2010

Genre: Erotic Paranormal Romance (Werewolves, Vampires and Zombies)

Publisher: Silver Publishing


Heat-Rating: Three Flames, Boiling


What lies behind the façade isn’t always what it seems


Abigail claimed the land of North Vancouver as her own, sharing it only with a clan of vampires, the Jericho Coven, who accepted the werewolf into their territory without qualm. Within their numbers is one, Cyrus Jericho; a suave, brooding vampire who isn’t quite as he appeared. He declares Abigail for his own the moment they meet, despite the fact that another werewolf pack is in British Columbia looking to claim Abigail into their midst, no matter what they must do to see that goal complete.

Excerpt Four (Rated PG):

Abigail was nervous. Of course she would be. Who wouldn’t?

Being out of her realm of experience, she didn’t know how to take most of it, but the one thing she understood above everything else now; Cyrus meant her no harm. He’d been sincere in his efforts to protect her, even coming to her rescue. Something she’d been unacquainted with, but could fast get used to.

What could she say? Cyrus got under her skin.

Off a little in the distance she heard an eerie groan, one sounding like the entity emitting it was in unexpected pain. And it didn’t sound human – or anything even close to it. But before she could inquire about it…

“Sabern, something is coming out of the ground, by that grave,” one of the wolves said anxiously. “What should we do?”

“How am I supposed to know?” Sabern snapped with his eyes wide. “I don’t even know what’s going on.”

A piercing shriek of anger erupted from behind them, and all but Cyrus and Dina whirled to see what came for them now. The ground bulged and something unidentifiable tried to emerge.

Another one of the younger wolves lost control and exploded into his change with fits of screeching, adding to the strange noises going on around them.

Abigail didn’t know if she should be concerned, considering Cyrus and Dina appeared completely unruffled by all of this. Her attention never stayed on any one thing before something else dragged it to the next sight, and she couldn’t escape the feeling everything had barely begun.

Suspense petrified the atmosphere – or would that be whatever Dina whispered now? Could it be that she fed the wolves fear, because they became increasingly severe in their actions, far more than Abigail would’ve expected from an animal. She didn’t know any more than they did about the goings on, yet she remained far calmer than they could claim.

“I play for keeps.” Dina stared her in the eye. “I can read your mind much like I can theirs, Abby, and always have been able to. For vampires, there are a wide range of spells that do a vast amount of things. Of course I would use it in making them panic, like they would have preferred for you.”

Cyrus’ arm snaked around Abigail’s waist, and his lips pressed against her hair. “Watch the children scatter, and do not worry over the next little while. None of these monsters will harm you; they were raised only to protect you. By the time we are done this night, the Armstrongs will never invade your territory again, kotyonok.”

“But what if I want to fight?”

“Then by all means, do as you see fit. If you wish to impose your revenge on them, do so. Only know what is about to happen will not harm you.”

Abigail didn’t know a thing about black magic, never dabbling in any such art, but as she looked at her friend, she knew Dina had. In a strange way it comforted her, that along with their confidence over the coming battle.

She felt renewed. No longer fearing Sabern and crew would drag her back to Alberta. And if they escaped this situation alive, Cyrus would never let them come back. Abigail had never felt sheltered before, but she did now and she would pin that fact on the man at her side.

A ragged groan had Abigail whirling in the opposite direction to see a hand burst from the nearest grave, the frayed flesh barely clinging to the grayed bone that showed through the decay. Her superior senses had her wincing from the putrid smell brought with it. The ground itself shook like an earthquake on the verge of its peak. Graves in front and behind them ruptured in geysers, throwing dirt over the enemy, but strangely missing Dina, Cyrus and Abigail.

Confusion reigned and as promised, the wolves scattered.

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