Wednesday, October 6, 2010

SneakPeekWednesday; Masquerade, Excerpt Three


Kayden McLeod

Publication Date: October 30th 2010

Genre: Erotic Paranormal Romance (Werewolves, Vampires and Zombies)

Publisher: Silver Publishing


Heat-Rating: Three Flames, Boiling


What lies behind the façade isn’t always what it seems


Abigail claimed the land of North Vancouver as her own, sharing it only with a clan of vampires, the Jericho Coven, who accepted the werewolf into their territory without qualm. Within their numbers is one, Cyrus Jericho; a suave, brooding vampire who isn’t quite as he appeared. He declares Abigail for his own the moment they meet, despite the fact that another werewolf pack is in British Columbia looking to claim Abigail into their midst, no matter what they must do to see that goal complete.

Excerpt Three (Rated R):

“I want you,” she whispered; a thread of sound that wrapped around his cock in a stranglehold.

Cyrus fully understood that before she’d said it, but the words held a fathomless meaning, filling him with joy and possessiveness the likes he barely conceived. He couldn’t stand not having her right this instant, to be buried deep inside of her, kissing her – making her moan out his name while making her come.

But it remained to be seen if she could let him under that full skirt that trailed to the marble floor so beautifully, accenting her ample figure that begged to be touched – by him. Stupidly, he thought of Sabern touching her.

The thought of any other man, especially that Armstrong mongrel, induced immediate bloodlust fantasies he would make damned good on. This idea alone made his lip curl back over his teeth, and a low growl escape his throat that made Abigail’s eyes heat even more.

Abigail was his. And she wanted him. Cyrus could see it, only making his need worse. Same as the wolf; he would know something like this automatically and not have to spend weeks, months debating. It was the animal, the best and worst part of them.

“Please, Cyrus?”

“You have me, milyi. I am nowhere else, but with you.”

“I know.” She looked at his chest, when he wanted nothing more than to maintain eye contact with her.

Cyrus’ fingers slipped under her chin to bring her face back up to kiss her more – to taste her, be closer and smell her with his finely tuned sense, sink into her curves and cherish every one of them when he could finally run his tongue along them.

He picked her up by the waist to place her on the granite topped wooden cabinet against the wall, unable to hold back anymore, knowing she would not deny him.

“What are you going to do now?” She asked, the spark flaring in her eyes and telling him the story of the fantasies going on behind her eyes.

“Mmm, to taste other parts of you.” Cyrus pushed at the heavy skirts, reminded of days of old when women knew how to dress properly, unlike nowadays. He favored this garb she wore; sensing red was a commonly used color with her, which suited him fine. With her creamy complexion and dark curls, it set off everything else elegantly and tastefully. Another concept the modern day woman had overlooked.

Finally getting the material to her hips, he groaned at the sight of her bare sex. He loved to imagine that while Abigail had been dressing, she’d known going panty-less would drive him nuts.

“A vixen.”

“As if you aren’t lethal on the senses,” Abigail murmured, breath hitching when he smiled suavely.

“Only when it suits me, sweet. And you, definitely suit me.”

Cyrus kissed her inner thigh, moving up as Abigail shifted back and forth, impatient for him.


Will he ever get that blessed tongue where I need it? He might kill me before he’s through.

Said tongue swirled around in circles up her thigh, making her squirm. Daresay, Abigail was ticklish, but she would be damned if that particular nuisance in her genetic makeup would be revealed to a wolf such as Nikolay Rostovtzeff. She’d rather die first.

As he reached her apex, her thighs widened without thought, hands hiking the skirts further up her legs so she could watch him lick her with an unobstructed view. Her womb clenched, tightened – and she couldn’t help but wonder how much of this she could take before outright begging him to fill her.

But he continued to tease her, getting almost there before pulling back again. Abigail growled, inducing a dazzling smile from him. Waiting with bated breath, she suspected the world could explode around them and she wouldn’t even look away.

Cyrus’ mouth finally closed over Abigail and her back arched at the feel of him, shoulders pressing against the walls for leverage when his teeth gently pulled her clit, tongue just entering her between his lips, while he sucked over and over again.

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