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SneakPeekWednesday; Carnal Magnetism Excerpt Five

The Cornwall Coven, Book Two; Carnal Magnetism

Kayden McLeod

Publication Date: January 8th 2011

Genre: Erotic Paranormal Romance (Vampires, M/F)

Publisher: Silver Publishing

Publisher Website:

Heat-Rating: Five Flames, Explosive

Pre-Release Reader Review:

“Kayden McLeod spins a tale in Carnal Magnetism that sucks you in at the beginning and doesn’t let you go. You won’t be able to put down this entrancing story of a vampire family formed from need, but able to stay together because of love.” –Review by, Stacey Krug


Trust only works when it’s both ways


The RedLine is the perfect haven for a man of Ryder’s extensive desires and tastes. He uses the women of the club, much like they do him, with little care to know anything more than names, sometimes even less than that. His reputation for open-minded, tantalizing sex is renowned, and willing victims for this particular vampire are never at a shortage. At least until Catalym crashes into his life, taking over from the moment they’d met. And it isn’t long before her past life’s tribulations follow her, including a dangerous ex-boyfriend who hides far more than Ryder or his friends ever guess.

Excerpt Five (RATED R/XXX):

Her hand came out carefully to run her fingers across my abdomen. Her arms wrapped around my waist and she pulled her upper body around mine. Her deep ragged breathes fell hotly against my stomach, and seared through the cloth that separated her blessed mouth from my hard flesh.

“I never imagined the extent to which you like to abuse your body.”

The out of place comment gave me pause. I was stripped bare, and to hide was futile now in the face of everything else.

And I couldn’t tell if she thought it was a good or a bad thing.

“It doesn’t matter.” I said finally. The safest answer I could give her.

“Ryder, we are past the stage where you could lie to me,” Catalym reprimanded lightly. “If you enjoy it, why wouldn’t I want to do this for you? Before I thought it was just a little, but that isn’t the case, is it?”

“It isn’t fair.”

“What isn’t fair? That you give me the pleasure I desire, or the fact that you do not wish for me to reciprocate?” Catalym asked, honestly wanting to know.

“You don’t like it,” I said between clenched teeth.

I was very unused to explaining myself willingly to anyone, which I found myself doing with her constantly.

“I like that it excites you this much,” Catalym began carefully. “What my sister and my step-Father did to me was wrong, because it was forced on me. It was wrong because they used their brand of torture to manipulate me. Nothing else would work for them, and once they had found that out, they stuck with it, relying on it.”

I started to say something, but she just shook her head.

“But what you want is much different than that. You like pain the way normal people,” I rolled my eyes at her words, and she smiled before continuing, “crave a gentle caress. Why is it so bad to give your lover something they want, when you lose nothing to do it for them? I’m not like Kelly, who is scared to go overboard with Marcus and explore the full extent of his real passions, though he forgives her for what she considers her drawbacks. That is what love is, giving and taking in equal amounts. Or at least it should be.” She added firmly.

I smiled at her thoughts. Though actual love in her life had been scarce, she had a real idea of what it should be like. She had seen true examples of it in her nine centuries, and she showed that to me.

But her mood changed when her memories shifted to the very recent events.

She let me see all of it in her mind. The long moments she had thought me dead, and just how she felt about that. For once, I didn’t feel that twinge of aloofness at the thought of another wishing to attach themselves too me in such a way as she was doing now.

“You have no desire to hurt me, and I like that. I honestly don’t believe the addiction will get to you, not like it did with Judo and the others. Corrine was actually the person to point that out to me, while you were in there with them,” she said thoughtfully. She shook her head.

“However you want me to hurt you. You have the most curious threshold for pain. I have never seen anything quite like it, even in Milindya. I think she sensed that right away, but only now is she beginning to understand what it means. You can take a lot, before pleasure turns to real hurt.” Catalym smiled, as if the idea pleased her.

A certain edge entered her gaze, and it made me harden. There was a wildness about her I wanted to sink into. The fact I never knew what to expect around her excited me.

“I wish to give you what you need Ryder. It electrifies me to be able to have such power over you. Judo never wanted anything like this, even to relinquish control in any tiny way.” Her smooth honeyed voice slid over me, and her hand sought my groin. “But, you want me to take you over, to make you beg. Do you have any idea how seductive that is to me?”

“And just what are you going to do?” I asked playfully. Every plane of my body was tight and straining for her skilful fingers to touch me.

My eyes shuddered when she gave me a lethal squeeze, just enough to drag my gaze from her face straight to her hand. Blood rushed to my groin, and made me throb in stark need. Her nails dug in exquisitely, dragging a sigh from my lips.

I could smell her desire, and it penetrated my brain until everything else was thrust out. There was no kidnapping, no raving best friend or worried Coven.

Only this woman’s liquid amethyst eyes held me captive.

“Do you like that Ryder?” Catalym whispered huskily and her stranglehold tightened.


Then her head lowered over my groin.

Her teeth bit into me, and I couldn’t help pushing back into her. My hands went unwittingly to wrap into her bounty of hair as she sought to drive me insane.

Where her hands touched me, my jeans faded, until I felt the chilly stale air of the closet. Her hot little mouth closed over my cock, and took an inch at a time. Her cold hand cupped my balls to pull down deliciously roughly.

The skin tightened around my shaft, and threatened climax far before I was ready to. I wanted all of her. I wanted to take her, to throw her over the boxes and drive myself so deeply inside of her, I would never escape her or her me.

Her teeth dragged up and down my length as she passed. She took me in all the way before her head would come back up to almost dislodge me, just to take me all in again.

I growled and had to strive not to tighten my fingers in her hair, not to grip the back of her head and just slam my cock down her throat. Never had there been a test of my iron will so sweet as this.

Catalym’s caresses increased in speed, and I felt pleasure uncoil with her rough teeth, bringing me with her mouth. Her hand stroked me as her eyes rolled up to meet mine.

Flames still licked in her eyes, the desire not sated and just teasing her. Catalym’s power may have been more content now, but the woman wasn’t.

I grinned down at her, fully intending to flip her body over and impale her, but her mouth moved from me, licking her lips with her pink tongue.

Her lips closed directly over my artery, and bit down hard enough to draw blood with straight teeth. My sharp intake of breath made her squirm in delight. The liquid heat flashed devastatingly through me. I needed more, I craved it, in fact had to have it.

She bit me again, harder now. She smiled at the marks she left there, branding me hers. My rigid control slipped again, just like she had wanted it to.

Her other hand slipped through my legs and to my ass as she dug her nails in. She dragged them down to the back of my thighs so deeply I cried out. Long red scratches were left in their wake, the blood pooling low in my body. Every time she brought me to the edge, she left me to hang there, only to take me again.

“Fuck Cat, what are you doing to me?” I demanded throatily.

Her siren’s smile was rewarded with another moan torn from my throat as her nails dug into my ass to force me back toward her mouth.

I think I owe you from under the table at the very least.

The tightness of her throat was too much for me. She coaxed me to new heights, doing things to me no one had done before her, and I was pretty sure I didn’t want anyone else to do after her.

She used her unique magic much like she had in the bar. Energy raced across my skin, only to slow in a languid movement which intensified as each second passed.

My knees almost buckled at the cruel affect her magic had on me. The sensations of mouths on my body returned, and I better understood then the obsession as it worked differently than when she was unconscious. She was now directly manipulating it.

By her will alone, I stood on my own two feet.

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