Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Pre-Release Reader Review; Carnal Magnetism

The Cornwall Coven Series

Book Two

Carnal Magnetism

Publication Date:

January 8th 2010


Erotic Paranormal Romance (Vampires, M/F)


Silver Publisher



Five Flames, Explosive


Trust only works when it’s both ways


The RedLine is the perfect haven for a man of Ryder’s extensive desires and tastes. He uses the women of the club, much like they do him, with little care to know anything more than their names, sometimes even less than that. His reputation for open-minded, tantalizing sex was renowned, and willing victims for this particular vampire were never at a shortage. At least until Catalym comes crashing into his life, taking over from the moment they’d met. And it isn’t long before her past life’s tribulations follow her, including a dangerous ex-boyfriend who is hiding far more than Ryder or his friends could ever guess.


Kayden McLeod spins a tale in Carnal Magnetism that sucks you in at the beginning and doesn’t let you go. You won’t be able to put down this entrancing story of a vampire family formed from need, but able to stay together because of love.

Ryder is a rogue gentleman, but with old world valor. He belongs to a vampire coven that protects and loves their members. Then along comes Catalym, a pureblood vampire that has been used horribly by her family. Sheltered and abused for most of her life, Catalym still manages to hold onto an air of innocence and wonderment. All of Ryder’s protective instincts come forth and will not be denied. Ryder quickly falls under Catalym’s spell, for she is charming, beautiful, and smart. What else could Ryder do, but protect Catalym from her crazy family?

However, protection from her family is not all she requires. Catalym must be able to feed not only on blood, but on the sexual energy she needs to survive. Ryder can handle it though, and doesn’t mind feeding Catalym anything she wants. Their sexual encounters are erotic and hot! Soon, under Ryder’s care, Catalym starts to blossom into the vampire she was always meant to be.

Not only does Kayden McLeod supply us with a sexy, erotic story, but humor as well. This coven of vampires’ antics will have you laughing out loud! These boys know how to have fun, and the girls can give as well as they get!

Plot twists and turns keep the action going and the reader on their toes! The cliff hanger ending leaves you wanting more. This is a great addition to The Cornwall Coven Series that you won’t want to miss!

Reviewer: Stacey Krug

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