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Asylum, Ashlynn Monroe


Ashlynn Monroe


Wild Horse Press


One Flame



Sam has discovered something horrible...Her mother is on Mirage Island! But in order to free her mother from her prison, Sam will need the help of her sister and her friends. Finding Tabby is no easy task and requires Sam to make another trip into the Bad Lands, the place she promised she wouldn't return to, but with Davis there to lend a hand she feels safe and confident.


Winter gave way to spring. One Saturday, Sam was bored and decided to explore the base. The soldiers had become used to her presence and she managed to get herself into a restricted area. Enjoying the adventure, she decided to see how far into the building she could get, before they stopped her. Walking down twisting corridors, soon she felt lost. A door at the end of a long hall was marked “Experimentation Facility”. It sounded interesting so she went inside. There were many doors, Sam opened one and poked her head in. The room was full of monitors. To her horror, she recognized the long lost Thompson twins. Ransom had been right; they’d been taken by the military. Something to her right caught her eye and she turned transfixed at the screen. Her startled cry was unavoidable.


A woman sitting in one of the prison cell-like rooms had to be her mother. There was no mistaking it. What was her mother doing on Mirage Island?

Fear and confusion made Sam feel sick to her stomach. Watching the monitor, she could see that her mother didn’t look well. What were they doing to her? Terror pierced her heart. Did her father know about this? How could the General not know that his wife was a captive on the military base he was in charge of and oversaw daily? Anger filled Sam. Her father was cold, but this was just monstrous!
Stumbling back, she lost her composure and scrambled away from the truth of the black and white monitor. Tears ran down her face and she ran down the sterile twisting corridors, hopelessly lost.

Confusion and fear battled in her mind for dominance. Anger gnawed at her relentlessly. How could she help her mother? How could her father have let this happen? Had her mother been there for the three years that she’d been missing or had her father put her mother in the room himself? Unsure of the world and feeling small Sam sobbed as she ran.

Suddenly she felt someone grab her. It was a MP she recognized.

“What are you doing in here Sam? Are you all right, sweetie?”

She decided in that moment to trust no one. “I’m lost; help me get out of here. I’m so sorry, I shouldn’t be here.” Her honest sobbing convinced him that she was only afraid. He patted her on the head like a little child or pet and spoke reassuringly. Her farce had been fully successful.

“It’s all right, sweetie. I won’t tell your father about this, but no more exploring on the base, all right?”

She nodded her head fiercely, glad that he didn’t look farther into her reasons for being in the building, glad he hadn’t wanted to know what she’d seen. Calming down, she made herself keep track of where they were. She knew she’d need to return and help her mother. When they were outside, she numbly thanked the young MP and ran home, sobbing.

Throwing herself onto her bed, she sobbed until the initial shock wore off. She needed Tabitha. Tabby needed to know about their mother! It was only half past noon. She rushed outside to the Jeep that her father had given her to use for the summer. Trying to look casual, she left the base, giving the guard a friendly wave and fake smile.

Her soul was bleeding as she drove to Ransom’s house. Ransom was her best friend, and a mermaid. Needing both consoling and advice, Sam hurried inside. Cindy, Ransom’s mom was at work at her salon. When Sam saw her trusted friend, she burst into a renewed fit of tears.

“You never cry, what’s going on?” Genuine worry peppered her friend’s words.

“I’m scared. I think my mother is being held prisoner on the base, being experimented on.”


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