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Reflection, Ashlynn Monroe


Ashlynn Monroe


Wild Horse Press


One Flame



Tabby has made a miraculous recovery after nearly dying in the Bad Lands, and her family doesn't know how she did it. After having such a scare, the General has decided that the girls should move to New York and live with their aunt. Both Sam and Tabby are adamant about staying on Mirage, but just how far will Tabby go to stay with the guy she likes?


Tabby was well enough to come home Saturday morning. Sam was a nervous wreck, the General had really invited Shane for dinner. He hadn’t been too happy when he’d first caught her kissing a werewolf, and not just any werewolf - the alpha male of the teenage pack. After he saw Shane, protecting her, and trying to help her unconscious injured sister, he’d suddenly invited Shane to the military base and their home. Only a few paranormals ever received permission to enter the base, as the military were essentially holding all the families that lived on Mirage Island prisoner because of what they were.

As soon as she had Tabby settled in to rest, even though her sister claimed to be 110% better, Sam rushed around cleaning the house and getting her feast prepped. Tonight was a very special night. She would get to do something “normal” with Shane. Both nervous and excited, she hoped that her father, the General, would behave. He wasn’t delighted that his daughter was dating a werewolf.

The General seemed annoyed with her flighty anxious preparations. Tabby rolled her eyes, but Sam could tell that she was happy that the General was giving Shane a chance. Sam never stopped until everything was almost perfect, then she took a quick shower and took extra time with her hair and makeup. Looking at the clock, she knew Shane would be there any minute. When the doorbell rang, she rushed out to answer it, but the General gave her a pointed look and she backed away. He casually opened the door.

“I’m glad to see you decided to wear pants.”

His welcome to Shane told her all too clearly that it was going to be a very interesting night. Shane seemed wary. Immediately attempting to salvage the welcome, Sam rushed over and pulled her boyfriend into the house and they went into the kitchen to sit down at the table. Sam began filling the table with her delicious smelling hard work. When she finally sat down, the tension was suffocating. No one spoke. It was more of a disaster than she had been expecting and Sam fought to hold back tears. Why couldn’t her father be nice, just one night?

Tabby giggled. Shooting Tabby a look that could kill, Sam noticed what her sister had found funny. Shane and the General sat locked in a fierce staring contest. It seemed neither of them was prepared to concede. Clearing her throat nervously, Sam tried to sooth the tension.

“Shane is really good at math; I’m hoping he will help me out next fall.”

He father glanced at her, and the look he gave her made her cringe. No one had taken a bite yet; Sam was beginning to feel ill. As if reading her mind, Tabby picked up a chicken leg and took a big bite.

“Oh, this is good Sam, you should make this more often.”

The General picked up his fork and took a bite. Sam felt a bit of relief. After he swallowed, he spoke and his voice was even and authoritative.

“Thank you for keeping my daughters safe. They put themselves into foolish danger. I saw the video recording of you kids going over the wall. Sam definitely went first. I’m glad no one was hurt. We have put extra security on the wall.”

Tabby’s fork rattled against her plate, she looked pale and upset by the new information. Sam wondered if she actually planned to go over the wall again. Hoping her sister was smarter than that, Sam quickly changed the subject before the General could notice how upset Tabby looked.


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