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Sanctuary, Ashlynn Monroe


Ashlynn Monroe


Wild Horse Press


One Flame



When Thanksgiving dinner with Shane doesn't go as planned, Sam is worried that their relationship has come to an end. With Jorge, Shane's dad, hating and her, and her own father threatening to send her away, Sam is more than a little upset. But Christmas is soon around the corner and with it arrives more than one Christmas miracle...


Morning arrived and Sam woke up stiff and exhausted. After the worse dance in school history she, Shane, Colin, and Davis had spent the night at Ransom’s house. Vampires and other kids from the Bad Lands had crashed the dance and Colin had saved Sam’s life with his time shifting ability. Ransom was her mermaid BFF and Colin was Ransom’s new boyfriend. Davis lived in the Bad Lands, but he had come to cause trouble. He had feelings for Sam and wanted to warn her, Shane hadn’t been happy to see him.

She went into the bathroom, washed the makeup off her face, and changed out of her dress and into her jeans and t-shirt. Everyone else was still asleep except for Cindy. The woman stood staring out the window and drinking her coffee.

“Good morning, Cindy.” Sam’s quiet words caused her to jump, spilling her hot drink. “Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to scare you.”

“It’s alright Sam. Looks as if we made it the sun is up and we're all alive. I didn’t sleep a wink.”

“I’m sorry about all of this, Cindy.”

The woman moved to put her arm around Sam. “Honey, it’s not your fault. Those kids have done this before, more than once. I talked to Shane’s mom this morning. She said that the wolves got all the Bad Landers rounded up and sent home. It’s all right, no one was killed, but the principle is in the hospital. There’s a lot of damage at the school, but it will be fixed up by Monday. The PTO is rounding up parents to come help with repairs this weekend. The vampire king is paying for the repairs, as most of the hooligans were vamp kids. How are you feeling?”

“Terrible, but I’m glad we got out of there without getting hurt.”

“What about the wolves, they looked pretty banged up.”

“They did that to each other, I think we were lucky that it wasn’t worse.”

“I do too. So this Davis, is he an alpha too?”

“Yes, how did you know?”

“I’ve been around enough wolves to know. I dated Shane’s father in high school. I bet you didn’t know that. I wasn’t the One.” She smiled a sad smile.

“What is all the One stuff? I’ve heard them both talk about it too.”

“Sweetie, werewolves mate for life. The One is the girl meant for the wolf forever. Jorge cared for me, a lot, but I wasn’t the One, it hurt but I see now that whatever cosmic force that makes this decision was right. Jorge had no choice, he loves Shane’s mom in a very special way. I was lucky, I found Ransom’s dad and before he died, I was very happy. Everything works the way it works for a reason.

“Davis and Shane will have to fight for their position as alpha someday, that is why they both feel like they do about you. Until one of them becomes alpha, you could chose either of them and be the one for them. You’re far too young to make this type of a decision, and your human, it’s not going to be easy for you, Sam. When you do decide you will make the right choice. Just don’t let the boys tear you in half.” With a sweet sad smile, she chuckled.

Sam felt terrified with her new knowledge of what being the One meant. She cared for Shane and liked Davis as a friend, but she wasn’t ready to make any major life decisions. Shivering, she wondered which one of their hearts she’d break.

Everyone slowly began to wake up. Sam and Ransom helped Cindy make breakfast. The General was coming for her soon. Everyone ate and helped clean up. Davis left, giving Colin a ride home. Shane’s dad picked him up and Sam noticed that Jorge only honked for his son. She wondered if it hurt him to see Cindy or if he was just too lazy to get out of the car. When the General arrived all signs of the boys was gone, to Sam’s relief.

On the ride home, the General showed no sign that he knew about the trouble at the school and Sam decided not to tell him. She didn’t want her school activity privileges revoked for the rest of her life! They drove the short way home in awkward silence.

Finally, just before the ride ended the General spoke, startling Sam. “How was the dance?”

“It was more exciting than I expected. Thanks for letting me go, General.”

He seemed pleased. Looking out the window, Sam thought about Tabby and wondered how she was and where she was. When she’d woken up, she’d remembered something from the chaos. Tabby had been there, but Sam hadn’t seen Evan. Mirage Island kept secrets, and so could she.


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