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Haven, Ashlynn Monroe


Ashlynn Monroe


Wild Horse Press


One Flame



It's time for the fall dance, and even though Tabby is still missing in the Bad Lands, Sam is looking forward to a night with Shane and her friends. But some of the creatures in the Bad Lands have plans for the Mirage High dance, and Sam will once again be in danger.


Weeks had passed and Tabby wasn't home yet. The General refused to let them declare her dead. He and Sam lived in a tense stated of anxious waiting. The General hadn’t sent her to live with her aunt; somehow, he knew they both needed to be together, waiting.

* * *

Sam woke feeling groggy because she had to get up early for the first day of school and she needed to get her routine back again. Glancing at Tabby’s empty bed, she knew it would be a difficult day, knowing that her sister wouldn’t be home when she returned. She grabbed her generic backpack that she’d bought at the town’s only store and felt the weight of all her supplies. She’d be glad to empty it into her locker when she got to school.

The familiar purr of Shane’s motorcycle pulled up in front of the house. She looked at the General questioningly. He shrugged and spoke quietly.

“I gave him a pass. I figured you might want someone more cheerful to bring you to school on the first day.”

“Thanks General!” He gave a small grin, which surprised her. Maybe junior year wouldn’t be so terrible after all.

Awkwardly she got on the bike behind Shane, her gianormous backpack impeded her, but she did manage to get on the bike. Shane took off and Sam didn’t even worry about her hair. She was going to be arriving at school with the hottest boy in town, who cared about her hair when she had that kind of fabulous social status to rock! Her arms wrapped tightly around his hard body and she relished the feeling. It was going to be an interesting first day.

When they arrived, everyone stopped and stared at them. Sam hid behind Shane; he was the alpha wolf of all the teen werewolves that lived respectably in Mirage. The rougher unlawful wolves lived in the Bad Lands, where her sister was hiding. The teen alpha that lived there was called Davis, and for some reason he liked her too.

Geesh, I must have wolf attracting pheromones or something. Sam rolled her eyes at the thought.


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