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Ashlynn Monroe


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One Flame



Tabby is acting rather strange and Sam is starting to worry. While she's enjoying her new relationship with Shane, she can't help wondering where her sister goes every night. When she follows her one evening, what she discovers is more than a little shocking.


The General, Samantha’s father, was even more grouchy than usual since the day he caught her kissing her new boyfriend, Shane. Shane was perfect except for one little tiny thing, he was a werewolf and not just any werewolf, the alpha male of the teenage pack. His father was alpha of the adults, and Shane would probably be alpha when his father was too old to defend his position. He was the hottest boy she’d ever seen and he was all hers, for now.

Sam knew her time with him was limited. Each day she cherished her time with him, knowing she would hold the memory of those hours in her heart when she graduated and left. They lived on the island of Mirage, a secret military internment; America had been rounding up and capturing its paranormal citizens for a hundred and fifty years, and Mirage is where they sent those families to live. Sam and her sister Tabitha were the only human teenagers on the island. The General was the commander of the military base on the island. When she graduated high school in three short years, she would go back to the states, sent away from Shane, forever.

When she’d first arrived, all she wanted to do was go home; Tabby still did, but now the thought of leaving Shane made Sam feel ill. He was the most beautiful boy in the world! His blonde hair was thick and soft, his big amber eyes seemed to look right down into her soul, and his athletically build looked amazing. She couldn’t have wanted a better boyfriend, if he’d been human. Each day felt like their feelings for each other had an expiration date, and it ate at Sam each time he smiled at her. The dimple in his right cheek was adorable.

He had a dangerous side too, and that added greatly to her deep attraction to him. She’d only seen him transform into his wolf form one time, and that was to save her from a lower ranking wolf. Brett, the wolf who tried to hurt her, was a big, mean bully. He took out his frustration about knowing his entire life would be lived on Mirage out on her. She felt terrible for the kids and their families but she was just the general’s daughter, not the general. She wanted to help them, but what could one sixteen year old girl do to help against the entire United States Army.

She and Tabby had to come straight home after school and they could never go hang out with friends. Not that she had a lot of them at Mirage High. Besides Shane, her only friend was Ransom, a mermaid. The General even forbade them from participating in extracurricular activities. Sam missed participating in track, her favorite sport. She still ran every morning before the general woke up, but it wasn’t the same as being part of a team.

Tabby had left school early, again, and was sitting on the couch reading a book when she arrived home. Sam had been surprised that she’d left early on the last day. There was no television on Mirage, or even radio, luckily they both loved to read books. They’d watched every DVD they owned until they were sick of them and there was no movie rental store. She could see why the inhabitants hated living imprisoned on the island. They also had no internet access, so her iPod was boring her with a lack of new and exciting downloads.

Summer on Mirage would be long and painful, she was so glad she had Shane and Ransom. Now she just had to figure out a way to see them without the general knowing.


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