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FREE STORY--Running The Risk Of Gambling, by Kayden McLeod

RATED: R/Erotica

Some Fantasies are just too good to pass up...

Chapter One--Rolling the Dice

My hand was shaking when I reached for the door handle, and reality crashed around me. Was I crazy for doing this?

After talking to him on the phone for the past few days, the decision had already been made before I’d even consciously known it. This had all started with not-so-innocent, but discreet cyber-sex instant-messaging. Nothing major, and somewhere between then and now, he was on the other side of that door…right in front of me.

He knocked again, and I jumped.


The pictures sent via e-mail said he was tall, dark and mysterious, almost suspiciously so. The messages had been devastating and hot. The single phone call showed that his voice was deep and smooth, more than enough to induce convulsions throughout the long-out-of-use muscles.

He made my nerves hum. Now he was here…

And I was scared shitless.

“Gina?” He called softly.

Did he know I was standing right there? It didn’t help that hearing his voice ‘live’ was my undoing.

Curiosity had won out.

My hand passed through that last few inches of empty air to hit the knob, and yank the door open. The blaring light of the nondescript hallway was a shock at first, and I stupidly watched the elevator close just across from me.

I must’ve looked at every single object in the hall before gaining the nerve to look at him. I stared first at his pristine black running shoes, moving up the snug-fitting dark-blue jeans that encased thick, rock-hard thighs.

The edge of an opened button-up floated around his finely-worked belt. He stared at me, but I had no idea yet what expression he wore. A much too tight tank stretched over defined bumps of solid muscle of his six-pac, molding over his pecs.

So far, so…good.

“Gina, are you going to look me in the eye tonight,” He asked hoarsely, “or should I come back another time?”

“Umm,” I said stupidly. Was this what it felt like to go brain-dead? “Please…come in? I’m not normally this rude.”

“It’s fine.” He said softly, moving past me.

I closed the door behind him, and I felt him invitingly close. In those brief seconds, he affected my mind, body…everything. Even the smell of him was purely erotic.

“So…how are you?” I stumbled over the words.

“Horny.” He took a step forward, forcing me further into the corner, trapped and…helpless. But he liked that, didn’t he? “I’m impressed. You did exactly as you were told.”

I blushed, knowing every promise made was kept. But now faced with this situation, confidence just wasn’t going to happen.

I still felt skittish, though drenched with aching desire that was fighting to reign at the surface.

He reached out, and fingered the laced edge of the creamy negligee. The pad caressed my flesh and I shivered, evoking a pleased smile on those lush lips of his.

“You’re so soft.” He whispered.

His wide chest pressed me against the unforgiving wall, and his dark, brooding eyes raked over my face, down to my chest.

“No bra. Nice touch.” He mumbled while his hand ran up my ribcage, fingers stopping just short of my breast. “You have such great tits.”

With each word, his lips closed the distance between us. And when they touched mine, his hand closed over me.

I pulled back, “What are you doing?”

“Exactly what I said I was going to.” Antony replied roughly. “I’m going to fuck you on every available surface we can find, and then we’ll get creative.”

His free hand curled behind my thigh to pull it forward, and up to his hip, running his fingers over the thigh-high hose. Then he touched my white opened-toed stilettos and groaned, “Nice shoes. Fuck, nothing I’ve envisioned since we were on phone did this justice.”

“You’re welcome?”

“Oh, I’m very thankful.” He promised with a lopsided grin.

His hand left my breast, to move to his belt, deftly loosening it. I stared into his liquid eyes while we both listened to him lower his zipper.

My stomach tightened with intense anticipation when his long cock sprung free. Only then did I look down to see Antony lift the hem of my short gown to see there was nothing underneath…just like he’d asked when he described his fantasies to me on the phone.

“You’re wet.” He said throatily.

“Very.” I agreed, watching him bring his glistening fingertips to his mouth to taste me. “Later, I’m going to tongue you until you beg me to stop, but right now…”

His sentence ran off into assumption, something that wasn’t hard for me to do. His thick fingers curled around his cock, other hand bringing my leg up further.

“Used to be in…gymnastics, right?”

His grin turned feral, hot and so horny.

He pushed my extended leg above my head, holding it there. I felt so exposed, when he ran his head over my clit.

“I’m going to bury myself inside of you.”

“Mmm.” I murmured. “Please.”

His breath shuttered into his lungs, “Will you beg for me?”

“If you want me to.”

He leaned forward to whisper in my ear, “Will you be my little bitch? Like I told you about?”

“Oh fuck yes.” I said before thinking.

His resulting laughter was deeply sensual, “Good.”

And his hips surged forward.

The exact positioning made the first pass miraculously forceful, dragging every single nerve-ending from whatever hiatus there had been before this.

My mouth fell open, and he took advantage of it, stealing my breath with his lips. My brain shut down when his hips picked speed, driving me against the wall to create delicious friction.

The pressure build so rapidly I couldn’t even keep track of it. He grunted, hauling my body up against his chest to wrap my legs around him. Hands closed on my hips while he guided me over him.

My arms wrapped around his neck, using the wall as leverage to score myself against him.

“Yes, that’s it Gina.” He murmured against my neck. His cocked pistoned inside of me, the orgasm growing closer, creeping over my consciousness.

At my first scream his fingers bit into my ass to drive me back, making the pleasure unfurl at an alarming rate.

He growled when he came deep inside of me. And his heavy breathing in my ear made me want him all over again, even now.

“Where next?” He murmured, and I sputtered with laughter.

“Well, we have the hallway covered.” I said thoughtfully. “Kitchen next? Counters, table….”

“You know, I like how you think.” He laughed, cradling me to take me into the kitchen’s selection of ‘doable surfaces’.

Chapter Two--Upping the Ante

I woke up in bed naked, thinking the night before had been a dream. It seemed like one, even as the fog slowly left my brain. I felt weight against my side, an arm were strewn across me, proving my odd dreams real.

Oh-mi-god, I actually did that!

Which meant he was still here. Would he want me this much this morning…err, afternoon? I certainly wanted him, even not being classified as awake yet. Memories of the languorous hours exploring each other, alternately with hot, steamy moments of unforgettable sex made the corners of my lips pull in to a smile.

“I know you’re awake,” Anthony purred in my ear. His thigh ran over my thighs and over my ass. I could feel his cock already hard on my side. “I can hear your heart racing, which means you’re thinking about me fucking you.”

My eyes blinked open, blushing a dark scarlet and making him chuckle. His eyes glowed with yearning, fully awake. Didn’t the man sleep?

“Umm,” I replied for the hundredth time in the past twelve hours, only three of them spent asleep if the clock had anything to say about it.

“Are you still shy?” he demanded, though his voice remained sultry and dark even then, sending a shiver up my spine.

The man was positively addicting, and very dominant, not a trait I ever expected to find this carnally delicious. It was like he knew exactly what turned me on the most.

“I guess so.”

“We can fix that you know. Make it so you’ll do anything I ask.”


Anthony rolled out of bed, fabulously naked. But then he pulled his pants on and turned to stare at me expectantly. His defined abs looked so sexy, sculpted chest and thick arms making me wish he’d come back to bed.

“What?” With him, I needed clarification. To allow him to go off half-cocked in my ignorance wasn’t wise.

“Get up and dressed. I have a plan.” His hand ran over his shaft, knowing I watched him intently.

“Right, boss.” When I didn’t move fast enough, he jumped on the bed, bouncing me with it.

“Up!” He ordered, and smacked my bare ass, the sharp sting thrumming through my nerves. His hand slid between my thighs, finding me wet. “Please?” he asked in a softer voice.

The tip grazed my clit, and my back arched, needing him to slip inside. I was already so ready for him.

“Sure you don’t want to come back to bed?” I purred. “Can make it worth you while.”

“Absolutely,” he promised. “And soon enough you will, but today sex won’t be in a bed.”

* * *

“And why are we at a restaurant?” I asked again.

“Shh.” His finger pressed against my lip, and he turned to the waitress. “Two, please.”

“Right this way,” she responded, leading us through the nearly empty bar and grill.

The décor was primarily black and a light wood, with forest green here and there. The booths were large and comfortable. There was a partition of opaque glass, leading into an empty corner of tables, barely seen from the rest of the space.

We sat down, were told the specials. But I was still no closer to figuring out what this had to do with anything. He’d already said he wasn’t hungry, yet here we were.

After ordering two coffees, I sat there reading the menu for lack of anything to say. He was deviant, I knew this already, so knowing what went on in that head of his was impossible.

Having only three hours of sleep, and just a tad hung-over from the rounds of body-shots he insisted we did last night, I certainly wasn’t running on all cylinders. The coffee was a welcome addition, I had to admit, even if I wasn’t a big fan. After dumping four sugars in it, Anthony just laughed, as he did do often it seemed. Everything I did was amusing to him.

The heat of the liquid went down my throat, matching the desire in his eyes as they kept sliding behind me. I turned to see the bathrooms, and wondered what would possibly interest him so much.

“Your lipstick is smudged,” he said impishly, making even less sense.


He nodded, and I felt suddenly self-conscious. It was a rather striking color against my skin, but not on it. Was it bad? After that thought, there wasn’t any way to not to go look. Not while sitting here with him.

I said nothing while I slid out of the booth, quickly walking to the door and slipped inside. It was like much any other bathroom of the mid-range food establishments, nothing about it to make it stand out, but not by any means shabby.

Standing in front of the mirror, I leaned forward to look, but seeing nothing but the perfect line of the applied lipstick. My head cocked to one side, to debate what he’d seen.

I heard the door close the same second he was behind me, nothing more than a dark flash in the mirror. His green-blue eyes stared at me from under the blackish-chestnut brush of bangs, devilish as they twinkled with mischief.

“There isn’t anything there,” I accused. “What’s up?”

“Oh, I know, but it was the easiest way to get you in here. You tend to think too much” He took my hand leading me towards the stalls, prodding me in before him. “Sit.”

I knew that tone, when he turned from the funny, confidant man into that demanding, masterful one that took control from me so skillfully, making me beg him for more.

Doing as I was told, I looked up at him as he lowered his zipper. I knew what he was going to ask before he even did, but it didn’t make it any less shocking.

“Suck it.”

“What? Here….no, I can’t do that,” I stumbled.

Anthony knew I was going to say something along those lines, and didn’t hesitate, “Fucking suck it.”

His eyes heated, seeing what the order did to me. The harsh words cut through me, making my blood pound in my ears. We could get into so much trouble for this.

Could I do this?

His cock jutted towards me, begging me to take it into my mouth. I knew from experience he was an ideal subject, loving the act so much his reaction did nothing but stoke the fires hotter.

My tongue darted out to wet my bottom lip, and the luscious head bobbed. His hand tentatively came out, brushing my hair back and grabbing a gentle handful, pulling me slightly forward to encourage me.

My eyes flicked up to his turbulent eyes much like a tropical storm, face lined with longing. How could I resist that?

I kissed the tip, tongue curling under his head to run over the first drop of pre-cum. His groan was immediate, fingers tightening in my hair, and I liked it. The surrender of power was liberating.

I opened my mouth to allow him entrance, and he took advantage, hips surging forward to move over my tongue. His quivering flesh met my strokes, bumping the back of my throat.

My hands came up to his sides, holding him still as my tongue explored over the length and a ragged growl escaped his parted lips…until someone came into the bathroom.

The swoosh of the door closing made me pause, but Anthony would have none of it. His hips started to move again. I was shocked at his lack of inhibition, how much he wanted me.

The woman moved into the stall beside us, and I fought to stay as quiet as possible, but the sounds of him moving in and out of my mouth sounded loud in my ears.

An shred of excitement pierced my fear, knowing how much he enjoyed the irony of the moment. I suckled him, running my hand over his balls, but it was not enough.

“Harder.” He murmured. “Take me deeper down you thought baby.”

“Excuse me?” the woman squeaked at hearing a male voice.

He chuckled, and she grew silent with his grossly misplaced humor. I got caught up with him, the rhythm, everything, whether we had an audience or not. I moaned as his enthusiasm, the jerky shaking of his hands against my sides of my head.

The stall next to ours squeaked open, and I heard the quick clicks of her heels as she got out of the bathroom quickly as possible. So my fears weren’t groundless, and we’d been caught, but she hadn’t seen anything.

And for once in my uptight life, I didn’t care. Antony noticed this.

He pulled from my mouth, even though I really wanted him back, he had me on my feet with a suave smile. He leaned down to press his lips to mine in a soft, tender kiss.

His fingers entwined in mine, and I knew some decision had been made about me. But what had it been?

“What now?”

“You’re so ready for the next step in my master plan. After spending the night with you, I know you’re like me, you just need to be shown that.”

“I’m sorry to disappoint you babe, but without you encouraging me, I wouldn’t be able to do any of these things,” I replied.

“I’m on a mission, and by the time we’re done, your preconceived notations on yourself will be eradicated. I want to be able to bend you over in the middle of a mall, and just fuck you.”

I burst out into laughter. *That is never going to happen.*

He didn’t do up his pants as he tugged me out of the bathroom, making me feel like a ragdoll. His thumb worked back and forth across my pulse distractedly as we dashed across, and past the partition and into the sea of empty tables.

We weaved between the furniture, but there was nowhere to go.

“Do I want to know?” I asked.

“We are going to have fun. Sit on that table.” He pointed to on in plain sight of anyone who happened to walk in here. Knowing him this wouldn’t be a innocent, public activity. This was so much worse than the stall.

I moved to a table that was more out of the way, but his hand wrapped around mine to stop me. Anthony’s lips came down to mine, tentative, but quickly picking up intensity as his tongue expertly made me feel lightheaded. He released me, looking pointedly at the same table, and I sighed.

He helped me onto it, and then pulled the chair out to sit between my legs. He took a hold of my heels and placed them on the arms of the chair to separate them further.

“Now I understand why you wanted a skirt and no underwear,” I said.

“There really is a method to my madness,” he replied. “Most times anyways. There’s something about you that makes me want to lose control.”

He kissed my inner thigh, and my eyes kept cutting to the entrance to this little paradise. Anytime…someone could come in and see us. We could be arrested!

“What if…?

“Come on, baby,” he pleaded. “Do you really think I would get you into trouble?”

“Yes.” I smiled. “But that’s what I like about you.”

“Is that all?”

“No. There are many other…things.”

My muscles coiled at the ever-present danger, and the way Anthony stared at my clit just added so much to that.

Antony’s head lowered so his tongue could caress me. My hand automatically went to his hair, while his curled around my butt to pull me forward and in affect spread my legs.

I moaned, unable to help myself as his intensity kicked in, and eager mouth moving over me until I felt the pressure build out of control. My hips rocked over his mouth and his groan was perfect, though loud.

Surely someone would’ve heard that. Yet no one came in.


“In a minute baby, I want you to scream for me.”

“No,” I shook my head, “not here.”

He pulled back, “Damn right, here.”

Debating me before he stood up, I couldn’t wait to see what was next. He picked me up, right off the table and roughly turned me around, pushing my head down.

His fingers delved from behind, teasing me under I shifted under the attention. The pressure of his hand on my lower back, arching my clit out for him to rub with his thumb made me tremble.

I felt so exposed, and the risk of danger seemed to fold in on me. Any second we could be caught, and when his hand left me, and I felt him behind me, it only got worse.

His cock nudged me, so lusciously thick I craved it.

“I can’t wait to be inside of you, bent over this table, with so many people, so close. Are you scared baby? Or do you want this?”

“I want you.”

He chuckled, “I know that. And I want you, really badly. But that doesn’t answer the question.”

“Yes Tony, I want this because it excites you, and like the way you react.”

He sighed, debating me, “That isn’t what I want, but for you to crave it like I do. The edge…but this will do. Much more than I expected it would.”

He slid in about halfway, savoring the moment before moving in any further. This man always filled me beautifully, and I needed all of him.

“Hey slow down, I want to take you at my leisure.”

I grunted my impatient, and that just turned him on. It was becoming that we feed each other’s desire, and every time we came together it was more delectable.

Chapter Three- Check Raise

Did you ever think your best dream and nightmare could happen in the same moment? Me neither.

Another annoying, overplayed Christmas carol came from unseen speakers. I liked the holidays, I really did, but there were some things about it that drove me nuts…like repeatedly hearing the same three songs at work, every mall and grocery store. At least one of them played somewhere every time I left the house, and it had been going on for weeks.

My heels clicked on the floor as I crossed from the carpeted hallway onto the expensive tile in the front reception area of the legal firm that paid my rent. It was a great job, and most times I enjoyed it.

But there were a few aspects that got to me every now and then…like a specific coworker. One who fought tooth and nail to get under my skin, and stay there. I had to admit a lot of the time she succeeded.

A both welcome and unwelcome thought barged its way to the forefront, past anything to do with work, data-entry or sorting everyone’s Christmas cards, not that this fact surprised me in any way. Anthony, the one who tormented me in more ways than one, could always pry his way into my thoughts so easily, at the most random moments. It didn’t help that he was the most unpredictable person I knew, always shocking me in ways that kept me on my toes.

He was my complete opposite in every way, despite his continuous statements that we were much the same. He was bold, while I was quiet. He loved to be around people, mostly to astonish them and push every social boundary that came his way, while I preferred solitude and to be under everyone’s radar. When I told him the latter , he laughed, saying he highly doubted I succeeded often.

Logically, I shouldn’t want anything to do with him, but that didn’t make it reality.

I passed the eight-foot Christmas tree outfitted in gold, silver and red. One of the crimson bulbs caught on my knee-length skirt, falling to the ground and rolling around to the other side of the tree.

I smirked down at the object, but it was the sort of day I was having. And I wasn’t looking forward to having to spend the rest of my day with Courtney when she wasn’t in a good mood. The cause for it, I had no idea, but the result would be much the same.

I clutched the files close to my chest, bending over to pick up the bulb. I heard my coworker snicker, but didn’t look up. I wouldn’t give her the satisfaction to know how much I didn’t like it.

She continued speaking in a low voice to a man who door by our reception desk, ignoring me as I found a place for the ornament. The I straightened and turned my head.

A dark-haired, gorgeous man stood just in front of my station, chatting with Courtney. And the sight of this particular man, in this particular place made my heart literally stop beating.

I was wrong before. No, Anthony hadn’t shocked me before. This was shocking. How the hell had the one person on this entire earth who knew so many unspoken secrets about what I was discovering myself, shown up here?

It was one thing to have him in my thoughts, but another completely to have Anthony in this office, with these people. They knew a totally different me, than what he’d come to know. The files almost slipped from my hands, but I managed to hang on to them.

Dressed in a deceptive expensive suit, hair artfully messy in a way I’d never seen from him before, Anthony didn’t look like the same man I took to my bed most nights, but I would’ve known that black hair and defined body anywhere.

But what is he doing here now?

“How are you liking it so far?” Courtney asked him coquettishly. “Everything is to your expectations?”

“It’s a nice place,” he replied politely. “But I already knew it would be. I know the partners well.”

He knows what!

“Do they have your office set up yet?”

“No, I was told that the secretary was going to do it shortly.”

“Oh, I’ll get right to…it then.” She smiled seductively, leaning forward on the desk.

There wasn’t justification for the other boiling emotion corrupting my thoughts. I didn’t have reactions this violent to anyone. But I’d never felt this way about a man before, not without really getting to know him. All the knowledge I had on Anthony was carnal. So how and why did feelings get so much in the way?

I had never been that type of person, and it was infeasible to think I changed so quickly. Wasn’t it?

“No thank you, but Graham said he would it taken care of it.” Antony said stiffly. He looked uncomfortable now, and it wasn’t something I expected to see in any situation he was involved in.

“Are you single?” Courtney blurted out, crass even for her.

My stomach rolled at the question…wondering what he would say. We hadn’t discussed where we were in such things. No definite answers, or the questions to obtain them.

“Not quite,” he answered.

“Doesn’t sound like you’re so sure…”

“Courtney, where is Gina? I need her to finish up Mr. Lucas’s office.” Graham said the moment he rounded the corner. Then he saw me, and his entire expression changed into welcome. “Gina! Come along, and meet my step-son, Anthony.”


Courtney reared back like she’d been physically slapped in the face, a normal occurrence when noticing the change in tone when our boss spoke to us. I wasn’t the only one who didn’t care for her, but obviously it wasn’t enough to get rid of the source of annoyance.

When Anthony turned, I couldn’t react in any way, shape or form. He didn’t look me in the face right away, and his expression didn’t change at all. Disappointment filled me.

“Baby?” he whispered, his face reforming into something too close to pleasure at the sight if me. “What are you doing here? Or maybe I’m hallucinating.” That cocky smile I knew so well slid into place.

I blinked, startled as much as my boss and coworker were. Why would he choose that particular endearment to introduce our possible relationship to his step-father?

Courtney snorted with disgust, staring at me in the strangest way. I could practically read her thoughts; what is he doing with me? I often wondered the exact same thing.

“No, not quite. I work here.”

“So, you know my secretary?” Graham asked in astonishment.

“Of course I do,” Anthony smiled. “She’s the woman I was telling you about this morning.”

I stood paralyzed, with something close to fear. What exactly had he said? My boss, tormentor and lover all in the same room talking together; what had I done to deserve this?

“The one you’ve seen more than once?” Graham chortled, but shot me an odd glance. Did he see differently as an employee now? “Your mother will be so pleased.”

Damn it! I needed this job, and one thought lead to another, and I was freaked.

Courtney sat there in dumb shock, looking from me, to Anthony, to Graham and back again. She appraised me with twisted speculation, never liking to get shown up in anything.

“Baby, come here. I promise I won’t bite…right now anyways.” Anthony said, understanding filling his eyes when they slid back to the woman behind the desk. “Suddenly our talk after work yesterday makes so much more sense.”

Graham seemed amused, but there was something I didn’t care for gleaming in his eyes.

I remembered that conversation, the one filled with complaints about Courtney. Mostly because I never thought he would meet her, or I wouldn’t have ever mentioned it.

I continued to walk forward with my mind turning to a blank slate, unable to process anything, while all I craved was to be near him. He was addicting, and the closer I was to him, the worse it was.

“Yes, it would, wouldn’t it?” I replied softly.

“Gina, would you mind helping out for a bit? If not, I can have Courtney do it,” Graham offered wryly.

“No, it’s fine. I can do it.” My eyes flickered to him, but Anthony’s finger ran down my jaw line, and Courtney gasped. And when he kissed me, I couldn’t have cared less.

* * *

The door shut behind me, and I looked around the recently unused office filled with half unpacked boxes, and very little semblance to anything resembling organization. Something I needed on a day-to-day basis, but he knew well about my obsessive-compulsion disorder.

“Tony, you are absolutely horrible at this,” I teased. “Why did you even bother to start? Do you even know where anything is?”

“Some, here and there,” he joked.

Here, away from prying eyes directly attached to conniving minds, this felt normal with him here, and I relaxed. The difference was staggering…and really had to think about why he made me feel this way.

Though the extended silence was beginning to get to me.

“Why didn’t you tell me you worked here?” he finally asked.

“Why didn’t you?”

He shrugged, “I haven’t visited this office since last summer, before I started my last year of law school, and obtained my bar. It wasn’t my favorite place to be, but there isn’t much way to avoid it now, I suppose.”

“Tell me honestly, did you want to become a lawyer?” I didn’t ask such questions about his personal life, and something unidentifiable entered his gaze, as if surprised.

“My mother and step-father wanted this for me since I graduated high school, and I did it for them.”

“I’m sorry?” I said uncertainly.

He bypassed the comment, “You must’ve started recently.”
“About six months ago. Courtney started a few months before me.”

After regarding me for long moments, he smiled suddenly. “I have something for you.”

“Like what?”

He walked over to his briefcase and flipped it open. I didn’t see it right away, but he moved some peoples and something wrapped in shiny green paper and shiver ribbon. Anthony lifted it, turning back towards me.

“Here baby.” He offered me the box, and I took it gingerly.

“I didn’t get you anything,” I replied, feeling too much an idiot. Why didn’t I think of this?

“That’s fine, since I just thought of what you can get me for Christmas.”

“And what would that be?”

“First, open.” Ha gripped one end of the ribbon and pulled.

The lightweight, slim box intrigued me. My finger ran up the edge of the wrapping, and under the tape to reveal to black box. Now let me just say, until this moment, I’d never been given jewelry as a gift, and I really had no clue what to expect when I removed the lid.

I removed the fluffy, white cotton, to reveal the most beautiful tennis bracelet I had ever seen; alternating brilliant diamonds, sapphires and amethysts. I was stunned, shocked into speechlessness.

“I know your favorite colors are blue and purple, it was the reason I choose this one.”

“Thank you,” I mumbled nearly uselessly.

“Your welcome.” He closed the distance, with that sexy familiar look in his eyes. Such things always made me wonder how much he really saw of me. Who I really was.

*I have to be kidding myself. We met through a chat-room, for sex! This is all it will ever be.*

He took the bracelet from the box, and placed it around my wrist with the silliest smile on his face, one I recognized.

“And just what do you think you’re doing?” I demanded.

“Giving you a proper hello, one I should’ve when I first saw you.” His head dipped down to brush his lips against mine. “When I turned around, my cock hardened before I even realized it was you. Every single time you touch my thoughts, I can’t stop needing to find you, be deep inside your pussy.”

*Oh God, did his voice have to be so erotic to listen to?*

“You do everything I want you to, and so much more. Every single time, and I don’t even have to ask anymore, you just know.”

“I can’t stop thinking about you either,” I whispered stupidly. What would he think of such an admission?

His harsh breath worked over my cheek, down to my neck, “And now I can fuck you here too. Mmm, one more fantasy we can now fulfill…quite perfectly.”

“We can’t do that…perfect what?”I stumbled over the words. How had I not seen this coming?

Anthony laughed, hands running from my sides around to my ass. With my heels, I was the perfect height to make it work so well, but he knew that and tested it often.

“You remember a few mornings ago when I watched you get ready for work?” he murmured, body pushing me backwards towards his desk. “You wore a skirt like this one, much too long and prissy for the real woman I know lies beneath. Then you add in these too big blouses that hide your nice breasts. Oh, and can’t forget the quiet mannerisms. The fact I know what you’re reallylike, makes the idea of taking you here, where everyone believes you’re some prudish woman, turns me on.”

He grabbed my hand to wrap it around his throbbing cock, other arm closing around my waist to lift and set me on the polished, oak desk. He stepped between my legs, the feral look of sexual necessity making me wet.

“You’re serious?”

“Never been more.”

“I don’t know…” I grinned mischievously. “You’re a lawyer. Isn’t lying supposed to be a specialty?”

I’d meant it as a joke, but in hindsight, it had a little personal twist to it. I knew many lawyers who were of excellent caliber, but I was still feeling a little out of sorts, and tried to cover it with the first humor to come to mind.

And doing a very bad job of it.

He nodded in understanding, “Baby, haven’t you figured out by now this is evolving into something different than what it was? I don’t what know yet…” He shook his head. “But I like it, and that is rare for me.”

He didn’t say anything more, and I knew he was waiting for me to do so. I felt like I was walking on landmines. What was safe to say him? There was nothing in my mind I was comfortable admitting out loud, mostly because of the distinct possibility of rejection. His fingers played over my back...

And then the door opened.

“Gina…” Courtney’s snide voice stopped speaking. “Oh! You are supposed to be…”

I peeked around Anthony’s shoulder, and his head turned towards her. Whatever she saw, made her shut up right quick.

“Supposed to be what?” he asked.

“Well, working for one. Graham won’t be impressed. She doesn’t get paid to play game with you. If she wanted to move up the ladder…”

“Finish that sentence, and you’re fired.” He snarled, startling us both.

“Excuse me? I don’t think so,” she replied, but most of the steam was absent now. She hadn’t expected it anymore than I had.

Anthony’s muscles flexed beneath my hands. He was defending me, and elation burst forth, even if Courtney was going to get me into trouble. She’d tried in the past a lot with failure and some successes, but this time she could and would succeed.

That thought dampened my newfound happiness. Anthony turned back to me the second my body sagged just a little with despair, but I hadn’t thought it would be enough for him to notice. His sharp blue-green eyes surveyed my face with scrutiny, rapidly turning malevolent.

“Gina, you still have to deal with those files, you know. If you don’t have them done this afternoon, we’ll both get in trouble,” Courtney growled with frustration.

Couldn’t the woman just take a hike? If I was going to get me fired for playing on the job, couldn’t I have fun first?*
“They’re now you’re job, and I do expect them on my desk by the time you leave tonight. Gina is taking the afternoon off.” Anthony’s finger feathered over my bottom lip. “Now scram. I have very important business to take care of, and it certainly has nothing to do with you.”

He wrapped my leg around his waist, ignoring her now like she didn’t exist, something she wasn’t used to. I’d watched too many men fawn over her to think any differently.

I bit back my laughter. He didn’t have any limits, and while they wouldn’t serve me well in the end, that single look on Courtney’s face made it so worth it.

The door slammed on its hinges, shaking through my already thrumming body. He was still angry, I could feel it. But it excited me now, the power he wielded, both sexually and professionally.

Could his fantasy become my own? Oh yes, but this time I wanted it slightly differently than our normal routine.

“I want to take control of you this time,” I mumbled.

“What?” he responded with another goofy grin.

“It’s my turn. I’m always at your mercy, and now I want you at mine.”

“Oh, really?” he contemplated that. I honestly didn’t think he would let me, but the urge was so strong, my mind found it magnetic. “You want to tell me what to do; how to please you? To be your little,” he whispered in my ear, “bitch.”


“And how do you want to do that?”

I looked around, taking in every detail…the office chair, the sole area of clear floor space, his clothes; everything clicked for me like a porno going through my mind I wanted to take part it.

Except with this man, I really could.

My hands reached tentatively to his neck. He watched me in silence as I loosened his tie to pull it from his neck. He removed his suit jacket, eyes never leaving mine.

“Go sit in the chair,” I ordered nervously, breathing a sigh of relief when he did exactly as told.

I walked around the desk with either end of the tie in both hands, moving around him and bending over to bind his wrists, tying it to the frame of the chair.

“Nice touch,” he muttered hoarsely. I pondered that. Did this affect him?


“And what do you want from me, mistress?” he asked so roughly, it sizzled up my spine.

Oh yea, he likes this. I really should’ve thought about this before.

Rare self-confidence surged, the lust in his eyes driving me on. I back up, pulling myself up onto the desk.

“You know, Tony, since we met, I haven’t worn underwear once.” I spread my legs, hiking my skirt up to reveal the truth of my statement.

“I can…see that.” He swallowed thickly.


“It makes it so tempting when I think about you here, when Courtney is in the back filing and no one is watching…” I trailed off, running my hands up my thighs to run my finger down my slick lips.

“What? Tell me what you wanted to do.”

“To stroke my clit, while imagining you were hiding under my desk, licking and sucking me. I would visualize it, until all I wanted was to escape to the bathroom and slip my finger in deep, and come with your name on my lips.”

“Mmm, we could do that you know. I would love to, especially when you have to answer the phone, and greet the people…Yea baby, we have to do that.” His torso shifted, erection pressing against the dress-slacks that molded to his flesh so beautifully, even while sitting. “But what do you want me to do to you now?”

My index finger teased my entrance, slipping in and out, “Eat me.”

It was a term I’d never before used, but heard come out of his mouth a time or two, and I felt naughty for saying it now.

His foot hooked under the desk leg to pull himself closed to me. He licked his lips, gaze veiled under those dark lashes and swish of blackish-brown bangs.

I could see his biceps bulge under the button-up dress-shirt, taunting my muscles to convulsion. My excitement was barely containable, and the seconds it took for him to move forward lasted eternity.

My hand left my labia to slip under my thigh, allowing us both access. He growled, whiskers brushing my sensitive flesh before his soft tongue swiped across my finger as it reentered, the tip curling around the digit and brushing the lips in the same movement, and sending fire through my blood.

With his hands tied behind his back, the line of his shoulders was tense while he pleasured me, my free hand coming to his hair to hang on.

With each moan that left my lips, his enthusiasm and urgency grew. My hips rode his fervent mouth, knowing me so well, the orgasm blindsided me so quickly I screamed.

Without a single thought to who could hear me.

My fingers stilled in the onslaught, the invasion just adding to the sensation as it grew and expanded over my consciousness. But it wasn’t enough. I’d found over the past weeks, I liked it a little rough at times, and this being one of them.

I really wanted him to fuck me, but I wasn’t quite willing to relinquish control just yet. The possibilities were endless, but I wasn’t going to play it safe. What if this was the last time?

One could never tell.

“Tony,” I cried.

“What, baby? You need my cock, don’t you?” He chuckled. “Mmm, you taste so good. Just one more? I love licking you, please?

I shook my head to deny him.

It’s what I want, right?

“No, sit up. Now.”

And he did, remarkably enough.

I hopped down, reaching for his zipper. He lifted his body to allow me to tug them down his thighs. When I straightened, his head dipped forward to take my clit back into his mouth.

I almost reprimanded him, but it felt so damned good, the only thing I could do was brace my foot on the armrest of the chair to give him all he needed. My hands returned to his hair, fire immediately igniting.

He growled deeply, mouth pressing more firmly against me, tongue pushing in, and then slowly sliding over my clit. As he repeated this, I knew my knees were going to give out at any second.

And when they did, I was lucky to collapse into his lap, and not the floor.

“Now why did you have to do that? I was having…fun.” Anthony groaned as my slick flesh moved across his length, so ready, and far too tempting.

I pouted, “Don’t you want me to ride you?”

Reaching to unbutton my shirt down to my waist, I pulled it out from my skirt to reveal my lace-covered breasts. My fingers ran down the edges of the cups, thumbs pulling them over my nipples, to tweak them with my fingers.

He looked hypnotized, pupils dilating and breath rushing from his lungs. I was learning how to do things he didn’t expect from me, and I liked it. Even though he was determined I pretended to be someone I wasn’t, it was nice to know surprising him was still a possibility.

My hips rested on either side of his thighs, raising and lowering to drag sensitive nerves over the head of cock, tipping my body just slightly forward to tease him.

“Baby, please, just an inch,” he begged.

“I think I like teasing you.”

Gripping the throbbing length in my hand, his back bowed underneath us, and he got his delicious, thick inch. My hand braced on his shoulder to counteract my unreliable muscles, which threatened to crumple my body.

“Oh, I know.”

His thigh muscles clenched, while I slid each leg through the holes under the armrests, spreading myself wide as possible, sliding down until my butt touch his balls. I raised my body up, almost dislodging him, to impale myself again.

“Untie me.”


“Please, baby? I want to wrap my arms around your waist, while you grind down on my cock.”

I chuckled, reaching around him, “Fine, but next time…”

“Oh, I’ll be all yours,” he purred. “This is just too good to pass up.”

His lips played over my collarbone as I loosened the tie, allowing it to fall to the ground. But then the games were over.

His arms did wrap behind my back and pull forward, changing the position that even though I was on top, I had little control. Anthony’s hips rolled under mine, and I was pinned.

“Tony…” I squirmed, but all it did was send shockwaves through my system.

“Just like that,” he murmured back, forearms moving my hips for me, so I didn’t even know what I was doing right. This one was all on him.

Sparks ignited, and I began moving without conscious thought, milking this for all it was worth.

He moved to capture my lips, sitting up with me. When he let go, my upper body fell back, laying out in his lap like an offering for him.

“Let your hair down.”

I stared up into those sea-green eyes, while reaching above my head to take out the tight banana-clip from my hair, allowing it to cascade down to his feet.

In this position, I had even less leverage, but it didn’t matter. His hands gripped my waist to plunge into me over and over again. His brow creased in concentration, fingers digging to arch my body the way he wanted it.

When I began to slide, Anthony came with me down to the unforgiving surface of the carpet, without any give when he slammed back inside, making me cry out.

The large oak desk towered over us, blocking the light that came in from the sheet-glass windows taking up the entire south wall. But it was also hiding a lot of other vital components.

One leg hooked around his waist to bring him closer, the same moment I’d heard two familiar voices in the hallway. The door opened again, and I froze.

Great! Does it really have to be this hard to get laid around here?

“You have to see this…” Courtney said as she opened the door.

“And what exactly would that be?” Graham replied.

My eyes clamped shut with the anxiety and fear. If they’d only come in a moment before, when we were still in the chair…

“As long as they don’t step into the office, they won’t see us,” Anthony whispered.

“What do you mean by us?”

“My jacket and tie are over there on the floor.”

“Damn it.” I growled under my breath.

“There were right there!” Courtney said, voice just a tinge higher.

“Who was?” Graham replied, obviously clueless to her outburst.

When I expected Anthony to push the limits even now, he didn’t. I found it interesting that the entire time while Graham tried to decipher what the babbling receptionist was saying, he waited above me with stillness.

I clenched my muscles down, and his careful gaze shot to mine with a big question mark in his eyes. Using my leg for leverage, I slid up his shaft until he was all the way inside me. By the second pass, his hips were moving with mine, and we both ignored whatever Courtney was bitching about now as the door closed behind them.

“So fucking perfect,” he murmured into my ear, the loss of distraction bringing his entire focus back to me. And it was considerable.

“You like that?”

“More than you could possibly know.”

My breath caught as I felt him thicken, and the rhythm changed. The orgasm skulked from the depths of nowhere, and made me writhe in ecstasy, satisfyingly dragging him over with me.

He collapsed on top of me, his weight comfortable and familiar.

A month ago, I never would’ve believed I was here, at work with him, doing this. I’d never thought about the ideas he’d inspired, the bending or outright breaking of rules; not to harm another, but to bring each other pleasure.

In that moment I doubted I could ever give him up, and despite his earlier admission, I knew eventually I wouldn’t be enough to keep him.

* * *

“So Gina, really, do you think he’s going to stay with you?” Courtney inserted into my still-plaguing thoughts like she’d had them herself.

I was trying to fix the data-entry I was relatively sure she screwed up on purpose, and it was hard enough as it was, without her trying to “help” me. The clock ticked closer and closer to the end of the day…but nothing had happened yet.

While Anthony wanted me to take the afternoon off after I’d finished properly organizing his office, I couldn’t bring myself to do it. So instead, I looked after the loose-ends pre-chair event.

Courtney had been brewing for the past two hours, just biding for her chance, but it never came. Obviously, she was now impatient with waiting, and put it all in one proposal for humiliation.

But it didn’t work. Somewhere along the line today, I’d gained just a touch of backbone, and could feel it growing with each passing second. I had Anthony to thank for that.

“If he does,” I replied in a bored voice, “then he does. Why, do you plan on taking him from me?”

The calculating gleam in her eyes didn’t do anything for me, neither good nor bad. I felt nothing.

“Yea I could, you know. He will get bored with you as soon…”

“Courtney,” Graham said the moment he appeared.

“Yes?” she said brightly, with an underlining of smugness.

“It seems there is a problem.”

Oh no, here we go. This is when…

“And what is that?” she responded gleefully, eyes sliding to me.

“Someone in the mailroom was promoted yesterday, and they need some help,” Graham started slowly, as if talking to a crazy person. Couldn’t blame him for that one, “we’ll need you in there indefinitely.”

“Excuse me? Why not her?” Courtney jerked her thumb at me.

“I believe it is because I said so.”


And it was all I could do not to grin like an idiot when Anthony rounded the corner, smiling like a Cheshire cat. Oh, he so had everything to do with this.

“I told Ms. Baker you would be in right away for briefing on tomorrow’s activities. Just go on down the hall,” Graham said sternly, “now.”

She got up from her desk without a word, but shot a malicious glance in my direction. When she was around the corner, I breathed a sigh of relief.

“So, I’m good?” I mouthed in Anthony’s direction, and nodded.

I breathed an audible sigh of relief.

“Come on baby, let’s go…home,” he called. “Graham, I’ll see you tomorrow at Christmas dinner, all right?”

“Sure, sure.” He smiled warmly.

I put on my calf-length coat, collecting my purse to leave, the sense of elation returning. It had been a strange day, and I had a feeling there would be many more to come.

“You really thought I would let you get fired?” he asked on the way out the door. “Baby, I’m as good as the boss’s son. Plus, I think you deserve a promotion. Sleeping with the boss has its benefits.”
“Like?” I replied.

“As of tomorrow, you’re my personal secretary.”

“And what about the front desk?”

“Do you really care? It isn’t your worry anymore. Stick with me kid, and you’ll go far.”

His arm tightened around my waist, and I couldn’t help but believe him.

Banging my boss might’ve never been my prerogative before...but like much else, I was willing to rethink it.

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