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Mirage, by Ashlynn Monroe


Ashlynn Monroe


Wild Horse Press


One Flame




As the only humans in an all supernatural high school, Samantha and Tabitha have a hard time fitting in. Being in a military family, the girls are used to changing schools and usually make friends easily. But the students of Mirage High aren't exactly welcoming. And yet, that doesn't stop Sam from falling for Shane, the alpha werewolf.


“Hey look at her.”

“I heard her dad is a big deal at the base.”

“No way, you’re wrong!”

“Why would they let her kind go to school here?”

“My mom told me to be nice to her because her dad is from the military or something.”

Samantha listened to all the whispers around her as she walked down the hallway looking for the school office. She felt a hot embarrassed flush creeping up her face. Just because she was human didn’t make her deaf. It sucked being the new kid, especially when you were the only human in the school. Sighing she remembered the night her dad told her sister Tabitha and herself about the upcoming move and the revelation that everything that went bump in the night really was real!

A shadow blocked the hallway light that illuminated the dim bedroom. Sam turned on her bedside lamp and sat up. Tabby opened her eyes and yawned. She grumbled but sat up as well. Their father General Jerry Jones stood in the doorway with his usual grim expression. Sam questioned his early morning visit.

“Dad, what’s up?”

He looked extra grim, before he spoke.

“Girls, we will be leaving the base today. Pack what you can fit in your suitcases. We won’t be taking the furniture. I’ve been give a very special assignment. What I have to tell you might sound odd and unbelievable, but you’d best accept it.”

Sam exchanged a look with her younger sister.

“My commanders have assigned me to Mirage; it’s an island that is part of the United States.”

Sam loved geography and her father’s words confused her.

“Dad, there is no such place. It’s April third you missed April Fool’s Day, that was Sunday.”

“I never joke.”

Sam rolled her eyes, wasn’t that an understatement. Her father continued.

“Mirage is different, the people…uh, inhabitants are different. Mirage is a code name for the whole project. As far as the rest of the world is, concerned Mirage doesn’t exist. I promise you we will be safe, however I will be setting special ground rules for you girls and they will followed to a “T” do you understand me.”

After years of practice, the girls answered automatically and in unison.

“Yes Sir.”

“There will be no leaving the house after dark. I expect you to come straight home after school. I’ll not tolerate either of these rules being broken for any reason.”

Exchanging incredulous the sisters gapped at their father. How could he uproot them once again and expect them to endure such awful rules? Tabby began to cry. Sam spoke quietly.

“General, I don’t understand. Why are you doing this to us?”

The man had long ago stopped insisting she call him Dad.

“Samantha, Mirage is a forced occupation. These people are not there by choice. There is an element of danger that you can’t fully understand. I would insist on homeschooling you both, but I don’t have the time or patience. Mirage is where our government had been keeping abnormal beings. I am to take over command there, this is an important opportunity, and you’ll just have to accept it. You’re both teenagers now, old enough to understand.”

Horrified Tabby cried harder. Sam was terrified. What did he mean abnormal beings?

“Are they circus freaks or something?”

“Samantha, don’t talk like that! These beings are very powerful and very dangerous. They aren’t human, girls.”

Shaking, she moved to sit next to her now hysterical sister. Putting her arm around the shaking fourteen-year-old, Sam wondered at her father’s cruelty.

“Why would you take us somewhere dangerous, General?”

“If you obey the rules there is no danger, Samantha. There is no school on the base. Mirage public is attended by various entities I’ll explain more tonight on the plane.”

He left his daughters to their fear. They began to pack, sad to be leaving a home and friends that they had grown accustomed to, they’d live there three years. Their mother had left two years before and Sam had always hoped she’d come home. Moving felt wrong. If their mother chose to return, how would she find them?


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